Reviews for A Bothersome Christmas Tale
Kadaj5 chapter 7 . 12/22/2012
Uh, Megan? No offense, but this wasn't a random chapter. If anything, it was rather predictable. Reason being is that the shenanigans being pulled here have all been done in the past...repeatedly.

I would also like to bring an issue that you seem bent on ignoring: Once again, you've put a note in the middle of the fic when it should actually have been put in the bottom Author's Notes. Mistakes like these will simply keep coming back to bite you until you learn from them. I am sorry, but I'm going to continue calling you out on them until you do learn from them.
Kadaj5 chapter 3 . 12/1/2012
Ok. It's okay. You did tell me it wouldn't be an adventure fic like your halloween fic, so no complaints there.

But one thing you might want to stop doing is mentioning chapters (such as when you explicitly said "chapter one") in the narrative/description. It's ok to do that when it's a character mentioning it since it invokes Medium Awareness (ESPECIALLY when Pinkie Pie's doing it), but doing it outside a character's speech or thoughts detracts and derails the readers. It also insults their intelligence and gives them the right to complain (your policy, "don't like, don't read", is invalid in that case and therefore cannot be used).