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aaaaaand im out chapter 6 . 6/1
Random guy is someone he could call master? You do know that you already put him through a training montage right? YOU wrote that he was taught everything he needs to know BY AN ANCIENT AND EXTREMELY POWERFUL DRAGON! Now hes subserviant to a guy he doesnt know ANYTHING about. Not only is this ooc for naruto AS YOU WROTE HIM, it's also not entertaining at all. BAD FORM
Weasel chapter 17 . 5/27
Dude! What the fuck! You can't write a chapter like that and then leave us hanging that's way beyond cruel and unusual punishment. Who pissed you off so badly that you had to us the SSS Rank kinjutsu cliffhanger no jutsu? What ever it is I'm sorry so hurry up and post chap 18. Please? Pretty Please? With s'mores on top?
Nightshadow963 chapter 17 . 5/19
Man your story is FUCKING AWESOME ! Please man. We need a chapter 18 and maybe a chapter 19 and 20 aswell. Please man. The awesomeness that is your story musn't end like this and so soon.
Guest chapter 3 . 5/14
This is a really great story, but at times it is hard to know who is talking. Could you mention who is speaking.
Azarune chapter 17 . 5/11
Holy crap this chapter was INTENSE, and I worry about what Arcadios is going to do with Naruto in such a vulnerable position. Also I worry if Boruto, to his point of view, is going to reveal that Naruto willing bonded with a daemon. Though we know that isn't the case the repercussions of that misinterpretation could seriously have long reaching issues. Also the previous DOTA 2 references you used were interesting. I hope you add some of the DOTA 2 dragon stuff like Jakiro or even the Winter Wyvern Auroth. Anyway I can't wait to see what happens, and I am definitively curious what the pairing is going to be, since i haven't reread this in awhile I can't remember if you confirmed it. I'm going to have to remedy this situation! Best wishes!
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 17 . 5/7
Amazing fight, good build up as well. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 15 . 5/6
Excellent scene! I love the idea of Naruto becoming King.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 14 . 5/6
Good chapter! The team was a good idea.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 2 . 5/5
Great chapter, i don't think a lot of people were expecting that he would die so soon. You made the right choice.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 1 . 5/4
Good start, but i hope you're not suggesting that a Dragon could defeat the 9 tails. The only Dragon that would present a challenge is Acnologia, and i believe that the 9 tails would win. Even at half Power.
xXBlackDragonXx chapter 5 . 4/24
You know for your AN, the part about Erza being a god?
Duh, the anime/manga was labelled as Fairy Tail, a pun for Fairy Tale, where magic exists, and can defy the laws of the universe, i.e. time, gravity, dimensional transportation (requip), teleportation, etc. just like for any other anime/manga, like Naruto, FMA, and One Piece.
And besides, that armour/requip can be countered easily, and therefore Erza is not a god when wearing it.
Rednecks Love Anime Too chapter 17 . 4/21
Love this story i really hope naruto becomes king
and i love his devotion and loyalty to his hime.

Keep going! :) :)
Squidgod812 chapter 17 . 4/21
wonderful story. can't wait to see what happens next.
Dazzle chapter 17 . 4/18
This story is lovely. Cheers!
Pagemaster96 chapter 17 . 4/19
Great chapter, can't wait for more!

Have you considered writing a similar story with Sasuke as the main character? Because I could see that working out pretty easily. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Pagaemaster
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