Reviews for Helpless chapter 1 . 12/16/2012
Beautiful. I guess what I enjoyed the most about this fic is that it's short but it doesn't leave you feeling like there should have been more things said or like there were too many things that were unsaid. You chose your words effectively and used them even efficiently to create a story that is brief but not lacking in content. :)

Actually I love Klaus and I love Tyler just as much and I do agree that Klaus has somehow pushed Forwood to grow as a couple and I love seeing that development in their relationship. :)
middiegurl08 chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
I love this. Everyone is hating on Tyler this season but I love him. He's stepping up as an alpha wolf and going against Klaus. And it has never been a secret how much he hates him. The fact that Klaus has a thing for Caroline online makes Tyler hate him even more. & his hatred is completely justified! I agree with you, I like seeing this other side to Tyler and Zcaroline's relationship. I wish they would get some interaction though. Anyway, your writing was fantastic. I loved the idea of Tyler expecting to spend his eternity with Caroline. :)
SakuraJade chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
Though a very short piece, that was a beautifully written look into Tyler's feelings regarding the date between Klaus and Caroline. I hate Klaus too, he's such a creepier. I love how, at least so far, Caroline is always shown to spur his advancements and to dis him every chance she gets (both to his face and to other characters), but I keep getting worried that the writers are actually going to have her eventually fall for him or something which I just wouldn't be able to buy into (based on the kind of girl Caroline is, I just don't think her character could ever really care for Klaus after everything he's done to her and her friends. She's not an idiot). I don't mind him being utilized to create a little drama for Forwood, it fleshes out their relationship and feelings more, but if the writers actually have Caroline and Tyler split over Klaus I'm going to be livid! They're my fav pairing (and characters actually) so I'll be disappointed if they break up anyway, but over Klaus? That will just be ridiculous. You put it so well in this story, that Tyler and Caroline have something much more powerful than lust and a few imitations of humanity (I loved that line, so well worded!). No matter how sweet Klaus acts towards Caroline, he's still a monster out for himself. He fancies Caroline, but Tyler loves her, there's a huge difference. Anyway, this was a great perspective piece (I love to see Tyler's POV when it comes to Caroline, so the ep this was based off of was a treat for me), I could totally see this being straight from Tyler's head. Great job :) Hopefully you'll write more for Forwood in the future, there's not nearly enough fanfics being posted for such an amazing couple with so many possibilities :( Thanks for sharing!