Reviews for Love Thy Sister
breakthrough3 chapter 1 . 4/6/2014
It may sound kindda sadistic but I love the huge emotional intencity of this short tell, It also is a most acurrate vision of Alice life failling on overcoming her traumas and saving Wonderland. Amazing work here, *claps
Bad - Wolf chapter 1 . 1/11/2014

You take the bastard that Bumby naturally is the in the game and bring a whole lot more depth to him, while simultaneously making him an even BIGGER bastard.

Impressive. Most impressive.

And I can see how comparing Alice, a madwoman who, in the time era the game is set in would not have altogether much of a future in the alternate endings and universes you've spun, to Lizzie. Who, as the older child, would've indeed had more than Alice did.

Bumby, in comparing the the more "gifted" sister to the sister who is treated like a whore, is basically telling Alice "Your sister, who died at my hand after I raped her, was so much BETTER than you". And, in a twisted way, is a genius means of keeping Alice under his thumb.

Or, in your own words:

Weird Stockholm syndrome freaky shit.

Or, another way of putting it:

You're bloody brilliant writer.

Now, if you have no qualms with it, I'm going to head back and read just about every other one of your AMR works.
ngoc.c.pham chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
Bumby is absolutely twisted! And he's twisting Alice's mind even more! I love my sister dearly, but whenever I hear someone compare the two of us, even someone I hate, I just lose it! I can really empathize with Alice and it is believable that she would begin wanting Bumby. Because she has nothing left. Her family's dead, her friends don't want to associate with her as a mad woman, she has no status, no name, no possible future... And Bumby is the only one right now 'taking care' of her in his way by giving her a job, a home, and food. Though that doesn't change the fact he's an asshole. But the one person who's taking care of her is breaking her down and preferring her sister!
I really feel sorry for Alice.
It would be really neat to read about Bumby's seduction of Alice and Alice falling for it and becoming even more twisted and violent and Bumby's there to maKe iT aLL beTteR...
Blink chapter 1 . 6/18/2013
Woah. That is one big sadist.

Anyway, you are such a genius! You know how the mind works. I pity Alice though; who wouldn't?

Anyway, this is wonderfully done; the characterizarion and all the feelings of loathe, wickedness and the putrid feeling of happiness towards one's fall. I hope that you write more of this twisted ship!
HDEUDHEIUHDEIU chapter 1 . 5/28/2013
Well done, very interesting fanfic...really enjoyed it. :) Needs more reviews.