Reviews for Love Everlasting
333421 chapter 17 . 12/19/2006
brill please update soon!
Sammie Jo chapter 17 . 11/11/2004
good story
seb chapter 1 . 12/27/2003
you've changed snape into a romantic sap!
and hermione into an over talking bimbo! sorry if I sound rude. I only mean this to be constructive critisiam.
Killer Angel chapter 17 . 6/29/2003
Wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful. It is very great... but I can see by the dates that you have probably abandoned it. You should definately finish this story if you get the chance though. It's so great!
Selania chapter 17 . 5/17/2003
wonderful! a sequel, please
mmoore13 chapter 17 . 4/3/2003
I really love this, please don't tell me this is the end. I would really like to know abou the childbirth and what happens to Ron. I love the way that Harry takes all the new about Snape calmly. This is good and very angsty. I love angsty/ romance fanfics. Please continue writing more, and I will continue to send mor reviews.
Veralidaine Sarrasri too lazy to sign in chapter 17 . 10/14/2002
Hey I really liked the story, just some constructive critisism from a fellow writer.

I get the feeling that everything happened to quickly, like when hermione fell in liove with severus, they were just all like, "ok yea this happens its so easy, no prelude, no warning". And when Hermione tells mer mum about the attack and all, her mom would have been a BIT more hysterical. Believe me, my mom almost fainted when she thought I had gotten lost in the store. You should have drawn it out a bit more, like her mom and dad should have told her she couldnt go to school anymore or something. Everything just hapens too easily...real life isnt like that at all.

Or whatever. Its your story. I liked it a lot! It was so sweet!

chimp chapter 17 . 10/5/2002
The LotR reference is easy, "Severus Isildur Snape". In LotR Aragorn (the sexiest man alive... Long Live Viggo Mortensen) is Isildur's heir.
goldenstar555 chapter 17 . 10/1/2002
Nice chapter!
February DreamsVienne Rickman chapter 17 . 10/1/2002
Feb: Okay yeah, somebody read LOTR! It was good though.

Vi: Yes, very well done, however, what happened to a darker Severus?

Feb: Oh give it a rest would you!

Vi: Why? I like Dark Severus'. Don't you?

Feb: *Smile's guiltily* Well, I guess...

Vi: Ha! See? He IS sexy when he's mean; well, he's sexy anyway!


Vi: Do we HAVE to?

Feb: YES!

Vi: Okay. Good job! Very nice touches to romance.

Feb: I agree completely. However, twins? WOW! Fun stuff. Is the second child really Sev's? Cuz, you know, they slept together almost right after Hermione found out she was going to have the baby and the other one might be his!

Vi: What about the OTHER child? The first one? Is it evil incarnate because it was a rape kid? Because the Death Eater that did that to Hermione was TOTALLY EVIL? WILL THAT CHILD BE THE UNDOING OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!

Feb: Would you give the "end of the world" thing a rest?

Sorry, my two alter ego's are fighting again. What I have to say is that it's wonderful and I hope that you keep it up and update soon! I hope that you caught all my praises in the twisted dialogue above. (And I hope you got a laugh out of it too!)

~February (Vi: AND VIENNE! Don't leave me out!)

(Feb: All right fine, you can sign your name too.)
PotionsMastersMistress chapter 17 . 10/1/2002
Ummmm why would somebody in Scotland have a traditional American Christian wedding? You really need to do some research. This fic also is screaming for a grammar checker. I sincerely hope you are taking a writing class this year. Seems like you need one. The only good part was Snape's black silk boxers. This reads more like the story of Britney and Justin.
ProfessorGaladriel chapter 17 . 10/1/2002
Severu's middle name,i believe that it was in the movie.I think that if this is what you were talking about,then I think that you misspelled the naem it's my name sound of all of the movies you have ever points to which ever house you chose.
PotionsMastersMistress chapter 7 . 10/1/2002
I don't know why I've read this's way to fast, hardly any plot at all, and that was definately no love scene. It's reading more like smut from Teen People, definately no romance. It's more like an extended make out session. That's not romance.
Nealyangirl chapter 17 . 10/1/2002
Great wedding! The LOTR reference is Isildur, High King of Gondor. That name goes nicely with Severus' name.
darkelf1313 chapter 17 . 10/1/2002
The Lord of the Rings reference is Isildur, Sev's middle name. Good job so far. Please update again soon.
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