Reviews for Super Smash: Ultimate
Arcade Rabbit chapter 1 . 3/29/2013
Name: Veranda Van Evana

World: Unknown (A planet named Unknown)

Race: Unknownian (My made up species)

Personality: A rather mysterious Unknownian. She prefers to stay alone with no one bothering her an usually does not travel with anyone. She never trusts someone she is not close to (Or no one really).

Love Interest: She feels no love. She lost that feeling a long tima ago.

Appearance: Like most female Unknownians, she is a tall light blue humanoid with fox-like ears and blue pupiless eyes and no nose. Instead of hair, she has dark blue tendrils arange in a bun, similar to hair at first sight.

Final Smash: (Black Rain) Veranda summons a huge gray storm cloud that shoots purple lightning that parylizes (I think thats how you spell it) everyone on the stage. And to add pain to insult, a series of black rain showers down on the parylized victims, burning small amounts of their health.

Move-Set: Gear Switch (Switches to Purple Armor *In clothes*, only last 1 minute), Shadow Punch (Absorbs the shadows around her and hit another smasher in the face), Shadow Kick (Like Shadow Punch, except with her leg), Dark Lightning (Combines the shadows with lightning and attacks her opponent, possibly paralyzing him/her)

Clothes: Her usual attire consists of a full body black suit with glowing blue lines. Her Purple Armor is well, a purple knight armor that is more resistant to attacks and deals heavier damage.

Skills/Abilities: She can distort shadows for her own use and summon lightning.

Back Story: Veranda was born into a wealthy family, where she was able to go to school and do things most Unknownian children could'nt do. When she was 12, the natural predator of her species, Familigon, attacked and killed all her relatives. She did not want to go to another familily so she took of into the world more dangerous than Earth. When she 29, she met a male Unknownian named Enix, who she thought had feelings for her. He helped her conquer the dangers of Unknown, and she soon felt emotions toward him. However, he soon revealed his true purpose to take her to her new foster parents and claim the reward that he so wanted. He never love her. He only did all those things to trick her into believing him. Angered she took off and before he could notice and built from junk her Purple Armor and her own ship and took off from her accursed planet. She learned something that was imprinted in her mind, "Do not trust anyone." She hunted for a purpose in her life, and she found it in the new tournament.

Roommate: She does not really care whom it might be.
droolincat chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
name: Aya Tsunata
world: ?
race: human/?
personality: like to prank people,usually care for people that are her friend or family, doesn't like pervert, slap anyone that do anything she dislike,don't like meme much, is optimistic, and is a tomboy.
love interest: maybe wolf or fox.
appearance: blue eye, black hair that reach to half of her back, cat ear, and 7 foxtails
final smash: based on element, water- summon a tidal wave to wash her opponent away light- make a big bang and do lots of damage and stunned them fire- cast several meteorites that will leave a place on fire like a AoE ice- anyone around her will get suck up into a ice tornado and finish off with a giant ice sword falling down the center of the tornado and exploding with ice shard everywhere.
move-set: water- push a opponent away, summon a whirlpool no matter where, acid rain which is a AoE, and blow bubble to slow opponent light- blind people, summon a clone of herself made with light, throw light ball, and teleport with a flashing boom where she was before fire- put a opponent on fire, create a flame sword to fight, burn away item, and create firewall ice- create ice lance and use them as projectile, summon icicle to fall, make a ice rocket launcher and fires, and ice shield that she will hold on and than throw it when finish.
clothes: in battle, a skirt with a apron over it that is bloody and a blouse and a large black ribbon over her chest. in the mansion, a large red ribbon on her head and a white short that reach to her knee and a black sweater.
skill/abilities: change her element type, and when she dodge she trip the opponent.
back story: not much is known about her but she was found by Mark falcon who treat her as a cousin. she doesn't know what race she is but she think she one of the last imagination is what inspire her ways of using magic that must people don't think of but at her age she is limited with her magic.
roommate: Wolf
Valkerian Boomerang chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
Name: Dareth Harrow

World: Earth (City of Ember 4 book time)

Race: Human

Personality: Dareth is Courious,intelligent,caring,and secretive. Though he reveals everything too people he trusts.

Love Interest: None (or you can choose I don't really care)

Appearance: Dareth has mildly long,Brown hair,Jungle Green eyes,is white and quite slim.

Final Smash: Dareth pulls out a strange device,that makes the enemies slow down to a complete stop,for a good 30 seconds.

Move-Set: Jump Kick,Laser Gun shot, Slash (with giant beetle horn), Whip (With n leather whip)

Clothes: While battling he wears a Crimson Trenchcoat,Black boots,Black Jeans,and a Blue out of battle he simply just takes off the Coat,and replaces the boots with Tennis shoes.

Skills/Abilities: Can fiqure out things remarkibly quickly.

Back Story: After the people of Sparks were saved,Lyna and Doon had a child name Dareth,who like his father is a then decides to take off to a tournament he found a paper for in a new book that
showed up.

Roommate: (you can choose but please Kirby,thanks)
Shadow Katakura chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
Name: Nadia

World: Star Wars The Clone Wars (Tatooine)

Race: Human

Personality: Nadia is very snarky and sarcastic. She may seem rough, but she's a cool girl when you get to know her. Just don't make her angry.

Love Interest: None

Appearance: straight brown hair, royal blue eyes, carmel skin, and is 5'2

Final Smash: Nadia uses her blue lightsaber and uses her super speed to slash at her enemies.

Move-Set: Lightsaber slash, the Force, and a series of jedi flips and kicks

Clothes:blue tank top, black mini skirt with white leggings, black boots that come to her knee, and gold heart shaped locket

Skills/Abilities: Super Speed and the Force

Back Story: Nadia was Anakin Skywalker's best friend back on Tatooine. Her parents were killed by Count Dooku and she was raised by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin. When she heard about the Super Smash Bros tournement, she immediately signed up so she could become stronger and get her revenge on Count Dooku.

Roommate: Zelda or Link
Akayuri chapter 2 . 1/21/2013
Name: Kai

World: Resident of Fire Emblem, originally an anime character

Race: ( By FE classification) Laguz ( normally) Werewolf/ Shape shifter

Personality: Kai at first she seems very moody and serious, but Kai's pretty friendly once you get to know her. She's very loyal to her friends if she's not playfully messing with them. She's a quick thinker with moderately good reflexes. If angered enough she becomes incredibly violent and a bit insane. ( as in crazy she-loves-hunting-people-down-like-animals- and-burning-them-with-fire crazy) Though sometimes her wolf side begins to show, snapping at people or being unnaturally possessive, which isn't very often. She tries not to cry. Ever. If she gets scared enough she runs away, doesn't matter where to but her instincts tell her to run.

Love Interest: Roy


Final Smash:




Back Story:

Roommate: Marth( sees him as a brother)
KawaiiKittyCat chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
Name: Maripoza

World: Human

Race: Human/Butterfly

Personality: Maripoza can be friendly, kind, and peaceful but if you make her mad, expect all heck to be sent loose.

Love Interest: She loves Marth in a Big brother/little sister relationship.

Appearance: Maripoza is a 9 year old who has pale skin, and dark blue hair. She ALWAYS wears a blindfold to cover her eyes. She doesn't have no eyes, only whiteness. When in danger or wanting to fly she summons her butterfly wings, which are beautiful and very colorful.

Final Smash: Maripoza summons her wings and she rips off her blindfold. She starts flying to the middle of the stage and she spins around, throwing out huge portions of the elements she controls.

Move-Set: Fire katana, water whip, boulder shield, wind canon, vine prison, lightning strike, and ice throwing stars

Clothes: Maripoza always wears colorful overalls over a white shirt, but she doesn't wear shoes.

Skills/Abilities: She is able to bend the elements. (Fire,water,earth,wind,plants,lightning and ice)

Back Story: Maripoza's mother loved the earth, so she bought a tea 'butterfly's milk', this tea was made so you can be one with the earth. As it was made, Maripoza Mothers Maid had put toxic waste in it, hoping it would sicken the mother and kill her. When Mother drank it, she had no idea it was going to effect the baby instead (Maripoza was in the womb). Maripoza was granted the elements, and gained a birthmark of 2 butterfly wings, so she gave up her sight for them. When she was born, her mother saw the power inside her, so she gave her up to a wise sensei, and ever since then she has been training, and controling the elements and her flying. She never met her mother though.

Roommate: 'Big brother' as she calls him, Marth. (Or anyone else, I just prefer her with someone she knows)
azure blue espeon chapter 1 . 12/17/2012
Before I think of making an OC for this.. What kind of plot are you doing?
Nameguy chapter 1 . 12/9/2012
Name: Aeris Scarlet Erin

World: Unknown

Race: Human

Personality: Nice, kind, caring, funny, but will stand up for someone or herself or act cruel to you if your on her bad side.

Love Interest: A Male OC or Ike or Link. Idk, you choose from the options w

Appearance: Tall, pale, and slender, with ankle length straight hair and bangs like Samus's. Her bangs and the end of her hair curl, and she has turquoise eyes. Her hair color is mahogany with light blonde highlights.

Final Smash: A wisp of shimmering silver lift curls around her, and she disappears. She appears in front of the closest enemy, and she takes out a diamond sword and slashes at the enemy, and wisps of many colors come out of the sword and blows off the enemy like the ending of Link or Toon Links final smash ending.

Move-Set: For standard, nonmagic attacks, Aeris uses her diamond sword, like the male fighters.
A' standard: Slashes at you with her diamond sword
B' standard: Throws a large diamond at you, and it grows gems on you, jamming into the enemy's body.

For magical attacks, Aeris can..

A' standard: Aeris swirls her arms around, and a trail of sparks swirls around the enemy, goes into the enemy and deals damage/paralyzes, then flows out

B' standard: Aeris grabs the opponent magically, deals damage, then swirls you around and throws you.

Clothes: A white headband with a rose on it, a black cardigan with shiny silver and gold buttons, with a white tunic shirt under it, (Not like Link's, looks kinda dressy) a lime green-turquoise scarf, white skinny jeans, and black flats, Finishes off with a diamond pendant shaped like a key.

Skills/Abilities: She has the combined strength and speed of Samus and Sheik, and the powerful magic of Zelda. Her abilities come from her diamond pendant. Her abilities are basically thrashing gems at you, like how Sheik thrashes her knives at you.

Back Story: Aeris was born and then immediately kidnapped, she wasn't awake, and does not remember her real parents. She was raised by Queen Eli, who is a widow. She was taught sharp abilities and skills by an anonymous fighter. She found her diamond pendant at age 12, (She's 16 now) which gave her magic. All other info undiscovered.

Roommate: Someone you'd think is good for her, with a personality like hers.
Nameguy chapter 1 . 12/9/2012
Name: Aeris




Love Interest:


Final Smash:




Shade The Fox-Cat Hybrid chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
(The form is written from my OC's points of views)

Name: Anabelle "Shadow" James

World: Earth (... No comment)

Race: Human/Werewolf

Personality: Quiet, thinks things over, analytical, creative, clever, typically unsociable. While I love to have friends, I don't like being around large groups of people. Typically, I climb up trees and stay there, listening to nature and peacefulness. I often draw in a sketchpad or write stories and I often carry a journal. I like writing things down and sometimes get on my HP laptop.

Love Interest: No one at the moment.

Appearance: I have straight brown hair that I tie into a rope braid. My eyes are normally green. I stand at 5"11. I'm very lithe and can easily bend and stretch in various ways to avoid incoming attacks. I can jump high.

Final Smash: I transform into my half wolf/half human state, my eyes glowing orange. I dart around the stage, forming an hourglass shape of sorts. Any other combatants within the hourglass get trapped and burned as the hourglass shape bursts into flames once I jump upwards.

Move-Set: Wolf's Shadow- I jump upwards, disappear, and then reappear behind my selected target. I punch them in the back, karate chop their side, and then kick them in the back very fast before reappearing where I jumped from.
Canine Bite- I run up and punch a certain spot, then grab it and dig my sharp nails into the selected spot an it simulates a bite from a dog.
Wolf's Fang- Similar to Canine Bite, but instead, I attack with my katana engraved with a pack of wolves and slam the blunt end into their side before actually slashing them with the sharp side in a non-fatal area.
Hunter's Strike- Again, I use my katana and slash in an hourglass shape. The hourglass sets on fire and burns the opponent.

Clothes: I often wear a black tank top, black hoodie, jeans, combat boots, and a necklace my sister gave to me. The necklace has a silver chain and a crystal heart on said chain.

In my wolf form, I am a Red Wolf. I keep my green eyes, to show that it's me.

When I'm half human/half wolf, I look the same but with a pair of Red Wolf ears and a Red Wolf tail. I also have black nail polish in this form and I have orange eyes.

During battles, I wear a black trench coat, navy blue sweatpants, and combat boots.

At night, I wear a black hoodie, pajama pants with moons on them, and white furry slippers.

Skills/Abilities: Katana-master, good with throwing things, fist-to-fist, and VERY good with magic (mainly fire).

Back Story: I grew up with my family, we were all werewolves (something to do with max-matched genes). We were living in a nice little town full of vampires, werewolves, witches, the whole lot. We didn't shun each other. Soon enough though, we were found out. The whole town was burned to the ground with only me, my brother, sister, cousin, and my witch and vampire friends (Kiala and Marie) surviving. We were taken in by a family of three because they pitied us. Then, I found an ad flying through the air for this and decided "Why not?" and signed up.

Roommate: Meh. You decide.

Name: Shelly Storm

World: Earth

Race: Human Mage

Personality: Quiet, friendly, a bit shy, smart, analytical, very creative, introverted.

Love Interest: Pit and Ike

Appearance: I stand at 5"6 with brown hair in a high ponytail. I have hazel eyes, tan skin, and, according to some, big, innocent, doe-eyes. Whatever that means.

Final Smash:


Clothes: Normally, A simple black t-shirt with the Legend of Zelda goddess crest, blue jeans, black Vans, and a white cape with fur lining the hood. The broach keeping it in place is a gold pin with a sword and shield on it and a little wand. I wear a black utility belt with potion bottles, little leather cases filled with various things, and attached to one of the belt loops it my katana sheathe. On my back, I carry my long staff with a diamond at the top. I also have glasses. And I have a bow hidden in hammer space.

In battle, it's still the same, I just have either my katana, bow, or staff out and my hood is up, covering part of my face. I wear contacts instead of glasses for battle.

Skills/Abilities: All kinds of magic, ninja weapons, and archery.

Back Story: I had a simple, happy life with caring friends and a good family. Nothing tragic at all. I found the ad for the Super Smash Ultimate tournament and couldn't resist.

Roommate: Eh... you decide.
vallnights chapter 1 . 12/3/2012
Name: Aileen Zhang

World: Earth

Race: Human

Personality: She tends to keep her emotions locked up and is very blunt as well. She usually likes to be alone but even if she wants to be around people, she only talks when necessary.

Love Interest: None but maybe I'll change my mind later.

Appearance: 18 years old, 5'8'' and of American Chinese ethnicity. She has pale skin, long redish brown hair tied in a loose ponytail, brown eyes. Wears a black long sleeved turtle neck shirt, black skinny jeans with a brown belt strapped around with one side higher than the other holding a small box, and brown boots.

Final Smash: Starts by showering the stage with small knives and finishing with her staff containing a power up and attacking anyone in her straight forward direction with full force.

Move-Set: Knife Shower, Power Kicks, Punch Set, and Staff Attack

Clothes: See Appearance

Skills/Abilities: She knows Wushu, reason being for using more hand to hand combat and having her staff. Uses knife throwing as her form of projectiles.

Back Story: Aileen was born in the US before her she moved with her American mother and Chinese father to Shanghai, China when she was very young. From there, she became interested in Wushu and started learning it throughout her life. No ones where she got her cold personality and only assume it's her seriousness and passion for Wushu.

Roommate: Not decided

Just PM me if you need anything!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/3/2012
color:white with blue eyes and blond hair.
Likes:food,girls and fighting
personality:caring with slight anger issues.
bio:grew up on earth learning fighting styles such as Judo and The sword style type III quen so.
roomate: captain falcon
love intrest:peach
Ikerulesall chapter 1 . 12/3/2012
Here you go.
Name: Will
World: Earth
Race: Human
Personality: Cold, unsocial. Doesn't talk to anyone but friends. Tactical in battle, which makes him a formidable opponent.
Love Interest: None, but I may decide later.
Appearance: Stands at 6'5" with a moderate build, he wears jeans and a red tshirt most of the time. He has shaggy blond hair, and bluish green eyes. He usually has a cold look on his face. He is always carrying around his bow and arrows.
Final Smash: He takes out his great sword(no homo. It isn't his crotch), and slices in the direction he is facing, causing major damage. Then he pulls out his bow and shoots a fire arrow which hits one person in front of him. If both hits hit one person, it is basically a one hit KO. If one hits, it does quite a bit of damage.
Move-set: Bow shot, Knife throw, Greatsword slash, hunting knife stab.
Clothes: See appearance.
Skills/Abilities: He is an expert hunter and tracker, and has great skills with knives, bows, and swords.
Back Story: Born in Canada, Will's father was an avid hunter and mother was too. They taught Will how to hunt and fight with knives and swords, but he learned bow on his own. When he was 13, when moving to America, his parents were both killed by thugs, which were going as hitmen. Will got away and continued hunting to get money, while running from the law and educating himself. He is now 18 and attending a college in New York.
Roommate: Ike
TheFlameBlade chapter 1 . 12/3/2012
Name: Lee Dranaia


Race: Dragon/Human

Personality: Kindhearted and brave. Doesn't show feelings much. Is very fun loving though. He is also quite sarcastic. He won't let anything hurt people he cares about.

Love Interest:Female OC

Appearance:Orange hair down to his shoulders,tan body,emerald green eyes,and his pretty physically fit.

Final Smash:Lee turns into his ultimate dragon form and flies above the stage. He then blows fire down for a few moments the slams the ground sending people flying back.

Move-Set:Energy beam,Roundhouse kick,Katana slice,and Revolver Shot.

Clothes: A leather jacket over a plain white t-shirt,blue jeans,black shoes,fingerless gloves,and a cross necklace. Both in battle and in mansion.

Skills/Abilities:Flight,Energy powers,dragon powers,teleportation.

Back Story:Lee was prince of his planet Dragolon before. But then an invasion made his mother and father send him away. He saw his planets destruction with his own eyes. When he landed on earth he heard of the smash tournament and decided to join.

Roommate: Undecided

Hope you accept him.

Deuces Up!
WrittenWithPencils chapter 1 . 12/3/2012
Name: Lee Katia.

World: Standard human world.

Race: Human, mixed ethnic background.

Personality: This sweet 15 year old girl may not look like she can do much, but keep this in mind; never judge a book by it's cover. She may be smiling and acting classy, but she can do a serious bash on you if you can't keep up. Lee's a smart girl. Friendly, but deep inside she can be twisted. Very twisted. That simple smile of her's keeps the secret hidden. Note that this gives her the name 'Creepy Girl'.

Love Interest: None, but she's still single.

Appearance: Height at 5'7. Lee's half-white, half-black background gives her the dark olive skin and dark hair (braided in a long, dreadlock styel) that she has. A pair of eyeglasses keep her eyes hidden. She wears a green t-shirt with a black bull's eye pattern on the side of it under a white coat. Along with that, she wears a pair of dark blue jeans and white shoes. On occasion, she will use an ivory umbrella.

Final Smash: A fatal kick into the ground that will leave her opponent aching for a while.

Move Set: 1) Punching 2) Kicking 3) Lee presses a small button on her umbrella, and a long, lethal blade ejects from the top, ready for later use. 4) Swift Evasion tactics. (Note: This is not ninja stuff.)

Clothes: See 'Appearance'.

Skills/Abilities: Agile, clever, tends to observe her foe from afar before going in for the kill.

Backstory: Lee originates from a small town in the United States known as Northpoint. Recently made candidate for a tournament of some sort.

Roommate: N/A.

Anything else, well, you know how to reach me.