Reviews for Keep Calm and Carry On
WinchesterNimrod chapter 34 . 8/12
WinchesterNimrod chapter 18 . 8/11
That...was...AMAZING! would have liked more interaction between herself and Jim but i know you'll have more up ahead!
Miranda chapter 58 . 6/5
I'm in love with this story, so I'm glad you just need a little more time. I hope all is well we will be patiently waiting :)
SKYSPRITE chapter 2 . 6/2
I don't understand why Mycroft was immediately at the flat. I understand that he monitors Sherlock off and on but why take interest in a normal girl showing up in Sherlock's apartment? It's certainly not the weirdest thing that has ever happened at 221 Baker Street. Remember the elephant in the room?
Besides, think about Mycroft's personality.
Nothing ruffles his feathers or catches his interest. He lives in a world of goldfish.

Why haven't they suspected her of being a spy or something? She's plainly stated many facts about them that they've never told her.
I know that both Sherlock and Mycroft can deduce a many number of things about her by simply looking at her but that doesn't explain why they are both being exceptionally nice to her. Mycroft is supposed to be uncaring about everyone (except his brother. sometimes) but suddenly he's offering to pay the expenses of Sherlock's new 'case'.

Not even going to mention the cringe worthy responses your OC is having to the Sherlock characters.

All in all, everything is just a bit unreal.
amber.j.draper chapter 5 . 5/28
I love your story I fan girl so hard over it haha. It's so seamlessly put together you did a wonderful job with it. Plus all the fan girl moments gotta love that.
wolviegurl chapter 58 . 5/25
This story is wonderful I have truly enjoyed reading it. I hope that you will be able to continue this story very soon.
KEZZ 1 chapter 58 . 5/25
Great story and I am looking forward to more soon O:-)
Marie chapter 58 . 5/18
Hope your health improves soon!
Beth-TauriChick chapter 58 . 5/11
Hugs to you, sweetie! I hope things get better.
SwedishFanFictionLover chapter 58 . 5/9
Don't worry about us, what matter is that you rest up and become healthy (frisk) again

Make sure to rest and i hope you're fine soon :)

Xoxo :3
Guest chapter 58 . 5/9
Thank you so much for letting us know :) I'm really relieved right now, since I love your story.
Hope you feel better, and we will be patiently waiting.
Believe in Bowties chapter 58 . 5/9
Feel better
Atomica96 chapter 58 . 5/9
:D take your time and get well! We aren't going anywhere!
C chapter 57 . 5/9
PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE! I realize that life gets in the way (and I hope you continue to get better!) so I just wanted to let you know that there are a ton of readers who really care about your story. I don't want to pressure you in any way, but I'd really appreciate an update or quick note about when you are thinking to update so I don't check on this story every single day and want to cry every single day. I love this story, and thank you so so so much for writing :)
3broomstix chapter 57 . 3/30
The day is March 30, 2015 and you last updated on December 27, 2014. If I'm correct, your birthday was the very next day. Happy belated birthday. The time is currently 4:28 in the morning and I have spent the last few hours reading this story. It is 57 chapters and I ate it up like candy. Now imagine my disappointment when I find out that is hasn't been updated in months. I am miserable, I'm fighting to kee my eyes open, my body aches, I'm exhausted, I'm hungry, im irritated, and I'm a little annoyed. I loved this story more than words can say and I don't know how to properly express my feelings. I Came very close at different points during the morning and night to just turning off my phone and going to be but I decided that I was going to finish it if it was the last thing I did. So here we are, my being fanfictionless, and you doing whatever you do at 4:32 in the morning. Please update as soon as possible because their is a young girl out here who would greatly appreciate it.
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