Reviews for Keep Calm and Carry On
DreamBubbles chapter 50 . 11/27
And there I was remembering it would have been some kimd of nerve gas...
DreamBubbles chapter 49 . 11/27
I do wonder in deed.. I know that to me it would be hard.. I mean Sherlock sleeps naked.. and being so close... I would definately be affected.. just by being so close.. and a man I would like.. it's like smelling something really sweet that waters your mouth and still resisting not to take a bite (if compared to food that is). I'm just admiring, not complaining..
DreamBubbles chapter 48 . 11/27
Poor Sherlock.. must be more than hard rationalize something that can't be rationalized..
DreamBubbles chapter 46 . 11/24
Oh I think in Jaynes situation it's not quite that simple as an teleportation... but still.. I do wonder if she has the ability to go back will she want to? Expect if she believes that Sherloc is dead (like in the end of last season).
DreamBubbles chapter 45 . 11/20
Cute. Those things are easy to fake and as Sherlock also knows, there rarely is anything out of sience
DreamBubbles chapter 44 . 11/19
This episode also was one of the good ones (who am I kidding, the whole serie was awesome!) I love how Jayne always feels like smacking Sherlock in head when he doesn't behave. I did also think for a while that it is curious how he didn't seem to take sex as an way to calm his mind.. cause that is something it can do.. just a thought that popped in my head.. for he is also a man..
DreamBubbles chapter 43 . 11/18
Giving Tree.. i never heard of it.. but i believe it will be worth checking up. I'm glag it all turned out fine and it's nice that Jayne isn't suffering any more trauma from shooting the man. I also think it is fantastic that she still reads ocasionally to the children. She is a really good person. Wonder when she will close up with Sherlock again. I was a bit taken that John was the one blaming himself for leaving Jayne, but then again it was in his character to do so. I also have to google down what is an slow cooker.. not familiar with such in Finland.. thank you for the tip though!
DreamBubbles chapter 42 . 11/18
Creepy! I'm impressed that Jaynes hunch was correct and I'm sorry she has gotten a litte too little sleep. I'm throughly afraid that she will get hurt.. and I hope Sherlock won't be too mad at John for leaving Jayne. Poor Sherlock.
DreamBubbles chapter 41 . 11/17
I too hope they find her in time
DreamBubbles chapter 40 . 11/17
Thank you dear. You know.. you make me want to cook better.. even though I have only little time in cooking (have two small children who want attention). Thank you. (Makes mental note to take ch40 recipies up)
DreamBubbles chapter 39 . 11/17
And now I'm proud of her again.. she accepting Sherlock as he is. I never really considered how hard it must be for Sherlock not beeing so easy knowing and understanding feelings.
DreamBubbles chapter 38 . 11/16
I also do think Jayne is a bit over reacting, I mean, she if fan girl, she knows how Sherlock is like..
DreamBubbles chapter 37 . 11/16
Words that always hurt when heard
DreamBubbles chapter 36 . 11/16
Irene is totally messing with Jaynes head
DreamBubbles chapter 35 . 11/16
It was a bit hard reading because all was in cursiv (you know.. slightly leaning in other direction). It amused me that Scherlock didn't think of an child - coming from a man who doesn't use condom.. giggles. And I wonder if he ever managed to crack Jaynes laptopps passward
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