Reviews for Dance of Death
TheProlificWriterGirl chapter 1 . 4/21/2015
That was amazing! I love Edgar Allan Poe and POTO, and you did a marvelous job combining the two! The Masque of the Red Death is possibly my favorite Poe story, so very well done! :)
SealedHearts chapter 1 . 9/28/2014
Oh my goodness...

Dearest Music, you have woven such a gorgeous, anguishing, and captivating tale. Your words bloomed with whimsical vivacity, purposeful precision, and painstaking care. I cannot believe I have never read any of your work before! Whether or not you drew inspiration from Poe's story and style, you have a beautiful gift with words, and you are clearly aware of the power they carry to dazzle the imagination. In recognizing the depth of this blessed talent, I am honored that you would even consider reading my own stories. Dance of Death is a remarkable piece, one which left me in a silent awe throughout my reading of it.

Although I realize you have not posted or commented on this site in many months (indeed, I think of you often, and pray you are well as you continue to walk with our beloved Lord and tender Friend), I can only hope that you have not given up penning your imagination entirely-although I strongly doubt this is so. You bear a remarkable gift, Music, and I know you use it wisely and for His glory. :)

As an aside: Although I figured the protagonist was meant to be a girl, because you had posted it as a POTO crossover, a part of me viewed the poem through the lens of Erik himself. Perhaps this could've taken place when he was greeting death at the end of the novel? I found this possibility very fitting, and the reflections of your narrator were very much in line with our Opera Ghost's character and musings. The last several lines of your piece I could especially hear coming from Erik as he lets go of the last of his earthly/emotional tethers and finds himself at peace at last. No one witnessed his final moments, so I find it beautiful that he would dance with Death himself.

Continue writing, sweet and beloved sister, for you have done well. You are a blessing through and through.


P.S. I listened to the Journey soundtrack by Austin Wintory. If anything, it certainly adds a thoughtful and solemn atmosphere.
newbornphanatic chapter 1 . 1/8/2013
ddaaaammmm girl, your good!
PaperbackWriter318 chapter 1 . 12/11/2012
Oh. My. Goodness! This is absolutely fantastic! I have absolutely no words whatsoever. Let me attempt to capture some that will do at least some justice to this perfection in word form. *scans the skies for appropriate words*

The description and the emotion was amazing. Simply beautiful. This is an amazing piece of literature. I like the use of color and being unafraid of death. It reminds me a little of the book, "The Book Thief" by Marcus Zusak. (I believe I may have just butchered his last name) In that book, death is the narrator and he describes many things through colors. It is a good book and this is a wonderful fanfiction.

I have no more words. Words fail me. I think I shall go read it again.

Your speechless reader,

Miss Rabbit chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
To begin. While reading, I had no thoughts at all. I couldn't. Why? Because your story had me totally gripped in its own world, and so there was no me to think. In other words: it was breath-taking, thought-taking, and it left me in total awe.

To continue. Not only was I left in awe, I was left in jealousy. If you could write any better, I would have said you'd been possessed by an angel of pure creation. Which, come to think of it, could be appropriate to say now. By unfortunately my jealousy does not permit me to do so.

To finish. By the time your story had ended (very cruel of you that you had to end, by the way) I was given back my thoughts...though perhaps not my breath. The thoughts that followed are as you see throughout this whole email. In other words, all I can say is: BRAVA.