Reviews for Paul Returns to Kanto: Return of the Battle Frontier
Guest chapter 114 . 5/18
Pls stop writing this shit Gliscor can't survive 4 ice punches from Machamp
Mato Kazuma chapter 67 . 5/16
great chapter i liked it how biff and her partner showed up XDDDD

but it was sad an pathetic how they lost but good

also i think lance has a death wish calling her old lady XDDDDDDDDDDD
One-Winged Angel of Death chapter 114 . 5/11
King of Stories chapter 114 . 4/17
Barry jealous was amusing.

Paul's got Aerodactyl can't wait to see it in battle in the future and that includes Barry's new Tyrunt in Kanto league. and Dawn's Amaura in the grand festival.

Tyrunt is Dragon and Rock type so if Iris meets Tyrunt she'll be amazed to see it cause she loves Dragon Pokemon.
apple bloom chapter 114 . 4/16
Very good i liked barry a little jealous funny
jaffa3 chapter 114 . 4/16
I love how jealous Barry was in this, and how everyone knows that Janine and Barry like each other except for them selfs.

I cant wait for your next chapter.
Defender31415 chapter 114 . 4/15
Well done. I did in fact enjoy Barry's jealousy. The Imposter Ditto was a creative idea. And those are some very fitting fossils.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 114 . 4/15
I'm surprised that Paul didn't video any of that. Then again, doing THAT might've made him a little TOO OOC. I think Paul and Janine are starting to get along just fine! Well, I think they've gotten better since Janine started traveling with them in what, chapter 48? Good chapter.
Guest chapter 114 . 4/15
Barry was jealous for nothing cause Roy just sees Janine as a friend.

Paul, Dawn, and Barry finally got their fossils restored I can hardly wait to their extinct pokemon in battle.

if Dawn uses Amaura in the grand festival I'm sure the crowd will be amazed to see Pokémon from the Kalos region but first she needs to train and get know it.
Mato Kazuma chapter 66 . 4/11
what is it pick on Paul day even his own brother was mean to him.

and Paul dad is a jerk and i hate it that his mom died, that was really sad.

and i knew it Kai is evil, and his plan is twisted i won't say getting rid of evil isn't good, but his method is wrong and Paul and the others need to stop him!
Mato Kazuma chapter 65 . 4/7
i knew Janine was going to join them changing her clothes and giving her a new pokemon, no one goes in to that much detail for one or two chapters

and also reading this made me blush with all the mushy stuff but it was good and i guess they are an item now Dawn and Paul
Mato Kazuma chapter 64 . 4/6
well this was a little bit of a soap and i wonder if Zoey will date Kenny can't wait to find out

and Paul really is changing and i like it Paul is a good person and it was funny when he told her no then asked her himself XDDDD
Mato Kazuma chapter 63 . 4/6
i liked how zoey was being funny and teasing Paul and the battle was good and wow Kenny just dropped a bomb on the only person who didn't know
Mato Kazuma chapter 62 . 4/5
this was cool i learned a bit about those to champs and i can see how strong Paul is getting he lost but it was still a good battle

and Janine is evil XD
Mato Kazuma chapter 61 . 4/3
lol pretty good battle i liked it that Berry won but i wish she didn't have to go do all that training since i know Jasnine is really super strict i hope she can get through it ok XDD
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