Reviews for Paul Returns to Kanto: Return of the Battle Frontier
Mato Kazuma chapter 76 . 8/28
Ash did really well in his battle i love ti when they evolve during the battle those are always cool

and the other battle was ok

i hope barry win... i think it be fun to watch him run laps XDD
Mato Kazuma chapter 75 . 8/28
this was so cool Paul is good and i liked how he refused to make his pokemon faint just to please trip i have never like him,

and Ash is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! be beat them both alone XDDD
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 118 . 8/28
Is 'Tobi' short for something or was he introduced in an earlier chapter? Like in a cameo I wouldn't really remember. Ah, silly Paul. Aerodactyl won't Mega Evolve if he (or she) isn't wearing an Aerodactylite. Alex. Alex... isn't the same one I think. That was a unique chapter. Wait, Tobias? Is 'Tobi' Tobias?
King of Stories chapter 118 . 8/27
nice job I thought Paul was going to lose but he won.

Wallace says that Aerodactyl is dangerous he's right I remember when Ash and his friends encountered one in the first season of Pokémon. chapter 118 . 8/27
Mysterious, please continue
Devon2016 chapter 118 . 8/26
Great Chapter! My OC finally made the cut! Haha! Hope you write again soon! Happy Writing!
Mato Kazuma chapter 74 . 8/26
i liked the details in the battles it was fun to read and Ash beating a fairy with a dragon talk about an ego booster

i liked Kari and the other guy appearing again to cant want to see them battle

and am i the only one who is worried about Trip and Paul being a team is a bad idea
Defender31415 chapter 118 . 8/26
Here's hoping that that Aerodactyl doesn't hinder Paul's performance. The ranks seem to be shuffling in Team Alpha; I wonder how that will affect things.
Hello Orlando chapter 117 . 8/19
Fantastic. Really, I have loved this. But I also want to give you a bit of advice, so you don't ruin it. Okay?

1. Stay away from Pokemon which are already widely used in the anime. Like Blaiziken, Dragonite, or Lucario. These are used so much it's not even funny. I'm fine with pre-evolved forms, but just stay away from those three.

2. Don't forgot who Paul really is. Your character development has been stellar so far, and the IkariShipping, which I expected to be clunky and badly thought out, was actually my favorite part of the entire Story. However remember who Paul really is. Don't turn him into a second Ash. Remember, Paul will always have a cold side to him, no matter what. And also, can you do me a favor? Can you give Paul one really good win? I feel like his skill has been downplayed tremendously, remember that Lake Acuity battle? I really want you to display his skill, so I want him to battle someone, anyone, and really massacre them, just to reinstate the fact that Paul is an excellent strategist, and hasn't lost any of his touch. So please, please, please, don't forget that Paul is a fantastic trainer, as well as a strategist.

3. Do Sableye right. He is my favorite Pokemon. Ever.

4. This is just a suggestion, but it would be great if the other two members of the 5 were girls. Kind of balances the Gender Ratio out, as Chaos is a guy.

5. Have Paul evolved Charmeleon. And get a Mega Stone. I mean, can you imagine what a battle that would make? Ash and Paul locked in their final battle, and then the screen cuts in half as they both touch their mega stones, Paul using Mega Charizard X, and Ash using Y. And then they go through a whole transformation sequence, while the screen is split in half. That would be too awesome.

So, yeah, that's my advice. Anyway, great story. Really Fantastic.

P.S.: Are you planning on having Shelgon or Wartortle evolve? Go for it!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/5
It's only the first chapter but I feel like Paul is a bit ooc here
Mato Kazuma chapter 73 . 8/3
lol what was barry thining... oh yeah he is barry XD also i have no idea what what they did to them X3 but u hope they learned there lesson, also thank you Ash he does have enough brain power not to peek on the girls
Apple Bloom chapter 117 . 7/30
oh now that got me thinking are you bringing up more about hs parents in future chpters?
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 117 . 7/30
Wow. I think that that's the first time I've ever heard Dawn refer to Barry as 'the blond', albeit not to his face. That WAS funny that Dawn got tricked like that. That was a funny scene at the end. Yeah, Barry should be careful with the man who could end up being his father-in-law! Good chapter. chapter 117 . 7/30
Please update
King of Stories chapter 117 . 7/29
Barry says that Koga is scary well he should meet his sister and see what he thinks of her.
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