Reviews for Paul Returns to Kanto: Return of the Battle Frontier
King of Stories chapter 122 . 11/19
Kirlia finally evolved into Gardevoir amazing.
Hello Orlando chapter 122 . 11/16
Good chapter. I really expected Shelgon to evolve, but, we can all still wait. Also, a word of advice. Make sure the characters don't catch too many, or else each one of their pokemon will have littler and littler value.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 122 . 11/11
I don't mind seeing things in third person. It's a nice change of pace every once in a while. Doesn't Icicle increase in something because of one of Cloyster's possible abilities? Skill Link or Overcoat, maybe? Would I be incorrect in saying that Sebastian seems a lot like Paul did in his early days?
Defender31415 chapter 122 . 11/11
Stupid Sebastian! After that trick with Blast Burn, he whipped out a literal deus ex machina! Wonder what will happen next?
jaffa3 chapter 122 . 11/11
As usual nice chapter. I really hope Dawn beats Sebastian because the guys a dick and she deserves some payback for when he broke her leg.

Can't wait for your next one
One-Winged Angel of Death chapter 122 . 11/11
Devon2016 chapter 121 . 11/8
Good chapters. I liked all the battle scenes. Keep it up!
Mato Kazuma chapter 108 . 11/6
lol that was beyond rich when Paul send out Electivire Dawn's plan went up in smoke and now she is going to pay i can't wait to read it
jaffa3 chapter 121 . 11/3
Great job with Barry beating Damian and getting a Ninetails.

Can't wait for Dawn to get her revenge against that jack ass Sebastian.
Mato Kazuma chapter 104 . 11/1
well I can see Paul's point wanting to be stronger and it's not like he had a choice once his pokemon was covered in Fire, Dawn really freaked out i know she was worried and all but i really think she should look at it from Paul's point of view a little bit, he even tried to say he was sorry to
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 121 . 10/31
Sounds like Sebastian and Georgia don't bother to remember names. It also looks like Janine has her nickname cut out for her: ninja girl. However (and if I'm the first to bring this to your attention, I won't be surprised), the correct term for a female ninja is a kunoichi. Alright, Dawn! Your confidence has really gone up! Hm, do I see something going on in between Damian and Ashley? Whoa, Reggie doesn't have a history with Gendo now, does he? The way Damian commanded what he did reminded me of Jessie commanding a Charizard to use the move and James and Meowth saying Charizard couldn't learn that. That was an interesting twist with Damian, although I can't say I'm completely surprised. Janine tricked Georgia, I liked that. I also liked seeing everyone's perspectives for this chapter.
Hello Orlando chapter 121 . 10/29
Can you make a list of the pokemon that dawn, paul, barry, and janine have caught since the start of this? Aside, this was really good. Also,I really want to see Cynthia in battle.
Amethyst AS chapter 121 . 10/29
Now, I'm SURE that Gendo IS his father! Oh, Dawn you really need to defeat that Sebastian! No one can take Steven's place, even if it's in finding stones! Just kidding, awesome chapter!
Have a nice day, RPG1115!
Amethyst AS chapter 120 . 10/29
I have a feeling that this Gendo is somehow Paul's father...Oh man...
By the way, it's an awesome story!
King of Stories chapter 121 . 10/28
Damian has returned and met Barry.

Barry did have point about him Paul never left his pokemon to die like Damian did that was more coldhearted.
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