Reviews for Paul Returns to Kanto: Return of the Battle Frontier
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 133 . 8/27
Paul's Aerodactyl is quite the moody one. Huh. An Umbreon for Dawn. So are Matt and Mat two different people?
King of Stories chapter 133 . 8/24
Aerodactly's are dangerous alright, like the one the Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket faced in the first season of Pokémon then fell asleep by Jigglypuff's Sing attack including the Misty, Brock and Gary including everyone at the fossil hunt.
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 132 . 8/22
I LOVED that episode.
Chapter review: Wait, I thought Matt's name was spelled with one t. Yeah, Barry. It's not like Janine is skinny-dipping! Haha, wow! Barry figuring it out before Janine. Didn't see that one coming! Thunder Flame. Huh. I didn't catch what moves made it up, but it won Barry his Volcano badge. Six down, two to go!

So let's see: Sabrina's Marsh Badge, Janine's Soul Badge, Lt. Surge's Thunder Badge, Erika's Rainbow Badge, Misty's Cascade Badge and Blaine's Volcano Badge. That leaves Forrest in Pewter City and Viridian City!

Can't wait for the next chapter!


PS I think Ninetales is a good Fire-type for Barry.
Mato Kazuma chapter 132 . 8/12
lol really funny but i was sure Paul was going to kill that guy for saying hi girl was ugly XDDD booooooo XDDD

i saw the fire gym coming but it was still a cool twist to watch them find it

and i have to say it was a really cool thing to mention the old riddle from the old show it takes a good memory and skill to pull something like that off so i have to say good chapter and i am looking forward to more and honestly i want to see how thee training is going to go so get to it rpg XDDD
zekbolt55 chapter 132 . 8/10
great job
King of Stories chapter 132 . 8/10
Blaine's riddle was just like how in the first season of pokemon, Misty figured out the last one.

Blaine's Ninetails I remember it battled Ash's Squirtle and defeated it with Fire Spin. remembering Magmar was tough and now its a Magmortor.
WeS RoYaL chapter 123 . 8/3
I can tell that you enjoyed writing Sebastian's origin very much. And to me, this may be the most well written chapter in the fic so far. Sebastian's development from just an accomplished yet curious character to learning that he still had a long way to go was commendable, as was his transition to being a part of Team Alpha. I have to say, Sebastian might even be my favorite character now!
~WeS RoYaL~
WeS RoYaL chapter 122 . 8/2
My jaw dropped when Sebastian was revealed ti have Arceus. This was quite possibly the most interesting, unexpected moment I've read in this entire fic thus far. An okay chapter overall, but Arceus ALONE makes it much better.
~WeS RoYaL~
zekbolt55 chapter 131 . 7/26
Wow just wow this is probably the second best pokemon fanfiction I have seen yet. I can really tell that you put your heart and soul into this for the past four years and I got to say great job man. keep it up my friend your doing a great job.
Mato Kazuma chapter 131 . 7/22
this was good, i never really thought jerk face would end up being good but it does makes sense and you evil dude rpg XDDD you saw Ash and Graninja fuse and your making your own thing of it...

I respect that... so hurry up and write more i want to see what comes next...

looking forward to more!
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 131 . 7/12
Whoa. Sebastian vanished. Didn't see that coming! I also wasn't expecting him to have telepathy powers. I know it was because he was in sync with Alakazam, but regardless, that's so cool! Haha, Sebastian having to dumb down his speech {which was well said, if I say so myself} was pretty funny. Curiosity question: how old is Sebastian? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

Yeah, this was a good chapter and definitely a unique one.

jaffa3 chapter 130 . 7/10
So Barry and Janime took on Steven's Metagross and won? Awesome
Mato Kazuma chapter 130 . 7/7
I like how barry and girlfriend got to fight in this chapter, and I am guessing this will be the fire guy who beat Ash looking forward to what comes next yay sweet chapter!
King of Stories chapter 131 . 7/6
Barry will be battling Blaine soon this should be good to see.

I remember when Ash battled Blaine the first time it didn't go well his Squirtle was defeated easily, Charizard disobeyed him again, and Pikachu was nearly defeated by Magmar's Fire Blast.

however Ash defeated Blaine using Charizard against Magmar winning the Volcano Badge.

Paul and the gang will train with Sebastian, hmm this should be interesting.
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 130 . 7/1
I can see Barry eating 10 burgers before getting on a boat. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the Pallet Town contest. Blaine vs. Koga. ...Now THAT I'd want to see. I'd definitely read it. I see why Metagross is a physical attacker. In the videos I am watching on YouTube, only 2 (I'd say 3, but there wasn't a SINGLE Hoenn Pokemon in that Nuzlocke) have shown a Metagross and those Metagross used special attacks. I was thinking that they were physical attackers though. Rest of my review: I loved Steven's disguise. Convincing and I really liked seeing Sebastian's conversation with him.

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