Reviews for Illusion
Stalking dream chapter 1 . 12/10/2012
I absolutely love your writing style. It's so descriptive, and it really shows us what the characters are thinking.
Kelland chapter 2 . 12/8/2012
Ohmagosh it's Cherry at her best! This chapter was... AMAZING! I am blown away, speechless, this is (truly and honestly) THE best written SYOT I've ever read, and it hasn't even started yet! Like, wow!
By the way, you did Cherry perfectly. This is exactly how I imagined her, actually, you made her twice as good as what I imagined her as. Excellent, excellent, excellent chapter. Oh, and I love the design for CHEW headquarters, absolutely brilliant.
I like Demeter, she's like (in my opinion and interpretation) a nice person who's got a capitolian soul deep down, makes sense that her and Cherry would be friends, opposites attract. I find it funny that Cherry's colour is red and Demeter's is green... complimentary colours. Unforeseen awesome outcome. Pre-quell party, hm? I wonder if you're going to expand on that, just curious what a pre-quell part must be like.
Seneca and Caesar, the interview was even written expertly. I'm guess we're taking the place of the capitol citizens in the choosing of events, which is actually really cool. I can see why the game makers might think that controlling the quell would be a good thing, but if there's anything I've learned from foreshadowing it's that this always ends badly.
I'm sorry my review can't even justify how incredible of a writer you are and how much I adore this chapter. I highly encourage you to keep writing, if not in this fic (but please please please do) then elsewhere. You have such a talent!
As for the empty tribute problem, I'll be sending in one more, and I'll be sure to tell my ff friends to get onto this right away! n_n
LadyDunla chapter 2 . 12/7/2012
I like this chapter. This is most certainly not going to be your average SYOT and I love reading this already. Oh, and if you need me to think up another character, just let me know. Great job on this chapter anyway.
POMForever chapter 2 . 12/6/2012
This was an awesome chapter and you wrote Demeter perfectly!
TheHungerGamesFan01 chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
Hi! :) I have a few questions about this story... First, what would be the role of the Capitol people? Like, would I be playing a role, character, etc.? So yeah if you could explain a little how the whole system would work, that'd be great! Also, how often do you estimate you'll be updating? I hope this makes sense... I really like the story so far; you're doing an amazing job! Super excited to continue reading! :)) ThAnKs!
phenomenalDuchess chapter 1 . 12/3/2012
FULL NAME: Danielle 'Danny' Grace Phenner

AGE: 15

DISTRICT PERFERENCE: I would lik her to be from district 7 but if I can't get that one can I get district 12.


APPEARENCE: Her hair is a deep brown with a blond tint to it in the light. Her eyes are a dull brown with swampy green specks in them. Her skin is a dark color. wheres gray a lot. she's short for her age and looks about thirteen.

FAMILY MEMBERS: She has an older brother and two younger brothers too. Her dad died and so her mom remarried and had the two younger boys with her husband, Mister Allen Wodden.

BACK STORY: Not much is known about Danielle Phenner because she never talks about it to anyone. Her brother, mother and herself are the only ones who know and no else knows. even me!

PERSONALITY: Danny likes to keep to herself and hates it when people call her out on her hight. The only person who can get on her friendly side is her seventeen year old brother, David.

STREGNTHS: her stregnth is her mind. shes a quick thinker and also she can climb well.

WEAKNESSES: Her weakness is swimming and her heart.


WHY WOULD THIS TRIBUTE DIE IN THE HUNGER GAMES?: probably because she isn't that fast of a runner and not that much of a fighter. but she will not go down without one.

IS THIS PERSON LIKELY TO MAKE AN ALLIANCE? AND WITH WHAT KIND OF PERSON/PEOPLE?: yes she would, with someone who really knows how to fight. probably with the careers.


WHATS THE TRIBUTES OPINION OF THE CAPITOL?: She despises the capitol and wants to tare it to shreds.


FULL NAME: Gavin Wilbert Quent.

AGE: 13.

DISTRICT PERFERENCE: district 5 or 3.


APPERANCE: Red hair with blue eyes. creamy skin. looks older than he is because of his height.

FAMILY MEMBERS: His mom and older sister.

BACK STORY: His father had been killed in a factory malfuction and he happened to be at the sight when the factory exploaded and it damaged his hearing so he's is deaf in his left ear and can barely hear in his right.

PERSONALITY: He is kind but he can be very stupid and arrogant some times.

STRENGTHS: he is smart with identifing different plants and things.

WEAKNESSES: he can hardly hear.


WHY WOULD THIS TRIBUTE DIE IN THE HUNGER GAMES?: because he can't hear nor fight.

IS THIS PERSON LIKLY TO MAKE AN ALLIANCE? AND WITH WHAT KIND OF PERSON/PEOPLE?: He would make an alliance with someone who can hear for him and fight and hunt for him.


WHAT IS YOUR TRIBUTES OPINON ON THE CAPITOL?: He just bears what the captiol has done and doesn't say anything on the subject. but in his mind he really doesn't like them. but what can you do?


FULL NAME: Agatone Renedent

AGE: 46


OCCUPATION: A sponser to district 2

PERSONALITY: He is very carefree and is one of the riches resedents in the Capitol. He likes to brag and spend about as much money as he makes in a year everyday.

APPEARANCE: He has a blue mohawk and pea green skin and he likes to wear Lavender and orange with dazzling white pants.

THEIR OPINON OF THE HUNGER GAMES AND DISTRICTS: He gets giddy every year when the hunger games role around and he has ever since he could remember.
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