Reviews for drinks on me tonight
musichettta chapter 1 . 8/25/2014
This is beautiful! I love the wording and transitions. Great ending.
DavidYurman chapter 1 . 4/5/2013
I just love those two!
currents chapter 1 . 1/9/2013
This isn't terrible. At all. Seriously.

It's not an melodramatic tale of lost-love and missed chances, but quiet, and understated, and sad. It's beautiful. If anyone wrote something like this, it'd be horribly boring, but you made it readable and enjoyable, the language you use and the style you use it in is brilliant. I actually hate RoseScor?

Fabulous job, really.

kingslayers chapter 1 . 12/26/2012
oh my fucking god how long did it take me to see this fucking jesus


ROSE: oh my gosh, rose. she was so great because she's so... cynical? that's not exactly the right word, but i don't think there is one for what i want to express. "overconfidence in her lack of confidence in herself" -— that's what scorpius said, right? that's her. she's got all these memories and you can just tell she's talented because nobody believes in someone that much without any basis and scorpius believes in her so utterly that it's heartbreaking because she just can't see why and just.

and then even though they both remember every single second of their history, of their together, of their lives, they're both pretending because — what did she say? — "i care about people more than they care about me." and then "how is that a problem?" "it's not" and i think that sums up these two for me in this fic because how did you manage to put across so much in such a short piece, i really don't get it. i just want 1/999th of your talent man and i'll feel like i've succeeded.

scorpius was beyond amazing. he's still debonair and he's intelligent but he also knows how this goes and just. you can see, in their little conversational rhythm, how they could have once been everything to each other and how they were the kind of friends too that once knew each other so completely utterly that he can still have hope in her despite who she thinks she is now and there's just something completely beautiful in that.

also, the ending. completely understated, with all of the potential for unresolved tension to be resolved but the unlikelihood too and i just really loved that.

love you hope

xx jane
EchoDeltaNine chapter 1 . 12/16/2012
You, dear friend, need to have more self confidence! I really liked this concept because it is so real. And it was actually very well written, I just wish you were going to write more! I would love to know how they work out :)
over-rehearsed chapter 1 . 12/16/2012
Hey Hope, this is Amy and
SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU'RE THE BEST WRITER I'VE EVER MET and i say that quite sincerely ngl, like I reallyreally super mean it I love you and your writing so fucking much and I'm so jealous and don't be down on it, aww/
This was a cute Christmas one even if not exactly happy, and it's scorrose which makes me happy, and I love how it was just a snapshot into their life like the unhappily ever after, sort of thing and just yeah. Idk, I really liked it.
I can write Scorpius's message on a piece of paper and take a pic and send it to you on tumblr if that makes you believe it more, that you're a good writer, you knwo? yeah
squeakyswings chapter 1 . 12/8/2012
Wow no I loved this though. It hurts a bit - Rose's emotions are the aching, bone-deep sort, and I love that she's not willing to let Scorpius help her out, because they're the sort of thing that can't be conquered by a pretty boy or whatever, but also the ending has this really gorgeous ring of expectation and possible happiness to it and I just love it a lot.
marniemadden chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
Okay, so this was absolutely flawless. Rose/Scorpius is one of my OTPs, and when it's good, it's really damn good. I loved the way their whole backstory was implied, but not spelled out clearly, and I suppose in that way a lot of this was up to individual interpretation, which I really like in a fic.

I like how Rose is so stuck in a rut even though she did so well in Hogwarts - it's not something I've seen a lot, because a lot of people assume that if she does well at school, she'll get somewhere in life, so the fact that you acknowledged that Rose's fate wasn't completely inevitable. Rose and Scorpius' relationship was great. I loved the little lines that just told us they'd had a relationship a few years, but that they weren't in one now. I think it shows a lot that they are still familiar and comfortable with each other even when they're arguing - to me, it means that their relationship, even though it's over, is still important to both of them.

The line that you used as the description was lovely, and my other favourite was this:
"'Okay,' he says, and that's all there is to it, perhaps until he sees her next on a Monday morning in early January and can convince her they don't need to wait twelve months to have this argument all over again."

I always love fics where Rose is cold and unforgiving and Scorpius is trying to get through to her. You did that really well, while still keeping the typical amusing, sarcastic character of Scorpius. I think that last line really expresses how Scorpius feels about Rose; he doesn't want to argue with her, but he won't let this lie because he cares about her and he doesn't want her to waste her life when she's so talented.

This was beautiful, as always - your writing could never be terrible!
DesaraSoleil chapter 1 . 12/3/2012
As KICKASS as ever. _ when I got the email alert for this I had a feeling I should just stop my hw and read. Really glad I did.

I admit, at first, I wasn't sure where this piece was going. There was this sort of abstractness that seemed to be trying too hard to seem theatrically abstract, if that makes any sense. But I think the moment Scorpio says "That's not true," it all just snapped into place for me and I enjoyed the read immensely.

There's this whole new tone here. I could picture this as a movie but not a blockbuster spectacle, but a beautiful indie one that cleans up at the Sundance Festival.
Of course, the dialogue is EPIC. It really makes the piece for me and I can tell how much thought and detail you put into it and as the reader, I appreciate it. Very organic. You've brought Rose and Scorpius out of fanfiction and into the real world where there are no themes. LOVED that.

The only real critique I have is the marker-stench line. Kinda drags on a bit, not quite flowing for me.

All in all, definately a piece I see myself reading mroe than once. You just keep rocking it, Hope. ;)