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Dwarrior chapter 6 . 4/24/2015
That was awesome. Great story, well done.
skysqurrel chapter 2 . 12/3/2014
First of all you got wut wrong it's'mean't to be wot in english it's. Mean't to be what and second press space when you writing what macguffin is saying
I am that Writer chapter 6 . 2/25/2013
Such a wonderful, cute story!
HAFanForever chapter 6 . 12/21/2012
And yes, you have done what I'd been thinking of Merida giving the sons a lesson in archery so they can be good at it, too. And everything you have her say is what I've been thinking on how she teaches them, from the stance to focusing on the target to ensure hitting the arrow in the center. And count on Young Macintosh to look the least interested in Merida's instructions. I've also thought that after a few tries, each of them would manage to hit the target, thanks to Merida's instructions and encouragement. Both Wee Dingwall and Young MacGuffin need the most practice, and let's hope Young Macintosh didn't throw anymore tantrums when he missed, though we can expect him to look very smug when he pleased about hitting the center.

Oh man, I expected you to mention the muscular warrior flirting with Maudie again, like in the movie's epilogue! XD And also like that time, I bet Elinor and Fergus are making sure to restrain the triplets so that they don't go out on a random boat again. The clans may still be arguing again, but at least there was no brawl this time and they were more civil.

I think each of the sons have started to take a liking to Merida, especially since she made the bows for them and taught them about archery. And I bet Fergus is proud of Merida for making the boys and teaching the sons, but both he and Elinor are proud for her spending time and getting along with the sons. And they all had a good holiday together.

In all, really good story here, especially in time for the holiday. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. :)
HAFanForever chapter 5 . 12/21/2012
It sounds like these have their own singing that are much like Christmas carols.

It's a good thing the triplets were captured before they could a lot more mischief! And yeah, when they do, count on Fergus and Elinor to tell the other that the boys are the other person's sons when they do something that both of them disapprove of.

I like the idea of Merida giving each of the sons their own bows and arrows as gifts. They may not be as interested or talented in archery like her, but they still like them as gifts. And I think you read my mind on an idea I had of Merida actually taking them out and giving them archery lessons, after their performances at the Games.

Another good chapter. :) Got one more to go.
HAFanForever chapter 4 . 12/20/2012
I think it would be fair for each of the lords to tell their own stories and act them out, not just have Fergus be the only one to tell stories, especially if they've all heard them before.

Seems that all of them received good presents...even though Merida is somewhat disappointed when Elinor announces that she has to play her harp. I bet when she played it, she looked as bored as she did in the film during the montage of Elinor correcting her behavior. Though I guess she couldn't resist singing if she liked the song and was encouraged by everyone to join in.

I'd figure that Merida and the triplets get their appetites from their father, especially if they love a certain food, like sweets. :)

It's nice how Merida and Elinor are finally getting along, especially for a holiday like this, particularly of how Elinor is really acting like her mother with her and not as the queen. I'm sure they're both very happy to be enjoying time together on this day.

This is very good here. :)
HAFanForever chapter 3 . 12/19/2012
Yes, Merida and Elinor may be getting along much better, but Elinor would still want her to still behave like a princess and have lessons, though she probably would think she doesn't need them as much, given her speech in the film showed Elinor that Merida had paid attention to past lessons and that Merida had begun to understand the importance of tradition and what Elinor's words of wisdom really meant.

I guess this new dress is a way of showing Merida how her mother has loosened some of her perfectionist and strict ways, because the dress isn't tight and doesn't have a corset or a wimple to hide her wild hair. And I'm sure that Elinor is delighted when says that it's perfect.

I wonder if the clans, including those from DunBroch, still want to hear Fergus's story about Mor'du, now that there is an even more exciting bear story that can be told...of Merida and Elinor.
HAFanForever chapter 2 . 12/19/2012
It sounds like Merida still works a system with the triplets by sneaking them sweets when their mother isn't looking. Oh well, she knows how much they love sweets, so she'll help them get what they want.

I figured Merida would be a little reluctant to go riding with the lords' sons, but at least having them all out of the castle for a while will be good for their families, and it'd be good for Merida to really get to know them.

Of course, I'm not really sure if any of them are genuinely interested in what Merida has to say and show to them. I mean, Wee Dingwall is just oblivious to so much around him, and Young Macintosh doesn't seem to care about anything unless it's about him. Maybe Young MacGuffin is more interested, despite his dialect getting in the way of him trying to strike up a conversation or simple sentence with Merida. I figure that one place that she would show them is the Fire Falls, but Young Macintosh is the one who would be the least interested or impressed. This one man is never going to win Merida's admiration, or her heart for that matter.

Merida could be them at riding as well as archery, even though they've likely ridden horses before. However, we know at least one person wants to make sure a lass doesn't beat him back to the castle...

Good continuation and chapter of these four spending time together. :)
HAFanForever chapter 1 . 12/19/2012
This is a cool idea for the lords to come back during a holiday, to make up for the Games. I can see the excitement of the day is why Merida would be up early, which is ironic since we saw in that film's montage that, as a princess, she has to rise early, and she covered her face with her pillow. What's more ironic is how Elinor grumbles to her about it being to early. Of course, she'll get right up once Merida announces what day it is, not to mention the fact that the lords are coming for it. :)

Now I figure that while Elinor has loosened up a lot since being a bear, she would still like some traditions, especially for a holiday like this one. But it still would surprise Merida if she proposed something new, especially if she gets to help her mother in the kitchen!

And now the lords have arrived once more...and some arguing breaks out between them. I like how you made Merida stop it this time instead of Elinor, because I'm sure Merida would feel annoyed at them arguing since she brought them together following her actions at the Games, so thanks for using that in here. She may have raised her voice at them to stop, but I'm sure Fergus and Elinor are proud of her for talking sense into the clans.

Being mischief makers, only the triplets can catch onto their sister and mother going to make bannocks in the kitchen, and making sure they can grab a few fresh ones.

Really interesting start here. I'll be reading and reviewing the other chapters soon.
Superfan44 chapter 6 . 12/19/2012
Good chapter, I'm really enjoying this story, and happy holidays, please update soon.
Superfan44 chapter 5 . 12/19/2012
Cool chapter, I like this story so far, please update soon.
bStormhands chapter 6 . 12/19/2012
bStormhands chapter 5 . 12/18/2012
Nice. Love the boys.
Superfan44 chapter 4 . 12/12/2012
Goo chapter, I like how you added the whole presents thing into the story, happy holidays. Please update soon.
bStormhands chapter 4 . 12/11/2012
That was so fun.
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