Reviews for When I Look at You
FenZev chapter 70 . 7/4
Finally, someone gives these two a conversation. Thank you! In all the Origin playthroughs I have read, it seems no one ever thinks that these two should actually talk. You are awesome for this ;)
Ioialoha chapter 70 . 7/1
Oh that was perfect. Loved it.
FenZev chapter 69 . 6/11
Awww yay! She needs this reunion so bad, can't wait to read about it!
Ioialoha chapter 69 . 6/10
Oooh well-timed. Lol and a mean little cliffy to go along with it.
FenZev chapter 68 . 6/2
I always hated that discussion in game, ever since the first time Alistair broke my heart and dumped me over it lol. Glad you added a bit of the hurt here but allowed them to move on from those stupid thoughts of heirs.
Ioialoha chapter 68 . 5/27
Great update. I love seeing Alistair thinking things through like we all know he's capable of doing.
Biff McLaughlin chapter 67 . 5/27
Another great update, and of course you have created a very strong female character to stand beside Alibear...I mean King Alistair. :) Very nicely done all around! Cheers, Biff
Arsinoe de Blassenville chapter 67 . 5/24
I know I'm behind on my reviewing (surgery and chemotherapy and side effects that make it difficult to type). However, I did want to drop you a word about how much I liked your fresh take on the Landsmeet. The body behaved in a responsible, civilized way and came up with a pragmatic solution that did not involve blood on the floor!
Takami L. Sagara chapter 67 . 5/6
I'm so excited to see updates on your amazing story, but I am not looking forward to this next part! :( He is gonna break hearts all over again the royal bastard!
Kaeberlily chapter 67 . 5/6
Gotta have faith Alistair! You can do it! Also, really enjoying this! I just beat origins again so this is all very familiar. :)
FenZev chapter 67 . 5/6
Yay King Alistair! If only there was an option for them all to work together, but we know how impossible that would be. With the future in their hands, I'm not worried...except for that pesky Blight thing going on lol.
Ioialoha chapter 67 . 5/6
OK, I like your version much better. Very well handled.
Biff McLaughlin chapter 65 . 4/30
A great update! Love the ending, the emotion and tenderness. But ... I'm nervous to see where this is going, lol. Cheers, Biff
FenZev chapter 66 . 4/24
Ooooh you went the traitor route with Anora? Love it! She's such a wench sometimes lol. I have my doubts that it was enough though, they may be in some trouble. Need more ;)
Ioialoha chapter 66 . 4/22
That Landsmeet was messy. Not sure how I feel about it all. Still, entertaining.
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