Reviews for Child's Play
Shyguy chapter 31 . 12/15/2016
This story is a work of art. While the villains are darker and edgier, the story keeps some hope.

Speaking of the characters, they are so vibrant and alive, instead of the flat 2d projections found in most fan work.

Your villains are superb. Motive, morality, history. It's all there and, even better, it's believable.

Truly a masterfully done story. Though it's been a year of radio silence from one of my favorite group of authors, I have hope that this story will continue. It is far too good to be left collecting dust
Viper5delta chapter 1 . 5/16/2016
I am starting to read this in the hope that we eventually see some of Uproar either before or after you end the hiatus on the fic, If she's not in here I will be saddened.
camylecleveland chapter 5 . 12/8/2014
Please do not tell me beast boy ended up with raven I liked him with blackfire much better nooooo!
necro-wulf chapter 31 . 8/22/2014
I can't help but wonder what the red splinter of Ty's mind looks like. It can't be good, especially when it serves as the core of his grandfather's influence as well as the inborn killing instinct of essentially every animal, anywhere, ever.

Also, For some reason I just imagined that fight in is mind having him turn one hand into an octopus worth of tentacles with raptor talons instead of suction cups. Shapeshifters at that level are just murder at close range.

And Mar'i is into the bad boy thing. With a guy who is sorta her uncle. This si just going to be messy. At least she seems to be a the saner end of the spectrum

Killer Rabbit joke was pretty good too. Of course Gar made sure his kids had seen Monty Python. Also, that's a great object lesson in unconventional lethality for a shapeshifter.
necro-wulf chapter 30 . 8/8/2014
Wow, Ty's mind is a hellish, possibly post-apocalyptic, savannah inhabited by unknown beasts. That boy's future is gonna be steeped in blood. Blood is the thing most common with his ancestry, between the ritual sacrifices and the animal hunger.

And he tries so hard to be nice.
humenwrecker chapter 1 . 7/14/2014
Do we see Gar at all in this story?
necro-wulf chapter 28 . 7/13/2014
Was Wyld a DnD gorgon towards the end there? Good choice, the metal skin is dead useful for insulation against attacks that affect only organics. Too bad Trina and her cannibalistic crush lets her get such a big boos feeding on him.

I can only imagine what will come of combining Demon DNA and nanomachines, to say nothing of shapeshifter powers, which in this case neglect mass conservation regularly. Whatever it is will probably be some sort of half-magic cyborg, which is going to be all sorts of not fun. For somebody.
necro-wulf chapter 25 . 5/8/2014
So DCAU Vertigo or Comics? Because DCAU was on of Ra's al Ghul's underlings (he was in the episode of Batman tAS where batman met Talia) and Damian might actually be aware of this kid.
Shadowrider97 chapter 24 . 4/27/2014
Yay! This is cool! So we've got a kryptonian eh? Interesting...
necro-wulf chapter 24 . 4/26/2014
It occurs to me that Blaine as the very similar power to a character from an anime called s-Cry-ed that used to be on adult swim. Guy could make anything faster, by dissolving the matter that made it up and reforming it as something faster. His name was Straight Cougar. Not that I don't think you have an idea of what you're gonna do here, but I figured a reference is always good for comparison if nothing else.

And which superboy is this? There are a few. Not as many as the supergirls, but still a few. Conner seems unlikely to me, both due to the outfit, and what we can see of his relationships, but I can't rule it out either.
I Run With Sporks chapter 23 . 4/20/2014
Aha! The Titans East! Haven't seen them for a while!
So Sin and Spitfire are buddies, huh? An unlikely friendship to be sure- but they are cute. I can't help humming the Pokemon theme song when I read about them.
*Mumble-sings to self*
I wanna be...the very best- like no one ever was...
By the way, did you know that 'Pokemon' is apparently an accepted word? Spellcheck didn't pop up once!
Well, it didn't until I spelled the word 'Spellcheck'. There's something faintly ironic in that...

Ignore the stupid boys, you two! They're just jealous that you guys actually enjoy life. And they also probably find something kind of unfair about the fact that a kid who plays with Pokemon cards is hanging out with a gorgeous girl and they aren't. (Never mind the fact that said gorgeous girl also plays with Pokemon cards. Double standards, I guess!)
There has to be something Josh can do... hm... He can teach Sin to... uh... I'll get back to you on this!
The day was going so well until the psycho chick with arrows showed up.

I wonder why Basilisk showed up. Was she after something, or are she and her clan members destined to become more Titan East rogues?
I dunno which would be better. If she's after something, that could be bad- but if she and her clan are sticking around to be rogues, the Titans are really going to need to step their game up. No more Ceridan the sexy pincushion, that's no good!
I Run With Sporks chapter 22 . 4/20/2014
Well, that made for kind of an awkward introduction...
Whose granddaughter are YOU supposed to be, missy?
...Wow. I referred to somebody as 'missy'. I feel like I just aged forty years.
I've got to admit, I don't recognize Dee. I'm assuming she's from the comics, since you guys generally stick with canon characters, but I'm gonna have to do some research on her. TO THE RESEARCHMOBILE!
(I told you guys, I am going to make that a THING. Just watch.)
Congratulations Ty, you've finally met someone as awkward around humans as you are and is almost as weird. Maybe you two can be friends, provided Dee doesn't turn out to be secretly evil and your mother doesn't find her and realize what she is. Should be fun!
If I were you, though, I'd hold off on telling the others about my new buddy the demon runaway. Robin seems to take species and the stereotypes that go along with them kind of seriously, and I think that he would not be willing to share a dimension with a demon- even if she is supposed to be nice.
(Where are you living, anyway Dee? If you have a job, surely you must be staying somewhere... and I think you need some kind of identification to apply... wow, how long have you been up here?)
I FORESEE ANOTHER SCARE TACTICS FAN COMING TO BE. Ah, Ty, so quick to convert the available...

Okay Ty, in future, if you're going to leave the tower, you have to find a new babysitter/playmate/parole officer to keep Irey amused. Otherwise, she gets bored and drives everybody else crazy, the natural order of things gets thrown out of whack, and her reality-bending abilities start messing with things. Next thing you know Damian's going to sell all his worldly possessions to go join a little-known sect of nudist monks to discover himself, Mar'i will spontaneously acquire the ability to excrete garbonzo-flavored ice cream and move to Japan to become a pop icon, Colin will hole himself up in the tower as a goat-eyed hermit who only communicates in opera sung in dead languages, and no one will ever notice any of this being even slightly out of the ordinary.

On a side note, the little look into Colin's history was a good idea, I think! Now we know his relation to the Batclan- and how he got so good at cooking!
Plus an introduction to NEEELL. I didn't know they were dating! Colin and Batgirl, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-
okay, crossed a line there. Right.
If Ty comes home to Mar'i chasing around a half (Or more) naked Damian around the tower, I feel like he might be less than pleased...
I Run With Sporks chapter 21 . 4/19/2014
I'm told the majority of the Batbrats speak Angry-nese quite fluently!
Mostly Jason.
I feel like quips don't translate particularly well...
So Jai is pretty much the team techie at this point, huh? I knew he could find a purpose in life apart from video games!
Not that there's anything wrong with video games, per-say, just... when you live in a world filled with superheroes, one of them being your sister, wouldn't real life be more interesting then what's on a screen?
When that is the standard, the world is indeed a strange place.

"BATTER UP!" This is why I love Colin.

Yes, Irey, we saw you. And I'm sure SOMEBODY had to get that on video. After all, if you don't youtube it, it didn't happen!
Oh come on, Damian! Learning to understand Speedster-talk is a superpower all its own! Don't be a killjoy!
Maybe the team could find a way to work this into

I'm sure Mar'i appreciates you being willing to talk to her in human form, Ty. She knows you hate it.
'All' is kind of a lofty goal, kiddo... but if you think you can pull it off... I'm sure most candidates would be interested in joining the Teen Titans anyway, so recruiting shouldn't be to difficult. The name has a bit of a legacy. Nice when the publicity has already been done for you!
Hm... so for the Titans East, Lyta's the mystic, Aleea's the alien, Sin's the human, I THINK Spitfire's the meta... which would make Ceridan the other? Or have I mixed them up? I wasn't totally sure.
I would have loved to see Iris's response to THAT inquiry. She must have been so confused!
Well, now that Mar'i knows she might be able to get Damian to quit bugging him about it. Provided Mr. Fearless Leader is willing to take what she says into account, of course. If push comes to shove, she could always threaten him... I doubt he'd be particularly worried, but if he saw it was something that she felt was important enough to require a threat, he might ease off a little bit.
You can think it all you want Ty, but don't say it in front of Mar'i because she's never going to believe it.

There are times when I worry about this kid. I know he has impressive self-restraint, but how long can it hold?
Well, well, well, who have we here?
I Run With Sporks chapter 20 . 4/19/2014
So late. I am SO LATE! I am going to scream SO LOUDLY.

Irey's gonna need to burn her clothes after this, because no amount of bleach is ever going to get those stains out. And let's not even TALK about how bad it smells. Yeah, that's done. IT LIVED A GOOD LIFE!
Also, on a side note, is this really the time Mar'i? SERIOUSLY? Can't this wait until AFTER you finish dealing with the prison-break? PROFESSIONALISM, GIRL. GET SOME.

Colin, Robin is probably not the best person to discuss ethics with. They aren't exactly his strong suit.
Nevertheless, I am all for mounting the disembodied heads of enemies as trophies! You could give him changing holiday themed hats to make him look more festive, santa hat and a beard for Christmas, party hat for New Years, some fuzzy bunny ears for Easter... Let's get a trend going, it'll be great!

"After his equipment had been tossed quite haphazardly about him, there was a shriek of frustration and the image of Impulse before him became clear.
'You aren't supposed to be able to open that. How did you-'
Oh Iris. Even when she's panicking I enjoy her.
That, Damian, by the way, is because Iris has the unconscious ability to subtly bend reality to her advantage. This is why she can do things that nobody else can. Just little things, like the likelihood of there being an extra piece of
pie, or everybody's favorite Batbrat forgetting to boobytrap his utility belt, stuff like that.

Oh. So Mar'i wasn't jealous after all. I dunno if that's a relief or a disappointment.
She and Ty are going to need to have a nice long heart to heart when they get back to the tower- which I somehow feel Ty will not particularly enjoy.

I think sharing a base is going to take Killer Wasp a little getting used to. They'd better set up some private rooms quick...
So is Charaxes the 'Used To Be Kitten's Dad' version, or somebody else?
shadowrider97 chapter 23 . 4/11/2014
Yaaayyy Lyta! That was an interesting turn of events... post soon!
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