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KLRocks100 chapter 18 . 3/21
You should have them bring back Martha, that would be cool! Just a though.
johnnyv1986 chapter 24 . 3/6
Great story, can't wait for the next chapter/update!
BillyCarol chapter 19 . 1/10
This is such an amazing story, and I hope you continue to post updates! Seriously, the story has so much depth and potential continuing conflicts. Please continue writing!
Warm as Fire chapter 17 . 6/24/2015
I really hope you'll finish this story, I love it :)
tonycn12 chapter 17 . 5/4/2014
you should finish the story
Guest chapter 12 . 1/22/2014
I love the way your writing flows, and the way the plot is unfolding. please keep writing.
hatchlingpendragon chapter 17 . 12/29/2013
I've liked reading your story very much. It has a lovely mix of humor, adventure, and emotional depth. You're good at original characters, I really like Medusa and her interactions with the others, and am curious to hear more of her story. As to Mavis's and Johnny's argument, I love the perspectives there, like how they would seem under the public eyes, both humans' and monsters', I'd not considered that. This argument of theirs is very believable too, both of their frustrations being expressed in words and gestures. Ahh, poor Mavis... Her seeking comfort in Dracula like that was very evocative.

I look forward to more, to see how everyone goes from here. Very well written!
Sondardo chapter 17 . 12/17/2013
Wow, that was pretty intense! On one hand, a good portion of this chapter was depicting our heroes having harmless and carefree fun with toad guns (haha)... It was nice to see that, it was very reminiscent of the playful nature that the movie had to begin with! It seems Johnny hasn't lost his touch to bring the fun wherever he goes, hehe!

And, that fight Medusa and Drac had? Pure genius! They bickered about Mavis, about the fact that Drac was still smothering her, that she wasn't a mere child anymore, but now a young adult! Really, the way you pulled it off, it sounded like a mother and a father arguing between themselves... I could totally picture Medusa as Mavis' new mother, she seems to care about Mavis, enough so that she can fend off for herself, but not too much, to not suffocate her. And, that last bit? About Medusa being afraid of petrifying her family because of her gorgon's power? Pure genius! I'm sure that Drac now possesses at least a little measure of respect for Medusa now...

Still, the part I was waiting for was... that fight between Mavis and Johnny. So... that was why Mavis didn't want Johnny to become a vampire! Because she loves the fact that he's a human, because she thinks that the fact that they're a monster-human couple could bring hope for peace between the two sides. She sees her relationship with Johnny, like it was a miracle, a blessing, that they could be the ushers of a new era of peace between humankind and monsterkind! Though, like Johnny pointed out, that's... a little naive. Oh, okay, and she doesn't want to turn Johnny because she's afraid of the pain he'll have to endure, because she's afraid he could die in the process... She's also afraid that Johnny might eventually resent her for robbing him of his humanity...

Still, Johnny does have a point. Would Mavis really want to watch Johnny grow old and die on her? I don't think so! I just think... she's not ready yet to turn him into a vampire, she... wants him to stay a human for a little longer... Anyway, that fight they got, that was... amazing, really! I can't wait to see them make up though, I'm sure Johnny feels as miserable as Mavis now, for being a little clumsy in their conversation and having devolved it into a fight... Perhaps... they could agree to a compromise? Perhaps... Mavis could turn Johnny during their wedding, or something similar? That way, she'll get to enjoy him as a human for a few more months or years...

Oh, and Mavis has her dad's blessings for learning Archery? Ohh, I want to see how it will go! Perhaps her anger and frustrations from her fight with Johnny will bring out hidden talents that she didn't knew she had, hehe!

Anyway, masterful job! I really enjoyed reading this! You really love to write chapters with conflicting emotions, aren't you? I mean, this chapter was half about something harmless and funny, and half about something dead serious. So, yeah, these opposites clashed really well in this chapter, making it really interesting! Keep it up, you're doing great!
wallaceb chapter 1 . 12/16/2013
i really liked this chapter. i am not surprised at all that Drac would cheat the way he did, and to have him lose was perfect, and the complete and total astonishment when reality dawned in him that he lost was great.

i liked the fight between Johnny and Mavis, they both have great points. Mavis likes Johnny being a human because it will help bring monsters and humans closer together, of course Johnny is getting older, and he will never get that time back.

well done! update soon.
wallaceb chapter 16 . 11/18/2013
i liked the skating, it was humorous and a nice detail. i also enjoy the banter between Medusa and Drac, it is always good for a laugh or two.

i am very surprised Mavis is as apprehensive about talking to Johnny about the transformation process as she is. Does she know something that she is not willing to tell?

another fantastic chapter.
Sondardo chapter 16 . 11/17/2013
Nice! I really laughed at the beginning, where both Johnny and Mavis, especially Mavis, forced Dracula to apologize to Medusa for his behavior. It was really funny to read, especially when Mavis facepalmed after hearing Johnny made a clumsy comment, hehe...

I won't lie though, the part that really interested me was the conversation between Mavis and Johnny about turning someone into a vampire. For some reason, Mavis really don't seem to like that subject, and Johnny noticed it. And, I don't think Mavis is stupid, I mean, this wasn't the first time that Johnny almost declared to Mavis that he wanted her to turn him, and, even though he was interrupted each time, I'm pretty certain that Mavis, or at least a part of her, must have clicked and understood that Johnny might want to be a vampire. What I'm guessing is, she's avoiding the subject with all her might, because she's really scared of what may happen to Johnny, should things turn out bad in the process of turning him. Still, if she doesn't turn him, she will be cursed to watch him grow old and die on her, which isn't that much better... I'll be honest, I would love to see an honest conversation between Johnny and Mavis about them arguing about this subject. I believe it could really be nice to further the story even more, and to cause further character developments in both of them...

Of course, I also loved the end with the skating, it was a funny part as well, poor Medusa, ouch! I must say, you're doing a really great job between alternating between humor, the same kind of humor that's in the movie, and seriousness, making your chapters often clash in emotions, which is good, it's making it even more interesting to read!

All in all, I can't wait to see what will happen next! Will Medusa succeed at becoming a vampire? Will Johnny and Mavis have a real talk about whether Mavis want to bite Johnny or not? Will Dracula eventually warm up to Medusa?

Really, it's such an amazing story, I love it!
COnnORfanBOY1 chapter 15 . 11/6/2013
WOW great chapter... cant wait for the next 1
Sondardo chapter 15 . 11/6/2013
Okay, that chapter was pretty funny, hehe, with Dracula and Medusa having a sort of food battle. Well, Dracula asked for it though, since he provoked Medusa quite a bit, but, like Mavis said, he does have a point, Medusa will have to eat meat and drink blood eventually...

Mavis being silently angry at Medusa, for her lack of maturity since she's as responsible as her dad for having participated in that event, was a nice touch. Of course, she was equally angry against her dad as well, both because of that little food fight, and because he dared to finish every mice, leaving none for her to eat.

I do wonder what is Johnny's take on what happened? While probably a little grossed out, he would probably tell Mavis to let it slide, that it was just an innocent food fight between two stubborn people. Okay, it might add some fuel to the fire if he says it like that, hehe...

You did a great job with Norbert as well, I love the new chef, his personality, how you depicted him. Since we're on the subject, you did a great job period for this chapter! The flow was just natural and smooth, the chapter was paced just right, the paragraphs were short and well aired, making it easier for the eyes, all in all, it was very easy to read and enjoy, well, pretty much like the previous chapters, really...

This chapter was a little light-hearted, not that I mind, we need chapters like this, to lighten the mood, freshen the overall feel and pace of the story, and, well, for acting like the "calm before the storm", so to speak, since slower and lighter chapters are often used before a more intense one, to cause a greater effect.

Do I have any negative feedback to leave? Well, I've tried to find something, but, honestly, I cannot find any flaws in it. I really tried, because I know negative but constructive feedback is equally as important as positive feedback. Well, the grammar and the spelling are pretty much perfect, and, as I've said, the pacing is excellent as well. Everyone's acting n character too, so I didn't find consistencies errors as well. So, no, I don't have negative feedback to leave. Sorry if I've over-justified myself a little about this, I just didn't wanted you to think I was blindly praising you...

So, this chapter was fantastic, as well as the rest of the story. I wonder what will happen next? Will Dracula and Medusa warm up to each other? Will Dracula really accept to turn Medusa? If he eventually refuses, won't Mavis be tempted to turn her herself, to help her? I cannot wait to find out!
Sondardo chapter 14 . 10/20/2013
Okay, I've been reading this story here and there since, well, May, I believe, but I never gave you a proper review, did I? I don't really know why either, but it's not because the story is bad, let me assure you, quite the opposite! Okay, it's a little overwhelming at first with all the OCs, but, at the same time, they are well developed, giving more depth to your story...

So, what did I love about your story? Well, where do I begin? For starters, I love how the characters are interacting with each another, the flow of the conversations is very fluid and easy to follow...Of course, I love the story as well, which, to sum it up, is about Mavis and Johnny finally traveling outside in the word together, going to the Underworld, another monster gathering community besides Hotel Transyvania, to wet their feet at traveling before they try to go into a human settlement...

I really loved the many spins you've put in your story! Mavis and Johnny were attacked by humans, Mavis herself being shot! Hecate the witch wanting to power up a spell to make the Underworld vanish, increasing its security... Medusa wanting to become a vampire, hoping to lose her stoning powers... I loved the conversation between Mavis and Medusa about that subject, as well as the bits where Johnny almost asked Mavis if he could become a vampire, and where he told Medusa he indeed wanted to be turned! Lastly, I love your last spin, which was to let Medusa enter into the Hotel, much to Dracula's chagrin...

So, in short, your story is extremely well-built, as I didn't find any coherence errors, the flow of reading it is pretty smooth, the OCs are well done as well, the spins are interesting... Okay, this wasn't easy to try to do a review about 14 chapters crammed into this, and I obviously could have went for wayyy longer, but it's a start...

So, once again, sorry about my lateness, and I can't see what will happen next in your story! Will Medusa be able to be turned into a vampire? Will she cause an accident in the Hotel, accidentally turning someone into stone? (if she turns Mavis or Johnny into stone, that would be very disastrous for her, and will make Dracula very very angry)... Will Johnny be able to tell Mavis that he does want to become a vampire? If so, how will she react to that?

Ok, enough with the hypothesis and the rhetoric, hehe... Thank you for havingwritten such an intriguing and beautiful story!
Guest chapter 13 . 10/14/2013
Can u write more about this please I like it it ends to soon
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