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sasadu2701 chapter 51 . 8/28
Hey !
First of all : I am french and if I can read English, it is more difficult for me to write in this langage so please, excuse me if I make any mistakes ! '

Now your story... Oh my God ! It is so entertaining ! I like it so much ! Harry is really nice, you made him intelligent and powerfull but not too much and he take his time to learn !
I was nearly in tears with both of his speech in the start and the end of the Defence Army.

I always like it when there is friendship between the different houses (including slytherin). I would have liked it better if Draco were nicer in your strory but we can't have all we want !
Severus is one of my favorite and even if he is quite a jerk in your story, he is still a "good guy".
Maybe harry and him will find a way to become a little closer...
By the way, will Harry find the book of the Half Blood Prince ? That could be awsome !

Remus... I really hopes he is cured with the venom ! I love him as well as Sirius (he is a really good father for Harry) !

It is not often that I can read stories with a Ron that I like. More often than not he is seen as a despicable friend for Harry, jalous and mean, only here by interest. And it kind of pisses me off because he is a character I have liked from the begining !
Your Ron is perfect !

I can't wait to read the next chapter, and the next, and the next,...
I hope it will come soon ! ;)

You did a really great job with this story !
Thank you !
Guest chapter 48 . 8/18
I am very disappointed in the way you are portraying Harry, come on you make Harry sound like a stupid pussy oh I don't want to talk about it I have issues I don't want to murder someone, come on it's a war it's kill or be killed not pity me I was an abused child.
sweetcreme1 chapter 49 . 8/13
Hurry, hurry. I was on a roll and totally caught up in this story and then: full head on collision with an end of a chapter and (gasp) no more chapters! Please already experiencing withdrawals. More, More, I'm dying here.
Nico's little brother chapter 51 . 8/11
OMFG absolutely amazing chapter. I also love the way that Harry and Brianna's relationship is developing and how Voldemort seems like a real threat to people (which way too many fics overlook)
Nico's little brother chapter 18 . 8/10
Absolutely fucking brilliant
Camping514 chapter 51 . 8/7
I have enjoyed your story (always enjoy stories about Sirius & Harry having a life together). I rarely start reading a story that isn't complete especially one that was started several years ago and that the last update was several months ago, but I was intrigued by the story line. I have clicked on 'Follow: Story' in hopes that you will finish it. It has been enjoyable.
PardoxPixie chapter 51 . 8/7
I love your story! A strong Harry with still a parental relationship. I've not seen that done very often. Most parental stories have a much younger Harry, and more of a protective theme. and most strong or independent stories have Harry's parental figures either dead or ignored for smothering him.

I enjoy your views on Snape, so many authors want to make him "nice" because he was ultimately on the Light side. But that is not Snape. He was a selfish bully who changed sides only to suit himself. He hated Harry for what he represented.

Looking forward to future chapters!
Raven chapter 51 . 7/31
I can't tell you how happy I am to discover that you've updated this story. I've read my fair share of fanfictions, but none of them have made such an impression on me. It's a fantastic story with great character development, not to mention that it's so engaging and thrilling that I flew thorugh the chapters, because I couldn't bear to stop reading! In addition, it is very well written, with an extensive use of vocabulary, which makes reading the story all the more pleasant.
So thank you for continuing this and I'm eagerly waiting for what's to follow :)
mckertis chapter 2 . 7/31
Riiight. The "intro books" that dispel many secrets. You do realize, of course, that it makes Hermione a sneaky bitch, who never once mentioned said books to her friends ?
mckertis chapter 1 . 7/31
So, if, say, a pre-teen knifed your mum right in front of you - you wont even give that child a slap on the bum ? I've never hit a child or a woman in my life, but to say, for example, something to the effect of "i'll never hit a child and\or woman" - only two categories of people are able to say that, IMNSHO : idiots and liars.
WalnutSpirit chapter 51 . 7/27
Please, let there be more of this story! It is absolutely amazing, brilliant narration and characterisation, great plot. Not much to fault here. Great job! Eagerly awaiting more chapters :))
breemjo chapter 51 . 7/26
Great story, loved the direction it was taking.
Jhjh chapter 51 . 7/24
Any idea when the story wil continue
pernrider chapter 51 . 7/13
I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I am really enjoying this story. Your characters are deep and complex while still being understandable. You have done well with developing Harry's increasing power and knowledge. I hope that you will continue this story. I look forward to your next installment.
BOOKLOVER4LIFE123 chapter 51 . 7/5
Dear EmmyR,
I have absolutely adored and praised your story and it has helped me get through some very tough times just by reading you beautifull and thrilling story. I hope you update very soon, but don't try to rush your masterpiece!
P.S I hope you continue writing masterpieces
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