Reviews for Reassuring
lastarael chapter 1 . 11/7/2015
Great start, but I really want the rest of the story now!
EagleJarl chapter 1 . 2/15/2014
What do I think? What do I think?! I think you owe me a gorram story, that's what I think! Why is Mal shot? Why are they in a cave? Where's Zoe - Mal wouldn't be in a getting-shot scenario without Zoe at his side.

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH! Story! Now! Get cracking!
writerfan2013 chapter 1 . 12/29/2012
Nice characteristation. Thanks for the read!
ebfiddler chapter 1 . 12/19/2012
The "reprimand for Inappropriate Use of Sarcasm" caught my eye and made me smile. I really like this as a stand-alone, but forgive me if I clamor for the full story. I want to know how Mal got injured, and what Wash, Mal, and Simon are doing in that cave. And "no end in sight"? You can't say that...and then END it right there! I simply must insist that you give us the full story! :-) (pretty pretty please)
Bytemite chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
Hmm. What has Mal been doing? My uncle broke his collarbone like that once, and he's reckless on dirt bikes.
Alliance Webb chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
Very cute one-shot. I have a habit of picking out "the best lines" when I read sometimes and I loved the "reprimand for Inappropriate Use of Sarcasm" - very nicely written!
timbergirl chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
It was good, and a good moment for the two
shestarsky chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
A nice peek into our Captn's mindset. Good job
TheAmazingDave chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
This was really good. Are you planning to write that longer story? I'm curious to know how they got into this situation!