Reviews for In A Heartbeat- oneshots
Guest chapter 3 . 7/16/2016
This was awesome...I'm so glad I saw this I Loved this fic!
vonderfully chapter 3 . 3/16/2013
Oh it's so moving, very well written, congrat!
Patricia Sage chapter 3 . 3/14/2013
This was such a good chapter! :) I love the way you handle both of their characters in here; they're both suffering from the depression in different ways but there's an underlying and constant love and devotion to one another. Lovely. Keep up the great work!
The Songbirds Are Singing chapter 3 . 3/12/2013
I love this chapter, I really do. It's so moving and the love between them is very clear. Xx :)
fostinefoli chapter 3 . 3/12/2013
This is really sad...but I think this is good because I love to see klaine interaction especially with all of the love and feeling...XDDD
fostinefoli chapter 2 . 2/16/2013
Awwwee'd kurt is so cute...*talking to the pop-tart box...LOL...
But it's worthed because blaine will happy and laughing in his deppresion...XDD
fostinefoli chapter 1 . 2/16/2013
They are so alike...LOL...*i love the bonding time...XDD
The Songbirds Are Singing chapter 2 . 1/8/2013
It's so sweet what lengts Kurt would go to for Aine. Xx :)
Jay Li Matsuda chapter 2 . 12/27/2012
That's was sooooo funny!
Everything you said is true, like about that person who tries to find that right brand instead of just getting what's in their face.
Or like the people who work there and really don't want to help you.
I couldn't stop laughing my ass off. And then Kurt checking to see if his back was exposed or his butt. That's was really funny!
Loved it! And that's true love rigt there, what Kurt did for Blaine.
Patricia Sage chapter 2 . 12/27/2012
Awwww! Yay! :D I loved this! I thought Blaine was crazy for PopTarts, well Kurt's crazier for Blaine for PopTarts...did that make any sense?
Jay Li Matsuda chapter 1 . 12/19/2012
That was sooooo adorable and cute!
I think I laughed my ass off near the ending!
Especially rescuing the little worms and not wanting to hurt the fishes.
And Blaine's little rant about what fishes see and all that was really funny.
Loved it!
I think I like Blaine's dad a lot more now!
wheresthedeletekey chapter 1 . 12/15/2012
Oh my word! So cute!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/11/2012
Keep going!
xXHopelessXxXRomanticXx chapter 1 . 12/6/2012
This. Is. So. CUTE! There's really no other word for it. Except maybe adorable. Yup. It's adorable. Blaine and his dad are so sweet! With their not wanting to hurt even the worms and what not;)
Although I have to say, I share the same views on fishing... Ew. Those poor creatures! The fish amd the worms both!
Patricia Sage chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
Awwwww. This was so sweet! :D
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