Reviews for The Devil In Me
Marie chapter 48 . 5/21
This was the best Klaus/Caroline story I have read. It was amazingly beautiful. I usually shy away from stories that take the characters out of the Mystic Falls universe, but I am so glad I decided to check it out (I was persuaded by how many reviews you had). I loved the epic story you told, with both Caroline's and Klaus's character transformation. You were able to make Klaus like-able, while also keeping him "devil"-ish. My favorite parts were the confessions after the rain storm and the scene towards the end where Klaus tells Tyler about his night with Caroline and she whispers that she hates him (exemplifying a love/hate relationship). I also thought the scene towards the beginning-where Klaus is forcing Caroline into a compromising position was well done. It was so intense (and for a second I was worried it was going to get too intense), but it drove the plot in a way that kept the reader interested. If you are ever inclined, it would be wonderful if you wrote a one-shot (or several) based on their future life together (such as Caroline telling Klaus she's pregnant/hiding the complications, Klaus finding out and being mad). I love this story so much, and any more of it would be greatly appreciated.
sososhort84 chapter 48 . 5/15
loved it
Yzabelle chapter 48 . 4/28
That was beautiful :)
katalinab17 chapter 48 . 3/22
Nice ending but is there going to be an epilogue? You know since caroline found out that she is pregnant! I want to see klaus' reaction or how it's two years to the future and klaus with his family are now residing in her old home
katalinab17 chapter 1 . 3/18
AWW the end of the prologue pulled my heart strings
Tkl chapter 48 . 3/7
I have read you story nonstop and it was beautiful
I loved your characters and at times i cried hard
You are a great writer and I am sorry your story ended I could go on and on and read about their new happiness and boy
Hope you write more stories like this one in the future
Good luck on your life in Italy!
Skildpaden8D chapter 48 . 3/7
I am glad you finished the story, i am sad to say that i gave up long ago in you finishing it, but I am glad I stumbled over the ending. As my favorite part I think it was the whole thing up to their stay in the hut, all that time ago.
Nutmeg1985 chapter 19 . 3/5
I love the interaction between Klaus and Caroline. Such a sweet scene.
Klaroline2013 chapter 11 . 3/2
I love the fact that he is not ooc
Sylviecake231 chapter 48 . 2/10
Can I just say he much I love this story? I don't think I've read a story quite this unique with all my favourite couples before. Actually, it was down to this story that I started shipping Kennett, and I don't know how many times I've read it, but it's just as beautiful and emotional ever time. Thank you so much! :D
arbo chapter 48 . 2/4
What an amazing story, such a rollercoaster in the last several chapters. Loved how Klaus grew and Caroline's lover never changed. I was so glad that Ellie lived and the possibility that they will be having a son and they ate building a home where Caroline grew up.

I think one of my favorite parts of this story was when they had the accident in the storm and were trapped in the cabin. Of course I loved how they finally reunited, Caroline throwing the card game.

Anyway great story keep writing!
rpklaroline chapter 48 . 2/1
Hiii I found this because of tumblr! I spend 4 days reading it and Ioved it! It was full of good drama and the characters were great, my fav was Rebekah but they were all awesome, this Klaus and Caroline were awesome. I would buy your book if you do that so go and give it a chance! This story deserves more recognition! Thank you for giving life to my otp and congrats on your beautiful story!
Brirey chapter 48 . 2/1
Hi! I cant believe this story is done, these characters journey was one of a kind and i will never forget it. As a matter of fact, i could give you a thousand compliments on your writing and imagination, but what i truly want you to know, its that now im addicted to historicals, because of you, and that before i start reading every single one of them i always think " i hope its as good as the devil in me". Out of every one ive read very few came close.
flipped chapter 48 . 2/1
i feel both sad and extremely happy that this has come full circle. thank you, really, for finishing this.
klaroline4everlove chapter 48 . 2/1
thank you for finishing this story for us... you make a beautiful stories and I am glad finally Klaus choose the best for him, Caroline and Ellie... beautiful ending indeed... once again, thank you...
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