Reviews for Seamus is Seamus and You are Yourself
YokaiAngel chapter 19 . 11/14
YA; Amazing!~~
Guest chapter 19 . 10/9
It was a nice plot! Quite hilarious at some points.
Malee chapter 11 . 8/20
Malee chapter 3 . 8/20
Malee chapter 2 . 8/20
spittingllama7856 chapter 19 . 8/9
Argh! *Fangirl squealing* Awesome! Lovely! Perfect! That teacher should be fired! Amazing! Wheee! I loved it!
ladybug02 chapter 19 . 7/31
AWW COME ON! is this SERIOUSLY the END? i'm done. walking offa clif now. i hate, HATE, cliffhangers! :(
ladybug02 chapter 14 . 7/31
can't stop smiling now. ;3 crazy wizards
ladybug02 chapter 12 . 7/31
yes, i could think that. i have been cackling, yes CACKLING over this whole chapter, its just so ENTERTAINING! a really great story too! ;3 ;3
ladybug02 chapter 11 . 7/31
. . . . so did not see that coming, i kinda expected at least one explosion with draco trying to deny it. you just made me even more interested in the next chapters that are comin out.
ladybug02 chapter 10 . 7/31
i think draco had just got one more fan for how he just acted. ;3
ladybug02 chapter 9 . 7/31
so many things are running through my mind on what the H is gonna happen. I'm surprised that i'm saying this, but, i'm so %%#$%$# GLAD that i'm not harry. oh, the entertainment! ;3
ladybug02 chapter 8 . 7/31
love the way you twisted it! it made it even more interesting ad entertaining than anything i could ever dream of! i also got quite a few laughs from some of the previous chapters. might just like this story. maybe, maybe not, most likly maybe. ;3
Guest chapter 1 . 5/22
But harry is good looking like really good looking not beautiful but exceedingly handsome
Claire chapter 19 . 3/26
I read this fic in high school, and loved it then, so when I got an urge to re-read it I was so pleased when I was finally able to find it! This is such a fun, happy fic, and it's stuck with me for years. It really lived up to the re-read after fifteen years too! Thank you so much for writing this, I loved it the first time,and I loved it again this time.
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