Reviews for Of Pocky and Pepero
sydney33331 chapter 72 . 3/7
Hello! I just had to say that This is a wonderful story and I'm so glad I found it, it's honestly the best KNB fanfic I have ever found. I love the idea that the main character is a Korean transfer and just everything about it. I know you haven't updated in a really long time but I just wanted to say this and that if you ever update again, I look forward to it!
mementowhatever chapter 72 . 3/6
Any chance of this story still being updated?
KingCreations chapter 57 . 12/29/2016
KingCreations chapter 50 . 12/29/2016
HAHAHAHA chapter 72 . 10/25/2016
I just spent exactly 48 hours and 7 minutes reading your story from the very first chapter to the latest update. I must say that the plot is very interesting. The way you write just made it 10 times funnier. And is it weird if i said i ship FukuiXSoo-jin more than MurasakibaraXSoo-jin? I never thought Fukui would have such idiotic, agressive but at the same time so polite and genuine personality. Hope you will update soon.
sukondis chapter 72 . 10/10/2016
goodness im hoping the investigation will go well and that soo-jin will go back to murasakibara's school arrgghh
JDominique37 chapter 21 . 9/21/2016
The story's going really well! Soo-Jin'a developing relationships with the basketball team and the girls in her class, the small misunderstandings, and the letters from Midorima all make this a very enjoyable read. I love it.
JDominique37 chapter 5 . 9/20/2016
Lovely chapter. Soo-Jin is hilarious. It's nice to see her meetLiu and then Murasakibara's reluctant gift.
JDominique37 chapter 3 . 9/20/2016
Ah, I'm not really that much of a fan of Murasakibara, but this is really enjoyable! Plus, after only three chapters, your OC has a lot of development and personality. Your grammar is pretty much spotless so far. I liked it when Soo-Jin spoke in Korean and Murasakibara misunderstood her, haha. Good job so far!
DeidaraWalker chapter 72 . 9/7/2016
Please continue this au :)) i loved it!
starscriptmage chapter 72 . 9/7/2016
I didn't see the line saying this was an AU prompt, and legit thought this was part of the storyline ;D in either case I think Soo-Jin fits the best with either Takao or Midorima, but Midorima of course is my ultimate choice - he's so cute and awkward. Thanks for a really entertaining ( and w er !) chapter!
Zivyx chapter 72 . 9/6/2016
That's reality in a nutshell
Red of Dawn chapter 14 . 8/25/2016
After this chapter I feel obligated to say I ship Midorima x Soo-Jin for life.
Now I can only hope that when the inevitably meet he isn't too mad at her for not replying...
WantToBeADog chapter 71 . 8/22/2016
I freaking love this!
Toreh chapter 71 . 8/19/2016
Your OC is super interesting. The farting scene had me actually laughing out loud in the middle of the night. I'll be looking forward to future updates.
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