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Bambibelle84 chapter 45 . 5/28
Perfect way to find out that Morgana is pregnant. Aweeeeee.
Bambibelle84 chapter 44 . 5/28
Poor Merlin. I loved the dialogue with Morgana and Arthur.
Bambibelle84 chapter 43 . 5/28
["This isn't about me and my relationship with Gwen, now is it? This is about the fact that you promised me there were no secrets between us anymore! You swore to me that you had told me everything. And here you are betraying my trust yet again.]

I forgot to mention this quote from the last chapter. THIS tho. It but me right in the feels. Because he dis promise her and he still had a secret to tell.
Bambibelle84 chapter 42 . 5/28
[But you will need to see him eventually." "Why? I can wait as long as I want to. I have to do this by myself. I don't need him." "Aren't you….you know?" "What?" "Pregnant?" "No…why would you think that?" "You look…bigger…your breasts and your belly look bigger. I just thought that…" "Am I really that fat?" Morgana looked down at her body in distress, "Gods I need to stop eating so much." "NO! No! You aren't that fat…maybe it's because you lost so much weight before, but you aren't fat." Mordred tried his best to soothe the situation as he saw Morgana's eyes water. His panic rose, "You look wonderful! Don't cry." "I'm fat! Everyone thinks I'm pregnant, but I'm not! Ysira senses nothing from my womb and I don't feel anything. I don't feel any different! I'm going to stop eating."]

She is so pregnant. I'M ABOUT TO CRY.
Bambibelle84 chapter 41 . 5/28
[Time and time again she would look over at him, more importantly his wrists and expect to see runes there. Each time they met she expected it and each time they met she was discouraged. She loved him…she was sure of it. She had never felt such a deep connection, and a want and need to see someone as much as she did with Merlin. And yet no runes came to his wrist. She even said the words more times than she could count. The first time was just a week after the last time they had sex. The words had come unbidden and smoothly. He had smiled and kissed her then she had seen his eyes drop down to his wrist then back up and Morgana's heart hurt at the look of disappointment that was quickly hidden. What was wrong with her? She should love him. She should be in love with him. She meant it when she said it…]

aaahhhhh I wanted to read her first "I love you" this hurts. And then I kept reading and this paragraph ruined me. My poor babies.

["Maybe it was Emrys. Maybe he is coming for me." "It's not Emrys, avaleora." "How do you know? He's my doom…he was powerful."]

OH. EM. GEE. When Morgana finds out about Meelin being Emrys.

["Emrys?" Merlin felt his neck nearly break as his head snapped around to the door and looked into the large green eyes of his mate as she stared at him and Mordred.]


Great cliffhanger wow
Bambibelle84 chapter 40 . 5/28
["Not yet. But she will and she will come into that name in time. She is, like you are destined to bring back magic to the land and make it strong again. You will do it together. We have seen it, Emrys. You and she will lead us into a new golden age as Arthur leads his people into one as well. It will bring peace and prosperity to the lands far and wide."]


[Morgana scooped the little girl up and hugged her to her chest while she chanted her nickname. Morgana's heart swelled with affection for the little girl and was surprised when a single tear ran down her cheek. Ellie looked up at her aunt and put her finger in the tear, then brought it to her mouth as all children do at that age. She made a face at the saltiness and Morgana gave a choked laugh. The sorceress had not planned on seeing Eliana again, nor anyone else besides Merlin for a very long time. Now that she had been caught she would have to change her plans. How could she have stayed away from her for so long?]

Another interaction I love so much. Ellie's and Morgana's. Im not crying you are.

["No. Not tonight. Perhaps tomorrow night." "I love you." "Good."]

Good. Lol. I feel for Merlin.

[She looked back at Aithusa who was looking at her with what Morgana could only describe as a smile on her face. "What do you look so smug about?" "Nothing." "Yeah. We'll see." Morgana turned back and looked down at the runes on her wrists and her lips turned upward as she traced them with a fingertip.]

Lmao. Aweeee
Bambibelle84 chapter 39 . 5/28
The dialogue and interactions with Morgana and her Dragon are always so beautiful. I always have a huge smile in my face when I read them.

["I don't think there is many people, magic or no, that couldn't feel those tremors the other night. I have magic and at the time I was far from here. You two lit up quite a beacon."]

Lmao. Btw I forgot to mention that the way you are writing the Mergana smut its very delicious

["The runes spell out your name and a promise of fidelity. Any dragon who read them would know that she is your mate." "What? Why don't I have them?" "Do you love her?" "What? Why does that matter?" "Do you love her?" "Yes…at least I think so." "She doesn't love you. The markings happen when the souls and minds intertwine. You marked her because you feel like she is yours, but she doesn't feel the same." "I know. I know she doesn't love me." "Does it bother you?"]

It bothers me. Dafuq. Lol. But I get it tjo. Morgana has these walls that need to break down.

[Merlin made a rather embarrassing gasp when he met her silken flesh and she pulled back to look mischievously at him. She urged him on and he sunk into the warmth she offered with a feeling of completeness and as their bodies merged so did their minds and he felt everything Morgana felt, including the reason for this surprise. Aithusa had come back to her and she was very happy for it. In his mind she felt more at peace than she had been before and it made him happy for her. He glanced down at his wrists for any change but found none as he continued to move in and out of her welcoming body.]

Him looking at her wrist made me wannabe cry. Hiw that paragraph goes from being eroctic then to happiness and then to angst. It ruined my emotions.

[Merlin pulled her up to him and kissed her softly and thoroughly. It left her breathless and light headed by the time he was done. "I love you." He told her softly and the words left her cold, then warm again and made that lovesick girl that was within her jump for joy. "I know." Morgana told him simply. "I just wanted you to know."]

This actuakky hurts to read. But when she does say "I love you" it will ruin me.
Bambibelle84 chapter 38 . 5/28
"Lace me up, please." "Gladly." She felt a tug at the strings of her bodice and in the silence of his lacing her dress up she had time to think. What was his game? She didn't want to use their bond. She didn't want to look into his soul…she didn't want to fall in love with him and he was making it difficult. He was being so damned understanding and she knew that he wouldn't argue with her. He was being kind and it was starting to chip away even more so at her icy walls she had barricaded her heart and soul with, ever since her poisoning, ever since she found out about her real father, ever since Morgause died and she was captured. Each of these events built them higher and stronger and in a matter of weeks they were being torn down ever so slowly and she was being exposed in a way she hadn't been since she was a child. It was disconcerting.]

I love that him lacing her dress up has become one of their things.

Morgana inner struggle tho.

["Damn you." She hissed and spun away from him before crossing the room quickly, "Damn you for doing this." "Doing what?" "Making me forget that you ruined everything. Making me want to care about you again."]

I love her I swear Lol. I just love them.
Bambibelle84 chapter 37 . 5/28
["Merlin." She half whined. "What?" "I'm sore." "Sore? Do you want me to stop?" He started to bring his hand away. "No." "But…" "No." She pulled his hand back to where it rested between her thighs and she arched into his touch. Damn her body. She needed more of this. If her mind wasn't occupied it would think about how bad this entire situation was for them. "More."]

Lol oh man. These two are having great sex and I love it.

["Morgana?" "That is one of her names, yes. You and she will achieve great things together, but only if you accept who you are completely and wholly."]

One of her names? Hmmm.
Bambibelle84 chapter 36 . 5/27

They couldn't resist.

I need to go to sleep I work in like 2 hours.
Bambibelle84 chapter 35 . 5/27
Love the interactions with Humith and Merlin.
Bambibelle84 chapter 33 . 5/27
["Hello Morgana." "Mordred…" she sighed out, ]


Bambibelle84 chapter 32 . 5/27
[Merlin felt the ebb and flow of the power that flowed from Morgana to Gwen, repairing the damage to her uterus and filling her body back up with blood that she lost. He stared at Morgana with awe and fascination. Gaius had told him that the best healers could not be filled with hate, with darkness because healing came from light and love. According to destiny and fate, Morgana should never have been able to access this power.]

She has good in her. And I think we (the fans) knew this.

["Just let me go." "I can't." "Why?" "Because I love you, Morgana! I love you! I fought it and fought it and I don't want to see you go." "I….I can't, Merlin." Merlin reached up to touch her and there was only a split second warning before her eyes glowed gold and he was flung back into the table and chairs. He landed with a crash but before he lost consciousness he heard, "I'm sorry, my…." Then darkness took him.]

Im writing from the grave. He said I LOVE YOU
Bambibelle84 chapter 31 . 5/27
[He cried out and heard something shatter while he spilled his seed into her warm depths, "My avaleora." He whispered to her quietly and it sent chills down her spine. ]

Fated One. Asdfghjkl.

What a great chapter. Gwen barging in on them lol.
Bambibelle84 chapter 30 . 5/27
[Merlin looked back at her with surprise as they descended the stairs slowly, "Really?" "Yes." She smiled at him. "By far." She saw Merlin smile and puff his chest out and resisted the urge to roll her eyes just barely. "Now you are going to be insufferable."]

Asdfghjkl. I'm smiling like a fool.

Reading Merlin Watching Morgana inyeract with her dragon just makes me smile so much.

[Aithusa jumped over the gap and nuzzled Morgana and then sat down. She looked very deep in concentration about something. Merlin watched her snout move and she swallowed a few times before, "Bye Mama." The voice was raw, but childlike and female and she looked at Morgana when she said it. Merlin almost fell over from the shock of it and Morgana only stared at the dragon, "Did you say mama?" The words were whispered. Aithusa nodded and said it again, "Mama." It was still an odd sound and warbled but understandable to those who were really listening for it]

I'm crying. I'm not okay.

["Practice." Morgana laughed and hugged the dragon to her and kissed her snout, "I don't know what I would do without you." "You not have light." Morgana looked at her dragon strangely, "My light?" "Very dim. My kin help you. You are his." "His? What do you mean his?" "He claim you." "Claimed me? How?" "Don't know. Only see it." "Are you sure?" "Yes, mama."]

DAFUQ is this chapter? I can't with my emotions asdfghjkl.

OH. EM. GEE. Everything was going fine and OMG I just feel for Morgana like why would Arthur do this? All this angst is killing me. Like I want her to be happy aaahhh.
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