Reviews for Of Red Queens and Black
1-01-00-1 chapter 1 . 2/3/2013
This is a very beautiful piece you wrote here. Original and beautiful, you managed to make me love a character (Molly) I usually don't care about. Thanks to this fic, I was able to see their battle in a new light. That was a very interesting read.
richards25 chapter 1 . 1/22/2013
This is really good! I enjoyed it loads! :D Great work! :)
Inkfire chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
Ahhhh, so good to see you write again! Your style caught me from the very first lines of this fic, it was simply wonderful, so tale-like, eloquent and evocative! I loved your portrayals of Molly and Bella, both as women and as children. Their similarities were very insightfully depicted, as were their differences, the conflict they could bring, but the way they got past it in the end. It was interesting to see that they could both have been placed in the other's house… It was a great idea to have Molly not know exactly who Arthur was at first! The tale of the Weasleys was very well handled, one could just feel Bella's wicked glee as she unravelled it. I loved that Molly was obviously prejudiced enough to push Arthur away immediately – and yet that she couldn't help but feel saddened and mollified by his obvious unhappiness. Only thing that sounded slightly off with that whole part: that line: "but to actually have one as a lover, to be related to one, was just … eurgh." I feel conflicted about it, because I honestly died laughing at "eurgh", but it seems out of place in the middle of your elegant, elaborate writing ;)
I really like the way Molly and Bellatrix slowly grew apart, through little things… Your description of Bellatrix's beginnings in the cause was very nicely handled, I loved the way you depicted Voldemort, and how Bella was immediately enraptured. It was very troubling and meaningful that her involvement in the cause allowed her to find herself, so to speak, as though she'd been meant for this all along. It was also very fitting – and quite ironical – that it should be such a terrifying change that planted the first seeds of doubt into Molly's mind, and pushed her off the path of the perfect pureblood little girl… Once more, the change was very insightfully described. I liked the fact that Arthur's attention seemed to make Molly feel alive and important again, and that in a way, she seemed to be making up for her lost friend. It was fascinating to see how each of the girls had influenced the other's destiny…
I really loved the part about Andromeda – I liked the way you don't depict her as a little hero or even such an open-minded person for turning her back on her family, but have her remain quite the Black in her haughty attitude. It was wonderful that she was so little like Bellatrix after all, and that this was the reason why Molly and her did not get along at all!
I love the way their confrontation felt like destiny to Molly, in the end… The duel was superbly described – that one paragraph just blew my mind. The way they were bonded, should they live or die, really reminded me of the prophecy… It was a truly wonderful idea.
The ending brought a really great closure… Molly's imagining Bella's child, and her regret, were very nicely handled. I really liked the way you finished this, Molly mourning her lost innocence, despite all the flaws she had had then… Great work, really D
hervissa chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
This is awesome..I never thought that Bellatrix and Molly could be friends, but this is amazing :)