Reviews for The Vampire Hunter - Side Tezuka Kunimitsu
kitsune6373 chapter 1 . 3/23/2013
First off, I'm not really used to writing reviews, so please bear with me. That said, this is truly a masterpiece of a story- honestly near the middle I was feeling pretty paranoid, and as the story went on so did my rising dread. I guess I figured it out around Kaidoh's death, but I never stopped feeling the suspense, and the sort of sick feeling of horror that stayed with me throughout the fic. The entire fic kept me riveted, and I loved the relationship between Tezuka and Atobe (one of my favorite pairings), and it got even better after the new dimension added with the realization that Atobe covered up for and protected Tezuka, even knowing the truth. The end was fitting, though painful- especially considering Tezuka is my favorite character. Considering I finished reading this story almost in tears (a rare occurrence) I guess it's a bit weird to say thank you for writing such a provocative, suspenseful, and just generally amazing story. Anyways I look forward to reading the sequel, and sorry for my rambling and long review. _'
R0023 chapter 1 . 12/9/2012
Urgh! I can't sleep well after reading this, not because of the gore; it's the devastating ending that makes my heart ache. Though I've already braced myself for Tezuka's death before reading, the way it ended is just TOO tragic! I thought Tezuka would be killed by the 'bad guy'... heck it came true, but I never would have guessed that HE is THAT 'bad guy' who killed him! I really appreciate the surprise I got there; it wouldn't be as interesting otherwise.

As the story goes on, I start to get suspicious of ALMOST everyone, especially Tezuka himself and poor Kaidoh (sorry!). I even read into Futari Naka as “the middle of FUji shuusuke and oshiTARI”, and thought it’s Oishi Shuuichi (LOL!), since my feeling tells me that it’s neither Fuji nor Oshitari.

It must have hurt a lot for the prideful Tezuka to find out that the Vampire Hunter he hated most is himself, and also the guilt for killing innocent people and his family... Urgh... I feel bad for Tezuka... he's always suffering. It's as if Konomi wants him dead too... probably to make Ryoma stronger T_T!

Atobe too, for going through so much because of Tezuka's schizophrenia... To the extent of falling out with Tezuka to protect him! It reminds me of the phone call between Atobe and Tezuka in the anime where he said something like he fits the image of the devil's advocate (sigh).

Just curious, since this is Tezuka's side, I would be expecting other POV(s) too right? If so, I'll be looking forward to them! I want to know why Taki of so many people is arrested, and also, who are Tezuka's accomplice? They must be someone special to take down a hitman and an officer!

Thanks for the story! Long live Atobe/Tezuka *beams*
Gise Destler chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
Ok, this was really awesome. All the details and emotions were so well writen. I know I do not review a lot but I have read all your stories and they are amazing! I so hope someday you feel like writing some fluffy, happy fic with the Imperial Pair...! This story was great but the end is way too sad for me! T_T Poor Tezuka! Poor Atobe! T_T
lygerzero14 chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
...i am in complete awe. this was amazingly awesome. and the fact that Atobe would go that far, can definitely see it. i didn't figure it out until Kaidoh's message. bu i think that was more from reading Splintered Mirror though. i absolutely love Imperial Pair and all of your fics so far. look forward to more.
Lovedreams chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
Oh dear author thank you soooooo much for writing such an amazing story ... I really adore it especially Atobe X tezuka's parts , the ending was so sad but still it left much feelings as a reader like me ... Thank you once more and i hope you keeping up and do more fictions especially about imperial pair 3 ...
Much of love to you ..