Reviews for Lost Letters
Lewis-Sama chapter 10 . 12/16/2013
Awesome story.
iamnel chapter 10 . 3/23/2013
Hm... Well! I'm a choosey kind of person and all I can say is NOT SO BAD!

Well its just because it was wierd: I mean 9 years old kissing! it was like for mature people! And it was WEIRD AND HOT!
Guest chapter 9 . 12/20/2012
Ahh you had to end it there, update soon I must know what happens
kittykaittt chapter 10 . 12/22/2012
I look pretty stupid dressed as Brainy! Hehe!

Wow, I was not expecting that ending, but it's really good!
Nep2uune chapter 10 . 12/21/2012
This was pretty good. I like that your reformed Bob. I never thought Bob would be as bad as alot of people has made him out to be. Arnold got all his answers to why she was out with Brainy and that noone can ever replace him.
Erika2392 chapter 10 . 12/20/2012
Awww what a sweet ending. :) This story was amazing. I love it so much. I hope you write more Hey Arnold stories.
SakuraChanBea chapter 10 . 12/20/2012
Wow it's like the final end to lost letters! Awww I loved this story! I'm really happy it ended its just so awesome! Wow it ended. This is really it... But if you continue like a sequel.. THEN I WOULD LOVE TO READ IT! HAHA! But seriously it would be great if you make a sequel or a one shot Arnold & Helga's relationship! :)
I'm really glad you finished it. Because most people don't really finish theirs -_- lol but who am I to judge.. Ive done it.. xD lol haha
SakuraChanBea :)
P.S hope to see more fanfics from ya! :D
kittykaittt chapter 9 . 12/20/2012
Wow... what an unconvenient place to stop the chapter! I wonder what Arnold has to say...

Merry almost CHRISTMAS! :-)
Erika2392 chapter 9 . 12/19/2012
When I saw you post another chapter, I was like "Yes!" lol I just love this story.
Aww when they kiss, I started to giggle like an idiot. I'm looking forward for the next chapter. :)
Erika2392 chapter 8 . 12/19/2012
Awww :) Can't wait to see what happens next.
SakuraChanBea chapter 8 . 12/19/2012
Aww thanks! I'm glad my review made you feel better.! Even thought it was kind of late.. Lol but that's okay at least you feel a little better. I'm really glad you dedictcated this chapter to me. Really! Made my night when I read your authors note! I litterly jumped and giggled like a little girl lol xD (p.s my sisters were like WTF is wrong with this chick o_O)
Can't wait til your next chapter! I'm really excited for it!
SakuraChanBea chapter 7 . 12/19/2012
I understand that bob is out of character on the chapter.. But somehow it actually fit in this story.. Even though it was way harsh.. But it made this story pop out.. Bob caring for helga makes it okay to him to do that stuff. I think bob wants helga for the "besbutte he feels like Arnold is stealing helga for some reason.. Or that's he's just conceited seeing because someone dating her daughter who is an orphan.. Idk maybe I might be wrong but this story is really good. It's ok to have at least some characters change because it's your fanfic.. But don't exaggerate lol I think your doing a good job though. So don't worry! If you feel like you done something wrong. You could go back and fix your chapter.. No one should mind. I wouldn't. :) I hope this review helps you out! :)
P.S can't wait til your next chapter!
Erika2392 chapter 6 . 12/18/2012
I love that story "Arnold's Leg" its really good and you should also read Because The Heart Never Lies, Unrequited Love, and Mr Perfect, those are one of my favorite Hey Arnold stories.

Aw Poor Helga :( Bob is such a jerk.
Nep2uune chapter 6 . 12/18/2012
I think you should redeem Bob. I'm not supporting Bob all the way. But he did have a good point. As a parent he is concerned that she is only 9 yrs old and express her feeling for him like an adult. Helga obsesion is a little scary to any parent. I think Bob just wants to make sure that she can't be easily brain washed by someone claiming to have feelings for her. And later lead her down the wrong path. I'm glad Helga told Bob how she feels about how her family treats her. Hopefully Bob was listening and try to make some improvement on their relationship. Just my opinion. Please update when you can.
kittykaittt chapter 6 . 12/18/2012
I KNOW, RIGHT?! "Arnold's Leg" is SUCH a good story. It was one of the first fanfics I ever read and is still one of my all-time favorites. I also recommend "Cafeteria Confessions" by DeepVoice06. It has 19 chapters and it's so cute. You won't regret reading it.

Another great chapter. I could actually see all of this playing out in my head. I think you should keep Big Bob evil because not many people like nice Bob... um... and... I don't know, I just really think him being evil makes the story a lot better.
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