Reviews for Second Chances
MoltenCheese chapter 49 . 2/18
Good Job! I enjoyed the story very much.
ThomasNealy chapter 40 . 2/10
use of an unforgivable on a human is supposed to be a one way ticket to Azkaban. Smith used one twice. not to mention all the other premeditated murder attempts. He should be in prison for the rest of his life.
ThomasNealy chapter 29 . 2/10
So who are you setting up Bill with if your replacing him with Charlie?
ThomasNealy chapter 23 . 2/10
Is there a reason you changed either Voldemort's or Harry's wand? In the books and movies Voldie had a yew wand and Harry a holly wand.
ThomasNealy chapter 17 . 2/9
I am really wondering what happened to his vault he went the last three years?
ThomasNealy chapter 7 . 2/9
I don't understand the money part. He has full access to his vault, at least one. Considering that he takes, or has some one take, gold from it every year. Why would he have a limited allowance or have it come form Minerva?
kahuffstix chapter 50 . 2/6

This is simply wonderful. I love you writing.

Now sadly I put off doing homework all day, so I can't read the sequel, but it is the next story I plan to read!

Guest chapter 19 . 2/4
I read this chapter and I wanted to literally wring Ginny's neck. I wanted to squeeze
until her face went purple and then bash her head against a wall
Anon chapter 37 . 2/2
Imo, it seems a good majority of the focus has come to Hermione and Neville. Daphne and Harry have become stagnant.
Fifi Allegretto chapter 25 . 1/31
I love your story! Your writing style is fantastic, and I am envious of your ability to write this way in a language that isn't your native one.

I did notice one thing in this chapter that I wanted to tell you. The word "niggardly" isn't a polite word in American English (which I saw your note about using over standard English.) There are still major divides in America because of skin color, and it's considered a nasty racial slur. I would recommend editing it when you get the chance.
Magnificent the Destroyer Lord chapter 34 . 1/24
Out of curiosity, why didn't anyone (read, Katie Bell and /or her friends) not get suspicious of a love potion or other effect on Vickie?

Nice to see the new machanations in play, even if it makes me hate Mr. Twinklypants even more.

Good luck with whatever projects you're currently working on

Magnificent the Destroyer Lord chapter 23 . 1/23
I'm going to go against my usual feelings about the ubiquitous "shopping trip" in every friggin single "Independent! Harry" story:

I actually *LIKE* the "wood/cores/etc" you "spared" us readers of because I find it a sort-of peek into the world in which each author crafts their story; how expansive is the list of "viable" wand woods/animal/plant parts? Where do they come from?

Also, wand creation/crafting can be a great hook for a FF author to sneak in little hints of a person's personality/character (a person suited to Yew and chimera scale may be very different from a person who favors cherry and unicorn).

In any case, I look forward to finishing this very fascinating read and also wonder about how Dumbles is preparing to snatch back the leash on the monkey that is Harry.

Good luck in whatever projects you're currently working on

bigtomato chapter 49 . 1/22
There's something very wrong with Ron... i suspect severe mind-tampering, or something caused him to lose his marbles...
bigtomato chapter 46 . 1/21
Dudley on a broom is a brilliant image :)
bigtomato chapter 42 . 1/21
This is an incredibly well-written chapter that clearly shows a lot of time, effort, and thought put into it.

Loved Neville throwing something else at DarkDumble's forehead!

I love Snape :)
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