Reviews for Second Chances
bearblue chapter 36 . 3/20
I normally don't post a critique in a story, unless I really, really like some aspect of it. But that first person switch was super rough. I was thrown (briefly) out of the story - but I gamely tried to catch up and got the gist. My personal preferences tend to be to avoid first person in reading, mainly because my own sense of self tends to interrupt the flow with mental quips far more often than stories in third person.

Also, as a side comment, third person has been awesomely effective, especially with the cast of characters you're working with.

That said, the story, so far, has been a true delight to read. I am looking forward to reading more.
Scamander chapter 49 . 3/16
Really? Flitwick just allowed Ron the Bully back to Gryffindor. And here I thought the new Headmaster isn't playing favorites. Flitwick shouldn't have listened to Molly; if Ron can't behave, suspend him. Why the others should suffer because he never learned to behave?I don't have an inner eye, but I suspect it will end up with innocent students killed or sent to Hospital Wing because Ron wanted revenge for some imaginary slight against him.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/14
No this doesn't make sense. I don't think Harry would stay in such an environment. This is much worse than the Dursley's. Harry won't stay with a friend of Lucius Malfoy and a Malfoy fan-girl. Also, Roxanne and the grandmother, although nice, isn't enough of a reason for him to stay. Harry is dividing their family, surely he can see that and make the decision to stay with the Weasley's instead.

This was quite interesting at the beginning, but like all the others, ended up being forced and convoluted just for the sake of drama. And although the last part of this chapter tried to redeem itself with some humor, it just felt flat, and at that point, I could hardly care less about what comes next. Sorry, but I don't have the patience for these kinds of stories...Dropped.
Saissa chapter 47 . 3/8
the basilisk pictures - shown to the PUBLICITY
that word should be PUBLIC!

Answer to riddle 3 - WRONG!
what is black and white and red all over?
The correct answer is - A NEWSPAPER!
The red can also be read (past tense)
everyone in the english speaking MUGGLE world knows this riddle!

Nope - I have visited Mt Ruapehu many times as a child, and I dont recall ever seeing Crumpled Horned Snorkacks anywhere.
Saissa chapter 45 . 3/8
in reference to the basilisk, most times when you mention the word sell, you should be writing SALE

SELL is past tense.
SALE is present tense.
Saissa chapter 40 . 3/7
To testimony against (name) is not correct english.

You must either use - to testify against (name) or - to give testimony against (name).
Saissa chapter 39 . 3/7
WOW - Snape sure has changed - for the good!
Saissa chapter 38 . 3/7
Holy cow!

Finally Molly has been banished. Pity Ron was not banished as well.

Good for Snape in finally doing what is right!

I hope Ginny has finally and truly learnt her lesson.
Saissa chapter 37 . 3/7
first person POV do NOT fit in with this story.
Saissa chapter 36 . 3/7
I did not like the new POV you used for Hermione. It was too jarring to change just like that.
Saissa chapter 35 . 3/7
Vik is a prick

For the benefits of the german author - A prick is both a very very VERY small penis and also a derogatory term used to describe a useless and worthless asshole.
Saissa chapter 34 . 3/7
I bet this was Dumbles again. Anyway he can, he is desperate to get Harry back under his control again!
Saissa chapter 33 . 3/7
sounds to me like Hermione is now under some kind of potion - why is she supporting Ginny all of a sudden?
Saissa chapter 31 . 3/7
Yaaaaaay Neville!
Saissa chapter 28 . 3/7
I regret to say that Molly is an abusive mom as well. She likes to EMOTIONALLY MANIPULATE her kids and when the boys dont do what she wants - marry the right girl or get the right job - she withdraws her affection from them, and they leave home ASAP. The older boys seem to be able to withstand her manipulations. Ronny and Ginny clearly cannot. Neither can Arthur apparently. He is a very weak minded buffoon. They are both very annoying. but Molly is worse!
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