Reviews for He Who Tastes the Forbidden Blossom
jaundrie chapter 19 . 4/15
Please please please please please please update i am burning to find out what happens next.
summersun ginger chapter 19 . 4/7
Hi :) Okay, after some of their internal musings I understand more why you made them act the way they did. As always I like your style and admire your immense source of ideas :)
Haruka Uzumaki21 chapter 19 . 4/3
Great chapter I loved it, I hope renji and byakuya get back together.
Kamelcake chapter 19 . 3/31
Soooooooooo many tears! Please be okay, Bya.
TehWonderer chapter 19 . 3/30
Such a sad couple of chapters, but Renji's being very sweet and supportive. He really has changed a lot, but is still Renji. I like!
Anon chapter 19 . 3/30
Hey, drowning in tears here! Need a life boat...great chapter!
Winterheart2000 chapter 19 . 3/30
Read this and cried myself to sleep! Awesome!
Picklez80 chapter 19 . 3/30
So sad! T-T But Bya will be okay, right?
NamineLily chapter 19 . 3/30
Another tear filled chapter. Thanks for the good cry. 3
kaze39 chapter 19 . 3/29
you're literally killing me with this one spunky.. i cried constantly the last few chapters T.T i like the angst but i still hope everything's gonna be allright for bya and his baby :3
Kittykins chapter 19 . 3/29
*sobs* Bya and baby must be okay! T-T
Aizenfan6969 chapter 19 . 3/29
I really hope this turns out happy! Love it as always. *dries eyes*
Willow chapter 19 . 3/29
Oh, poor Bya is having so much trouble. I hope he and baby are okay. *worries* Please update quickly!
charmander chapter 19 . 3/27
Update please! The tears won't stop... Boy Renji is learning what it means to it's too late if byakuya dies poor byakuya.
kyuumihaira chapter 19 . 3/27
Bad! Byakuya's not allowed to die! Nor is the baby or Renji!
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