Reviews for Harry Dursley and The Chronicles of the King
vaibhav.vinod.9 chapter 75 . 11/10
Dude loving your story,very creative and u mix all the elements well
When luna said "he is back" i literally got goosebumps.
1ori ann chapter 35 . 10/13
I have to keep telling myself to not jump to a future chapter. I will find everything out at the author's pace, but, dang, it is hard to be patient.
Magyar chapter 96 . 10/12
Ok, I just finished this story and I must say that this was an epic journey.

And the whole time turner arc was also a mindfuck of epic proportions!

Thank you.
Magyar chapter 62 . 10/8
Goddammit man, this is ridiculous!

As soon as I saw that the Beozar was the Stone I did a research in hindsight and it all works out!

What I'm not sure of is whether Harry got it before Norbert's escape (since something about throwing a stone in the lake make him laugh) or if he got it from Quirell while the man was escaping in the forbidden forest.

But then Quirell hadn't yet been possessed by Voldemort, so how could a muggle studies teacher manage to steal it from under Dumbledore's beard?

You story is really fraught with these moments when everything suddenly makes sense, or at least the story you expose in your author's comment seems at least legitimate, if barely believable.
Really, this Philosopher's stone grand theft plot was, like, a hundred times better than that thing Narcissa did with Hermione and the Chamber.

Also, I would guess that the young Dementor the Dementor Chief was addressing was in truth Salazar, that Dementor Shroud is the name given to a juvenile Dementor. And so that when a spell left the wand to kill the man the Dementors saw a child somehow kill him.
Salazar managed to preserve himself by hiding in a wand, waiting for the right moment. He's probably half dead and that explains how he was able to interact with the cloak of Death.
Also Flamel is probably afraid of him using the stone because a truly living Dementor hybrid must be an eldritch horror. Maybe even an old god, since apparently Dementors are being punished by them.

Finally I think that the three fortress part of the prophecy is a red herring.
I know three things of the utmost Darkness, and they are neither Durmstrand, nor Azkaban or Poudlard. But closer to home the Deathly Hallows.

So I guess that Harry may use the Hallows to open the way to Atlantis. And if the three fortresses are indeed castles, then we are surely going to see what the stone behind Peeve's door looks like.

So this was something of a long message, I guess that the crux of the matter is:
Thank you for this story, it's absolutely awesome!
warpterror chapter 80 . 9/22
I just can't get enough of this story and at the same time I really really don't want you to keep reading. Why you might ask? Well partially because I dread all the misfortune and suffering that is going to inevitably befall Harry and partially because I'm nearing the end of the story with no new chapters on the horizon. I just feel like I should stop reading before an even greater cliffhanger occurs or something. Oh well, who am I kidding - Next chapter here I come! :p
laverick.thatcher chapter 15 . 9/20
Oh dear. thick and heavy hints indeed. I have a feeling things are going to go down. great writing!
laverick.thatcher chapter 11 . 9/20
is he possessed? is this all a hallucination? what the heck is going on?! really enjoy not knowing everything. unreliable narrator is best narrator.
laverick.thatcher chapter 10 . 9/20
oh my lord. these books... how chilling.
laverick.thatcher chapter 6 . 9/20
shit. a compulsion to be average? is it really so he stays safe or is it just using the fear to manipulate him? very interesting. i can imagine a hell of a lot of betrayal going on here. and whats with 'prongs' red hair? hmmm.
laverick.thatcher chapter 4 . 9/20
Hahaha, I loved the hat's decision making process! And what a lovely intro to magic from a reasonable, relatable person. All the awe and the craziness that's supposed to be accepted a normal. Culture shock indeed.
laverick.thatcher chapter 3 . 9/20
woah. the ending made me sit up and pay attention. the authors note made me want to read this entire ting in one sitting and never leave. this feels so totally epic like a storm.
Amu4ever chapter 34 . 9/17
*sigh* Will go look for a Harry/Salazar or Harry/Grindelwald story. (Not that I have a lot of hope to find another one of this great Harry/Grindelwald fics. They are a rarity as sad as it is.)

Really need some cheering up after this chapter. It kinda depressed me. Or maybe it was the high pile you put on Harry.

Really, you don't need to be THAT harsh on him.

Anyway I will go and look for something slightly happier. Best to hope for one with happy end.

I really adore people with brilliant minds (Grindelwald, Salazar,...) to be together with Harry. Alliged with him or, if possible, even together with him.

Though I know you don't like that kind of stories, won't stop me from telling you, how brilliantly some of the Harry/Grindelwald stories are written.

Part what fascinates me in them - except for the characters, if they have a good characterization - is the undenyable need for the author to be very creative. Can't write a good story including a person, who is dead or very old at a time to be young and together with the main character without a damn good reason for it to be like that. Good reasoning is a serious issue for many stories.

(I am really happy, your story makes perfect senseI

Oh and you switched between first pov and third a few chapters prior. Seems like it happens to you once in a while.
Amu4ever chapter 33 . 9/17
So, currently there are:

- Dumbledore aka Magic Hit*** as Harry calls him (I censored it, because I didn't know, if FF would. Pretty possible. Though I would make it so you had still get the point)

Pretending to be on his side: Severus Snape.
On his side (for wrong belie1ves): The Potter family
Goal: 'Conquer' Harry the dark lord

- Voldemort aka Lenin:
Pretending to be on his side: Severus Snape
On his sight, thou11gh mad: Bellatrix Lestrange, various death eater

- Grindelwald:

Pretending (?) to be on his side: Severus Snape
On his side: Headmaster of Durmstrang

- Barsileus aka Ravenclaw prefect aka chance aka turner of Dumbledore's luck:
On his side: ?
Goals: Supporting Harry (?), taking everything from Dumbledoar
Conclusion on him: Is his own paty, because he killed a subordinate of Voldemort is clearly not on Dumbledore's side and the 'voice' was talking about him.
Possible alliance: Grindelwald

Tom Riddle aka Horcrux in Diary aka dark and broken soul:
On his side: Ginny Weasley
Motive: Destroy Mudbloods

The 'voice':
On his/her side: Snape, Headmistress of France's school, Italian woman (though I thought at first Grindelwald was there with her), Munchen's school staff (or some of them, who killed Dumbledore's men)

- Harry aka the 'king':
On his side: Ghosts, portrays, the ravenclaw prefect, the basilisk, many Slytherins, Neville
Goal: Survival
Amu4ever chapter 31 . 9/16
Grindelwald! Want to know, which one he is!

Oh my!

I suspect Anthony, but you haven't mentioned him for a while. And which one would be Tom Riddle...Wahh! Wanna know!
Amu4ever chapter 30 . 9/16
So, since when do the raven's officially know about Harry being the king?
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