Reviews for The Pegasus Prince
Auburn Waves chapter 5 . 5/12/2015
Poor Skylark, I nearly cried :( Great writing in this chapter still, really evocative
Auburn Waves chapter 4 . 2/22/2015
Okay, so I read your profile. No wonder your story is so great. I can't believe you've been on fanfic for 15 years. I think I've been here for half that time.
Anyway, great chapter here :)
afrocelt chapter 16 . 12/27/2014
That was probably one of the best fanfics I've read...
I loved how you were able to keep in character for every single person yet make them your own, and your explanations of back story were brill. Thank you for finishing this (I was I afraid you weren't going to for a while, then you updated Christmas Eve and I literally squealed in delight) Keep writing, you're doing great and can only get better ;)
Auburn Waves chapter 2 . 10/26/2014
This is wonderful, I don't know why you don't have more reviews. It's got good grammar and spelling, a solid chapters too. I think it's brilliant :)
Auburn Waves chapter 1 . 10/26/2014
Ooh, a fascinating beginning, reminds me a little of one of my story beginnings :)
Ellie chapter 8 . 4/8/2014
Amazing, please continue this story
Renaisty chapter 7 . 2/3/2013
Can't wait for more! I really love your story, and I like the way it's written!
miny-universal chapter 7 . 1/2/2013
i really love the idea and cn't wait for the next chapter!