Reviews for Calamity
RionaEire chapter 4 . 2/27/2013
Still interesting. I knew mirror Inara was Saffron! They can't get our River, they just can't, because our River is ours and we need to look after her and keep her safe and she helps us and we look after her and she's part of our crew and who hands over touched folk to badguys.
RionaEire chapter 3 . 2/27/2013
Wow, what fun! I don't take on new stories usually because I don't have the time I once did, truth be told not so long ago I was quite the prolific reviewer of decent Firefly fanfic but scheduling constraints have limited my involvement. To be fair at this time your story is better than Forward, I stopped reading that because it got rediculous and boring. True in its hayday it was something to behold, but its shine and shimmer has evaporated so I don't read it anymore. But this is quite entertaining. I enjoy your humorous tone, evidenced by phrases like "the usual minutia of her life" regarding River's experiences, and "in all his recently awakened, grumpy shirtless glory" regarding Jayne. The best charactor voice you have so far is Jayne, his hat comment was perfect and you capture him very well. Your Kaylee and River are also good too, your Simon however lacks refinement in his speech which charactorizes his way. He speaks too casually in this story, maybe fancy up his speech a bit, especially when talking to or about River, he seems too casual. Its great that he's learning to relax, but you might have him a little too relaxed. As for your mirror verse charactors, pretty good, Zoe and Wash's personalities are also switched which is interesting. I'm guessing the difference between real and fake Kaylee is that fake Kaylee is educated whereas real Kaylee's knowledge is innate and gained by experience. I think alternate Inara is actually Saffron isn't she? It seems that the difference between real River and mirror River is that mirror River isn't touched, she's normal unless she is activated and then she's a killer berzerker oracle of sorts. Touched River is much more interesting and I like her much better. I think that some of your alternate universe charactors could be redeemable, namely Mal, Kaylee and River, all that has to be done is never activate the subject 6 piece and let her go away and live her life as a stable woman. When she's the Hex part does she know that her brother is cruel to Subject 6? Does Hex even know that Subject 6 exists? I will look forward to reading more and don't sell yourself short.
Memento Mori-Pontifex Mortis chapter 4 . 2/23/2013
*muffled scream in the distance* Oh this is so good. I love it. You just are writing this so amazingly. I can't wait for the next installment.
The Sushi Monster chapter 2 . 12/14/2012
Oh god. This story. You've taken some of headcanons and like wrapped them on their heads and then inserted into this super intriguing and catchy story. On top of all of that, it really looks like you've got down our original crew's characterization. The mirror crew seems a little over-the-top (or at least, Zoe does, and Mal to a lesser extent) but your mirror!River and mirror!Simon give me shivers. Also mirror!Book... just yes. Yes.

I hope you've got something exciting planned for mirror!Inara and mirror!Jayne. But overall, I really love how a lot of things have changed in the mirror world - power dynamics (Simon over Mal), Wash and Zoe, Kaylee and Simon, (oh god Kaylee bb I love how she goes from... like, a yellow to a gray. Perfect), etc. - but in the end, a lot is the same. Simon is still protective over her sister (just not in a good way), Mal and Book still clash over religion, Mal and Kaylee still have their relationship, Zoe and Mal are brotp, etc. So you've really crafted this well.

And we're only two chapters in! Super excited for them to meet, or at least for River to finish her sketches. Also I really love the image of mirror!Simon and Book and their blue hands. Like the two characters least likely to hurt River. Urgh, beautiful.

Quick criticism - again, Mal saying "God bless you" all the time is a little over-the-top for me, as is Zoe being blonde, but that one I can stomach a bit more. Also, in this last paragraph, I felt the reference to Persephone's dock unnecessary because it made me think that mirror!Serenity had landed there.

I also noticed a couple of "telling" details, rather than "showing", if that makes sense? Like the bit in the first chapter about the Look Zoe/Wash share - you explicitly say that it's hatred, disgust, and some Sexual Tension, or something. Instead, maybe something like: "exchanged a look. Wash's eyebrows narrowed in disgust and Zoe rolled her eyes, her nose flaring; she ignored the goosebumps on her arm from his gaze." Or something like that, that was really bad. If that didn't make sense I can clarify, haha.

So yes, overall, I really look forward to more and am loving it so far.
Alec Hardison chapter 2 . 12/11/2012
Great job! Will we get to see any mirror!simon/kaylee? Would love to see how that would work out. I love this fic so far!
vandevere chapter 2 . 12/7/2012
Very, *VERY* interested in this story. I wonder what MirrorJayne is like? Almost afraid to find out...