Reviews for A Sort of Fairy Tale
scrosby66 chapter 13 . 2/25/2013
I am in love with Aro's group of misfits...thanks for writing!
Byrd3-13 chapter 2 . 2/24/2013
this is getting darker with every chapter
Love M Go Blue chapter 12 . 2/23/2013
I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this story! One of the most original storylines I have encountered in a VERY ling time! Looking forward to the rest!

I'm starting to think Emmett just might be more twisted and evil than Ben! What is it that he wants Bella so badly? And why hadn't he made any sort of move toward her before now?

We haven't heard anything about Rosalie in a while, nor Leah. And where is Angela being hidden?

Speaking of Angela - her father, dear Pastor Weber. Wondering what role he's gonna end up playing in everything? Cuz you just can't tell me that he's entirely oblivious to Ben's . . . uh . . . "extracurricular activities".

Bella wants Edward to move in with her. Are we talking about there, at Aro's house, so that Aro can help keep Edward safe? Or at Bella's brownstone?

It seems like Jake might've been "in da house" at some point, maybe twice. Bella's gotta use Victoria to get some answers from him!
Love M Go Blue chapter 11 . 2/23/2013
Great. Another cursed-vampire person. Although, this curse must just make the person wanna drink blood but not make them super-strong as believed by all the other kinds of vamp-lore - otherwise Kate could just break down the door, lock or no.

Hmm, though... Edward's vamp-curse was "triggered" when he went onto the reservation; he'd had no inclination to drink blood prior to then. What triggered Kate's desire to bite Garrett?

One of my boys and I just watched "ParaNorman" the other day for the first time. Victoria's ability sounds an awful lot like what Norman's is in that movie - and Norman saves his whole town from a 300-year-old witch's curse, so maybe Victoria will end up saving everyone, too! That she apparently sees Jake - how awesome is that!? Hopefully Bella will convince her to really listen to Jake when / if he comes around again; maybe even take notes, LOL!
Love M Go Blue chapter 10 . 2/23/2013
So, apparently Ben (and possibly his own brother) turned Edward into a vampire? And Emmett is likely just fine with that, as it seems as though he is one, too? What, then is the relation - if there is one - to Edward being under a spell and Edward being possessed by a demon to become a vampire? Or are those two different things inflicted upon Edward?

And what, especially after so long, made Edward want to find Bella? Had Emmett hidden him away somewhere, somewhere that Edward doesn't remember? Edward only vaguely remembers things from his past with Bella and remembers almost nothing at all from the night he broke her heart. Does he have any memories of all the ensuing time, or is it a blur, too? Where has Edward been all this time? Ben has been in the area; has Emmett been there the whole time, too? And if so, how is it that he'd not run into Bella at all (given their connection through the Ben-Angela pairing) during that time? Or was Emmett with Edward somewhere, keeping him under the spell or whatever?

This Alec guy . . . wondering what his story is. This is the second or third time he's been mentioned as just on the outside of things, but I get the feeling he is very much on the inside of whatever is brewing.

Tanya is alive - though is she willingly . . . wherever she is? And what happened to Demetri, with whom she was camping? Is he "in on" things now, too? Or did Ben / Emmett / Alec / whoever dispose of him?

YAY FOR ARO as a good guy! And not only a good guy, a long-time friend of Charlie's! I wonder if Bella will be angry at all at Aro for not having revealed his connection before? Cuz he had to have known who Bella was when they met, who her father was, and likely that she had some sort of gift . . . that could have already been being molded and trained!

I've been further mulling over Garrett's part in this. Even though we've sort of been led to believe that he owns the coffee shop that Bella just happens to work in, I'm starting to think - given all the interconnectedness that's being revealed - that her working there is purposeful, maybe engineered by Aro? Ooh! Maybe Garrett is actually a secret agent, trying to take down the black magic drug lords!
Love M Go Blue chapter 9 . 2/23/2013
Were Charlie's books what the gang was looking for? Huh. And here I'd thought that it would turn out to be incriminating evidence against the gang, or something.

So . . . if the house is still Bella's, why on earth had she been sleeping in a truck in Seattle instead of going to Forks to live in the house? I mean, it woukd be better than potentially freeaing to death, wouldn't it?

Edward's gonna turn into a vampire or something? Why?!
Love M Go Blue chapter 8 . 2/23/2013
Ok . . . so, I'd surmised that Bella wasn't yet 18 when Charlie was killed - because she was made to go to Phoenix with her mother. We were also told that Renee blew through any inheritance Bella got - would the money from the sale of Charlie's house have been part of that? (Though, who would want to buy a house in which such gruesome murders took place? EWW!) I'd already figured that the house must not be hers, because of how she'd had nowhere to go when she returned to the area from Phoenix.

My point is - Seth told them that Sam's gang must've been looking for something that was in Charlie's house, but how are they gonna find anything there, when it's logical to conclude that she has no access to it? Or, IF she does . . . it's been so long - wouldn't it have been long-since all cleaned out (which then begs the question of where everything would have gone - storage? donated? city dump?)

Or, maybe the house had never been sold but Bella had nowhere to go because returning to that house just wasn't an option for her (cuz, truthfully, I know I wouldn't want to, were I in her situation!). If so, that would mean it's just been sitting empty all this time, giving anyone (*cough* Sam's gang *cough*) the time and opportunity to rip it apart even further looking for whatever it is that they'd been looking for in the first place.

My point is - wouldn't any clues or whatever that might've been there, be long gone now?
Love M Go Blue chapter 7 . 2/23/2013
Ok. So . . . Sam's gang apparently turns into wolves, and they are who / what ripped apart Charlie Swan and Jacob Black. (So, Jacob wasn't part of the tribe? Or he was and just wasn't a "real" member of the gang?) Leah and Seth are part of the same tribe, but possibly don't shapeshift as the others do? Or maybe they do but choose not to, or something? Is there that "hive mind" principle ar work, here, with the wolves, like in canon? Because then, if Seth and Leah both DO shift, they could get all kinds of evidence against the others . . . although it would also mean that the others could hear their secrets, too.

Getting more and more sure that Edward was under some kind of spell, cast by Ben and Emmett, though its purpose is still unknown. It also seems like Emmett (and possibly Ben, but not sure) definitely knows all about the wolfy shapeshifter gang . . . which might mean that he had already long-since known that said gang had killed Charlie and Jake. Or if he doesn't know about the shapeshifting, he obviously knows all about the gang's penchant for killing!

Not remotely sure why Emmett would purposefully have Rosalie kidnapped (and, so he thinks, killed). Guess we'll find out. I am glad, though, that Rosalie is gonna have Leah on her side for the duration.
Love M Go Blue chapter 6 . 2/23/2013
Edward was under some sort of spell - cast by Ben and Emmett (who are two SERIOUSLY deranged mofos, man!) apparently; but for what reason, exactly, I can't figure out. (Though, perhaps just "because they could", and they're twisted and evil?) - that caused him to act towards Bella the way he did however-long-ago that was? (Two years - maybe, maybe not.) And now . . . now he is somehow coming (or has come) out from under the spell - hence his sudden desire to find Bella? Hmm.

Ben. "Pastor" Ben. He is f'realz just not right. He is evil and twisted, apparently dabbles in black magic, abuses his wife, and fuqs around with both sexes. And Angela's father is apparently completely ignorant of all this? Or just doesn't care? I wonder why those two (Ben and Angela) are in Seattle; why they left Forks? Did Daddy Weber make them? Was that part of the deal?

During the flashback in the morgue, Angela was right there with Bella and had told her that Bella would be coming home with her thereafter. But I guess that didn't happen? Bella was forced to go to Phoenix with her mom, prob because Bella was not yet 18? (Which now REALLY makes me think there's no way she is yet 21, especially since she told us that it has only been two years since she saw Edward.) If Phil, though, was Renee's boyfriend - why and how would Edward have made the guess / assumption that "Dwyer" was Bella's stepfather's last name? How could he know when or even if Renee ever married him?

What a twisted web...
Love M Go Blue chapter 5 . 2/23/2013
So, the picture is becoming clearer - pun totally intended, LOL!

Emmett and Ben were in the same grade in school, so however-much-older than Edward Emmett is, Ben is the same amount . . . which I *think* means the same amount older than Bella (and Angela) as well. Meaning, Emmett was likely gone to . . . somewhere (school?) when whatever fallout between Edward and Bella happened. Hmm. *wheels in head turning*

Thank goodness that Aro can apparently "feel" that Emmett is definitely not a good guy! I'm not sure I've ever read a story in which Emmett was such a creepy, disgusting arsehole, but I like stories in which Aro is a decidedly good guy!

All that cray-cray about Ben as a kid - *shudders violently*! Now he's apparently a PASTOR?! The fuq?

Edward had said, at the end of the last chapter, that his parents had moved back to Forks. Back from where, mewonders? And why?

Can't quite figure out, yet, just how / why Edward apparently had such an abrupt (and recent?) change of heart towards Bella - and all before he even knew the two main truths (the deaths and the non-cheating). But looking forward to finding out!
Love M Go Blue chapter 4 . 2/23/2013
I'm trying to figure out - and will wait with bated breath for it all to be revealed in time, of course! - exactly why Edward would have tracked down Bella (found out where she went to school, etc) in Seattle at all if he honestly didn't know anything about her father having been murdered and had still believed thay she had cheated on him. That . . . doesn't make sense right now, but I'm sure Edward will explain himself soon!
Love M Go Blue chapter 3 . 2/23/2013
I'm guessing that Forks is the tiny town it is in canon? (We haven't been led to think anything otherwise.) Cuz, if so . . . how on earth is it even remotely possible that Edward would not have known that the town's chief of police had been murdered?! Even if he, for whatever reason, wasn't around right then (Was he already somewhere in the east in boarding school?), surely he would have somehow heard it in passing. On Facebook? Something?

Chapter one indicated that it had been two years since Bella had seen Edward - though "seen" can certainly be interpreted in different ways, but it seems as though they would have still been in high school then because apparently Edward went away to boarding school at some point, but before college, in order to prepare for Ivy League, or so Bella thought. Except that, high school plus two years doesn't usually equal old enough to drink (especially when it's the owner, who could have his business closed down for doing so, giving her the beer) or purchase beer to keep in one's refrigerator. I'm just tryna figure out the timeline, here, is all.
Tinsley Warren chapter 12 . 2/22/2013
Poor Kate! But at least we know a little more.

Poor Tanya! She must be so drugged out. I hope someone saves her.

So Emmett may ruin things with his infatuation with Bella. Hmmm

And Ben only has a limited time to get Angela? Hmmm again!
Tinsley Warren chapter 11 . 2/22/2013
Emmett turns people into vampires?

Holy cow Victoria's little girl is so damn creepy. But love that she had a fairy godmother. Right? I think that's the only reference I've gotten so far.

Well maybe the wolves being the big bad wolves too!

I love this, even if I can't read it at night lol
Tinsley Warren chapter 10 . 2/21/2013
So Bella's power is that she's a healer? She healed Edward for a second, like a bandaid but to really heal him they need to kill Emmett and Ben.

Emmett and Ben eat people?

Jared does like Bella, which could causes issues with Edward.

Edwards demon is making him pursue her? Or is it really him?

So aro is one of the good!
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