Reviews for Prince of Thieves
Eragon135790 chapter 7 . 4/4
urgh, i really liked the ff so far but why the fuck did you have to add sirius and remus? and why the fuck did mc tell them so much, thats just stupid.
TekoloKuautli chapter 7 . 3/1/2021
I find it funny that Dumbledore's persistence is annoying at worst, Horus is so powerful and so untied to the British wizards there's just no way he can ever be invested in their troubles. He doesn't even kill him, as if he's not even worth it. Which says a lot of a mage thief of ancient Egypt who once had the pharaoh after him and his brother for years.

So I get an answer as to why a girl kept the child of Horus, I think if he had been presented with the child he would have raised them alongside his brother. Hard not to, they treasure family above all else, by blood or choice doesn't matter.
TekoloKuautli chapter 5 . 3/1/2021
The meeting between Horus and Bakura was painful and strangely sweet. It had me in tears. I hope they can be together again, it's painful how Horus was dragged back through time before he could even free or say goodbye to his brother.
TekoloKuautli chapter 3 . 3/1/2021
I really like how Horus adapted to life in the desert as a mage thief, he even visited brothels with Bakura! That adds so much flavor to the story, it makes sense for the kind of life they led and the time period. Besides, if a woman became pregnant with the child of a man so talked about because of his looks it makes sense she would keep the child.

Horus rocks by the way, his harsh and independent life shines thorough.
TekoloKuautli chapter 2 . 3/1/2021
Really liking Horus and Bakura duo, they are thick as thieves... pff ok, bad one. But really, I love how much Bakura is still sane and not lashing out in blind revenge at every living being thanks to his brother.
Guest chapter 23 . 2/25/2021
I really want to have seth be pair with atem because I ship them very much XD

PLEASE please please make the sequel story with Atem/(Harry)Seth pairing X3
Aratherfluffyfatcat chapter 23 . 11/4/2020
Enjoyed the story thanks
Ratatosk The Divine Demon chapter 23 . 8/3/2020
Unnecessarily Cruel punishment, should have just told him that he would have to pay to replace that wall. While easy to make they are expensive without a pre-determined plan in place with me. Palutena and her group easily go through a hundred of them per play through of Uprising.
Guest chapter 21 . 4/13/2020
Have you read or watched Toriko?
That comment Seth made about loving fighting cooks made me think of that. If you haven't heard of it, it's an action comedy adventure type manga/anime centered around food as the world setting is about the "Gourmet Age". There are even a couple crossover episodes with One Piece and Dragon Ball.
CountOrlok777 chapter 23 . 12/22/2019
... awesome...
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 16 . 12/4/2019
Anzio/Tea is 100% like Pre skip Sakura
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 4 . 12/4/2019
I like that dharc is commonly Harry’s Ka
Sakurafanficlover3303 chapter 23 . 10/12/2019
I was wondering why you haven’t started making the next book yet?
DragonClanMaster chapter 23 . 4/4/2019
this was a rather amusing read. I quite enjoyed it.
Me chapter 16 . 11/17/2018
How well did you read season 0? Yami attacks the guy on death row, the rocknroll guy, both gangs, the dude with the shoe, and the bomber at the fair for tresspasing on his "friends souls"
Yes most of them also endangered yugi.
But rocknroll, only sang really bad and beat up yugi's friend, the gangs only menaced yugi not hurt him, the bomber stopped the ferris wheel and yami got out of the thing before anything happened.
But yami gamed the all. And lit most on fire.
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