Reviews for Eye Candy
amyh52 chapter 1 . 12/1/2013
So true
Chrysalliss chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
How did I not read this sooner? I love how its just a glimpse into daily Nick and Jess! Seems very real, great! And I know just the part of Arrow you mean ;)
sugarshots chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
Ah this is really good! I do hope you update it when you can tough!
mdchica83 chapter 1 . 1/25/2013
Like Jess, I love it when Oliver exercises on Arrow.
strongtablestrongcouple chapter 1 . 12/18/2012
I completely missed this when it was posted! Sorry! Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this and thought that it was super cute. I felt like this could actually happen. Thanks for posting :-)
IHateTheseThings chapter 1 . 12/8/2012
Oh that clip! :) :) :) No wonder Jess was so glued to the screen. loved this. can't wait for your next jess and nick update :)
AMiserableLove chapter 1 . 12/8/2012
Hahaha cute! Could have acted as a deleted scene from the show...I could totally picture a similar conversation happening. And of course, I loved the ending! ;)
crazeeria chapter 1 . 12/8/2012
ahhh, this was super cute! I want them together right now!