Reviews for A Double Edged Sword
Guest chapter 27 . 7/31
So I was browsing aang x azula fanfic and found yours. I forget to sleep just so I can read the whole fic in one sitting.

So please, MOAR!
Flamingcheesepie chapter 27 . 6/29
I almost feel like Azula is pregnant. Sick, weaker, needs people to protect her, doesn't want Aang to know or he might be pressured into doing something else with Azula...
Brissar316 chapter 27 . 5/30
Can't wait to read the next chapter. Finally things things start to pick back up between Aang and Azula.
Nukenin chapter 1 . 5/21
Goodie storie!
blaquerein chapter 27 . 4/30
Oh my goodness...please update soon. I'm so engrossed into this story. I love your character development and I adore Aang and Azula together! ! I need more, please. *Note: I'm not too proud to beg!
PhoenixVersion1 chapter 27 . 4/29
Absolutely fantastic
KorpaKejsilic chapter 27 . 4/25
To be honest, I do get a few of your stories mixed up with each other. I like them all but this is my favourite. This gets said a lot around here but this story is amazing! I have read through the entire story again after this update and it is even better with a second reading. I have read dozens of FF of the same length on this site but this is the ONLY one I have read through a second time.

The character development of Aang, Zuko and Azula is excellent. You reflect the reality of life after the war in the fire nation so well. I can really imagine things being so tenuous in the political realm. The interactions between these three main characters is incredible. You bring so much life and depth to them beyond what we saw in the cartoons. Azula makes me so frustrated and yet she acts just like I think she would.

I have so many unanswered questions. I am still trying to work out what happened with Azula. Was she poisoned? Was she pregnant? Was she poisoned and pregnant? Did she lose the baby? Is she adopting the baby out to the Air Nation? Why the hell are always people so stupid and make things so much more difficult for themselves instead of just telling people the truth? When is Sokka leaving Suki to be with Toph. When is Toph ever going to stop being so awesome? Where the hell is Momo?! Hes the most important character in the whole series!

I really do hope you finish this story because it is such a nicely written story that it would be a tragedy to be left incomplete.

Thank-you so much for the effort, time, love and thought that you have put into writing this. I have truly enjoyed this story so far and look forward to the conclusion.
FLARECROWN chapter 27 . 4/21
Nice, love the whole drama and character development of Azula, it made for a fantastic story.
Veggielover1 chapter 27 . 4/20
Great chapter. I love how you're adding tension to the story and adding a lot of depth to Azula's character!
Melphs chapter 1 . 4/18
Okay, what the hell is going on with Azula? And why does she want so bad to keep it in secret from Aang? All this suspense is getting me crazy! _

And, I don't know if I already said that, but this fic is freaking amazing! Seriously, I just finished reading this chapter and I already can't wait for the next one (even though I feel that it will problably take a while to be updated)!

And sorry for my bad english, but I'm brazilian and writing isn't as easy as reading for me! ;_;
Azulaang fan chapter 27 . 4/14
Nothing better than an awesome update from one of my favorite authors ever. You're a great writer and as expected, this chapter was nothing short of excellent. Neat, focused, great pacing and leaves me wanting more. Well done.
RJCA27 chapter 27 . 4/14
Really enjoyed this chapter. Cant wait for the wedding but please update sooner. Thanks!
FierceDeityLinkMask chapter 27 . 4/13
I wish they would stop keeping Aang in the dark.
LordTicky chapter 27 . 4/13
It's been a while, but let me just say that it is DAMN good to see this update!
Ladyfire-Azula chapter 26 . 4/13
First, are u going to post often, and will Azula teach Aang lighting. Plus will they just pull pranks on each other for fun one day
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