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BinarySobriquet chapter 2 . 6/19
I really liked the first chapter...but I was brought in under the false premise that I'd get 25k of Meimu. No way in hell am I going to bother working up the energy to emotionally invest myself in a protagonist that isn't even around for 5k.

I regret ever bothering to read this fic.
Ironneko chapter 5 . 6/19
I'm still undecided about whether I love having found this particular collection or I hate it, given that they're astoundingly good... and unfinished.

If ever you decide to continue any of them, I will be most pleased to read them, since they just keep getting better.

Thank you for writing them.
Lucas chapter 5 . 6/17
Amazing series. I don't know if I want you to keep writing new characters or continue with the old ones more. Hopefully you can keep writing in between chapters of DOS :) Thanks for sharing.
The Richmaster chapter 5 . 6/15
This is an interesting take on the insert type of character, personally my two favourite chapters were the Hatake and Hyuuga ones.
Asymmetric chapter 1 . 6/5
God, there's so much that could happen after this.

Meimu decides to join Akatsuki? She has to contend with Orochimaru and possibly Zetsu without revealing her Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Meimu goes back to the village? She might have to deal with Itachi, depending on how thoroughly Danzo was dethroned. Might have to deal with the Kyubbi, although without Obito joining up with Madara, who knows if that'll even be an issue. Gosh, imagine a world where Kushina's pregnancy was smooth, Naruto wasn't the fox's host, and Minato was still alive.

Hell, with Kakashi gone, she could find herself teaching Team 7. Wouldn't that be a trip.

She could even take Obito's place in the plot, joining up with Madara and being sliiightly more effective at betraying him. I can totally see her awakening the Rinnegan and disappearing somewhere to live a quiet life, unleashing her wrath on people who disturb her.

But that's just me being plotty. You've created a masterpiece, here - the Itachi parallels especially. It's an interesting take on what kind of circumstances would lead someone to do something that heartless.

I also love how Meimu is influenced by her circumstances and her genetics. Sure, she hates where she's ended up, but in the end she's an Uchiha and will react to events in the way an Uchiha would, desperately trying to become stronger. She ends up so dependent on Orochimaru that she starts to talk like him, and becomes almost thoroughly assimilated into shinobi culture.

I have to wonder what your take on her identity is - does she still think of herself from Before as being her "real" self? Does she ever feel any disassociation when she thinks about how the "real" self from Before would have approached a situation? Is there even a genetic effect on her personality at all, aside from altering superficial things like processing speed and reflexes?
Guest chapter 5 . 6/1
Update the zabuza one and the kakashi one!
Guest chapter 5 . 6/1
Guest chapter 5 . 6/1
I adore the this fic to death! Even if I wish a few of the charas could've had more screen time. Every chapter seems better than the rest!
hooplah chapter 3 . 5/30
I thought these 5 little chapters were great especially this one. It's a real shame it's just a one off snippet. I'd have loved to see more.
paracuties chapter 5 . 5/30
The last sentence is hilarious. xD

God, you are so good at this. This whole world-designing and planning and everything. You have so many details that all fit so well together, and...this one ends in a way that I really, really want to see it continued. It would be pretty cool for Uzumaki Mito to end up being the Nidaime, and even better, then, because it shows female strength and can result in better relations with the Uchiha. I think Tobirama started the whole resentment thing between the Uchiha clan and Konoha.

Great job! I loved it!
paracuties chapter 4 . 5/30
Interesting idea! Of course, I'm coming to realize that all of your ideas are extremely interesting, so it's something of a moot sentence. You basically know what I'm going to say.

I like the mention of the Uchiha clan here! It's also interesting to play around with so many Uchiha characters, and I especially like the brief scene where Uchiha Shisui appeared. I like the Uchiha characters of Naruto in general, I guess. :P

I enjoyed this!
paracuties chapter 3 . 5/30
I like Kakashi's reaction. xD And there's snippets of humor in this story that I literally laughed out loud - please, it's midnight. My parents are going to hear me laughing and come storming inside to force me to bed. ._.

I really enjoyed this. The idea is amazing, too; I never really thought about Kakashi with a kid but THAT WOULD BE SO COOL. Of course, don't feel pressured about continuing this - because I'm reading "Reincarnation Roulette" with the fact that these are only random ideas in mind. So I'm enjoying them for what they're worth and not feeling too terrible that they're unlikely to be continued.

Keep writing! :)
paracuties chapter 2 . 5/29
I like that! It's interesting that you wrote part of it from Zabuza's point of view. You portray it pretty in character for someone like him.

And I liked the ideas in this one as well. The whole brutality of everything has such great imagery and such a great effect and I really like it!

Mm, not sure what SI stands for. But - I'm pretty interested in seeing your unfinished ideas. They're all amazing, and what's even better is that they're all OC stories. Pretty good that you can write it so well and have so many readers anyway.

Keep up the great work!
paracuties chapter 1 . 5/29

I can't even. I wish I could write half as good as this. It's interesting that you wrote this, because it's such an opposite juxtaposition to Itachi's relationship with his younger brother, and the fact that she succeeds in preventing some really big things (yeah, I have no better word choice as of currently) from happening while Itachi does not...

It's interesting. Not sure if it was done on purpose like that or not, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Amazing job. The chilling atmosphere you create with the entire story is really, really good. Keep up the great work!
G chapter 5 . 5/28
You should continue some of these stories, y'know? It would be pretty interesting if you used the one about Kakashi's kid. What if you made the teachers in the story disguise a genin test and she passes because she didn't notice? Then, after that, what if she gets placed into Team 7? Or Kakashi finally decides to tell her that he's her Dad? After that, she can pretty much give up about not being part of the plot because she'll start to care for people.
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