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deeplyinloves chapter 27 . 12/8/2013
OMG I FINALLY FINISHED READING ALL OF THIS AND SO MANY EMOTIONS. First of all, yay!, Harry's alive! In total honesty, I had a feeling their reunion would be just like how you've written it, lol! Second of all, I'm extremely sad that Pandora had to sacrifice her life (I kept imagining her as Tom and Danny's little baby panda kid thing) but oh well, as long as Harry's alive! xP Third of all, THEY BOTH HAD KIDS AND I AM LEGIT DYING. FGJSLDFGLSDKFJG.

Omg, thanks for thanking me! I'm sorry for not being around during like the last ten chapters, but you did a wonderful job with the story! *makes a heart with hands*
corruptedPOV chapter 27 . 11/9/2013
Anonymous chapter 27 . 11/9/2013
Awww.. of course you're welcome sweetie, somebody has to tell you that you're a great writer so you wouldn't be letting yourself down. When you said peace out, I almost thought that you'll say 'bitches'*. Yeah. In our fandom, we call it moose hair. That sounds like one of the episodes from SPN. They should beware: one day Winchester brothers might come to hunt them all down and then have a emo talk in Impala(that's exactly how each episode goes). Ok, guess I was just too much exposed to my friend's game taste. Heheh. Playing mysterious to the very end, I see. But you've done a good job at it! Yeah, hopefuly see you too.

RW: Ohh, bad Foxy! If he's the death, then he could be pet of Death from SPN!(shortcut for supernatural, if you would wonder) And they could eat pizza together!** Oh, how I ship it. And the swap between Gladius and little foxy was hilarious. Yay, Pandora, kick that fox's ass. He should take you to the sweet-shop instead of locking you in a battlefield! And I always liked that flames-eating star of Tom's. Pandora, no! ... What are you doing Dougie? What,what,what are you doing? Calm your tits, please, you pervert! OMC, they had children! Asdfghjkl! I am so going to name my avatar in pokemon game(yes, I found nintendo pokemon game online! Huray!) after her! I bet that she'll be a beautiful little ball of sunshine and I have a weird feeling that she might marry one of the twins.. I'm putting my bets on Leon! Okay, that's propably all from me. I really liked the story. It was dark at the end and turned fairytaleish in the end in the way that I reckon will please everyone. Shame that you wont be doing any more multi-chaptered fics, but I'll be looking forward for your brilliant SA's!
*Charlie from SPN uses this line.
**Jop, Death in SPN likes piza. But on the other hand, who doesn't like pizza?
Anonymous chapter 26 . 11/8/2013
No? To me it looks like you're already in the middle of the evolution! Heheh. Okay, I maybe try to goole it after I'll read this fic.(I've decided to change my style of reviewing and instead of reading and then reviewing I'm reviewing meanwhile I'm reading the fic.)
Maybe because of the hair, because you said in the first chapters that Foster has got long hair and Jared instantly pooped into my mind and then didn't want to get out. Why not? He could be chihuahua! Wait, there are more embodiments of human sins than Envy? Well, then I guess that I'll have to find out.

RW: O! Legendary pokemon's battle is coming! Dark!Tummy vs. What-does-the-fox-say-I-don't-know-his-name! ...Dougie, get out of my computer and go play unconscious! And his name is Foster.. Dougie, you pervert! I didn't really want to know what you're thinking of! *makes fake disgusted face* Gladius sound like Glados, a robot from Portal! *I see what you did there* Foster, don't act like Dalek's emperor.* Cool, Sam and Tommy are cooperating again! Poor Al is alone again, but don't worry, they'll all join you one day. Foster is a zombie! Or should I say, Zombster?* Heheh! And since Sam, the darkness and Tom, the light are mixed now, I reckon that he'll be able to revive, right? And he'll propably revive Harry and Sam disappears, because he'll die. Am I right?

*Dalek's emperor thought that he's a god, so he's immortal and nothing could hurt him. Boy how he was wrong..
corruptedPOV chapter 25 . 11/7/2013
ohhhhhh i hope Tom can get to them and they can kick this guys arse... AND BRING HARRY BACK TO LIFE *denial is a girls best friend right now*
Anonymous chapter 25 . 11/7/2013
Yes, they excel in torturing their viewers and you are learning fast from them. Now you sound like my maths teacher(It was just a little easy test, right?) Don't worry, you'll beat them soon!
Yeah, he always had this flaw. Do you think that it's some kind of disease? Like no name remembering?
Yes, you've already said that it's surprising that I get the hints right. But what would you expect from me? I'm a psychic! I can read mind, I'm Dougie's twin. And a crazy one for the record. If you don't want me to read them, then you should protect them better, sweetie*! Hmm... challenge acepted! But I'm not sure which one you're reffering to: to Dougie marrying a coffin or Foster's fatherhood.
Ohh, a pasty-mystery thingy*, I like that.
Well, I never had the chance to play pokemon game, since I don't have a nintendo and I don't even think that we have the games in our country for sale.

RW: Foster, you naughty thing. Yes! More psycho!Dougie, I like it when he smiles in my mind and then murder every one of those fuckers who hurt his hazzabear. And why I imagined "father" looking like Jared Padalecki? Ugh, now I can't take him seriously. And why are everyone turning into canines? Dougie, turn into a dog so the group could be complete. But I must say, that Bamf!Danny is quite cool. And what that the hell is Foster? Some chameleon fox with all the colours of a rainbow, since he is mixed with everyone's DNA? I wouldn't be surprised if he had Dougie's ability too. Another pokemon battle! Nice, me likey**. Wait. If the children had Harry's soul in them, and after they died they produced a ball with Tommy's abilities, what if there's a part of Harry's soul in every one of those spheres? And after they'll gather all of them, then they could fuse them together and put Harry's soul back where it belong and same will go for Tommy's powers. But then they'll have to kill Pandora. No, Pandora! Don't leave us! D: I so hope that I'm not right.

*River(Doctor's wife) from DW calls Doctor Sweetie and uses 'sweetie' in her lines like 'Hello, sweetie'.
**One of the lines which Dean from SPN uses. And he says sometimes 'ne' instead of 'no'. (Which means no in my country, so maybe it's a reference!)
corruptedPOV chapter 24 . 11/4/2013
ohhhhhhhhh what a twist!
Anonymous chapter 24 . 11/4/2013
I'm glad that we have the same feeling about Red, because him and Green are my OTP. He became the champion and catched all pokemons of Kanto in 4 episodes, so yeah. And poor Green, he was a champion for about 10 minutes! Yeah, I know. The only thing I can be afraid of in those games are: unwanted death in TS3 and Groxes in Spore.
Me in denial? Always. And I think that Dougie will marry that coffin, because canceling the weeding costs too much.
JK Rowling is too weak word. More correct is Game of Thrones or Supernatural. Tiny? Yeah, you're definitely Moffat.

RW: Yes! The double pokemon battle! I knew that there will be one. And Leona 2 seems offended by Dougie's non-existent name memory. I really like that scarf of Dancy's. Do you think that I could borrow it from time to time? I had a feeling that The Oaths are their spirit animals, but the explanation that is in the story is close enough to my theory. OMC why I like the fox boy? He seems so cute in my mind. I would adopt him if he wouldn't kill Hazza. And why did I instantly imagined the song 'What does the fox say' when where was a mention about a fox in the story?
... But wait, if Foster created Aldwin and Tom, didn't he create Dougie, Harry and Danny too then? Since they all came from the polaris project, so it looks possible. So foster is their father too. *mind blown* Thank you for amazing and heartbreaking story, dear Moffat junior. *bows* I'll better go until I'll get hit by a wave of feels. Smell ya later!* *leaves*

* Green's goodbye line in The pokemon origins. I just couldn't resist it, sorry.
corruptedPOV chapter 23 . 11/3/2013
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh more people getting in their way!
can't wait for more!
Anonymous chapter 23 . 11/2/2013
Yeah, Ash is dumbass. I personally like Red from Pokemon origins. He is extremely shippable with Green. And don't worry about my game taste. From now on I'm playing only The Sims 3, Spore and occasionally Warcraft 3.

Of course I'm reading your mind, I'm Dougie's crazy twin sister, remember? *her eyes sparks mischievously* I ship my brother with that coffin, because he always drags it around. Yeah, I know, I'm crazy. *shrugs*
Yeah, because those SAs wouldn't write themselves, right? *gives you a knowing look*

RW: Ha, I was right then I heard in your mind that it's Aurora! My powers are getting better! *does a victory dance* And OMC, why are you killing everyone?! I hope that you have a plan to bring them back to life or you'll propably never hear about me again, since I would die from feels and have a nice trip around Purgatory. I'm really hoping that flones will adopt the Panda, or I'll make them. *raises a fist* And Tom's battle with himself is quite funny. Sam, you troll! That's a good way how to train Tommy. And yes, Danny! Kill that bitch! ... Why do I have the feeling, that the double pokemon match is coming? :D Well, nevermind. Let's wait till the next chapter and then cry over feels.
Anonymous chapter 22 . 10/12/2013
Jop, that's true. Another reason to love you and your fanfics! (I find out that when I wait a day to review then I've got better ideas about how to write it, but I sometimes can't write because I'm somewhere for the whole day and then I miss my opportunity to write a review before new chapter.)

I really do enjoy them. They sometimes remind me of a mix between Naruto and Pokemons, but it's still greatly written. Well I mostly played it because my friend had too much feels from it so she talked me to playing it so I would know those feels too and then we could talk about it. Ugh I will never ever get talked to playing a game from her. It always ends in floods of tears... *shivers*

RW: Poor Tom, he has got a boss even in his mind, the only place where he should he be the boss. And Samoth is a little grumpy cat! Heheh. And Aurora, is that you? Your hair must be literaly a bird nest, when Bruce decided to use it as a resting place. Harry, get back to your body! Instant! *raises a fist to better express her point* Well, at last you're not a dikdik. That would be awkward.
corruptedPOV chapter 22 . 10/12/2013
but ohhh how does Brucy know her? interesting...
Princess Unikitty chapter 22 . 10/10/2013
looks great so far. keep it up.
corruptedPOV chapter 21 . 10/8/2013
T-T-Tom? NOT MY TOM OH MY GOD NO NOT MY TOM *falls onto the floor crying*
Anonymous chapter 21 . 10/6/2013
Hey, I've written a review on the last chapter about one minute before you updated! :D What a coincidence! I would ofreviewed the day you updated, but my first review got deleted and then I was at my friend's house, where we played a game which turned from fairytale to depresing story*, so I didn't want to review, since it would be propably just a really crappy depresing nonsense of a review. Sorry, my bad.

RW: Oh Dougs, you poor little thing. I feel you bro. *hugs him* And I must say that Corabelle kinda reminds me of Flones lovechild and even when I don't remember my dream anymore, I bet that she looked similar. But the fight is action awesomeness like always, it proves that we can't expect from you something different than a perfection. And confused!Dougie is qiute adorable in my mind. Ok, I'll better end here or I'll just babble forever.

* The game is called "Brothers a tale of two sons" and you must be a last 16 years old to play that. Now I know why. The creators of the game are depressed alcoholics, so I guess that this explains that depressing feeling while playing at the end. -you can skip this part, it's boring- It's about 2 brothers, who go on an adventure to find a cure for their dad, but the older brother who was taking care and protecting his much younger brother died at the end and you had to bury him(you're playing as both brothers at once until the older one dies) and then travel back home on your own, which is really sad since you're going the same road where you went at the begining, but now you have nobody to help you, since the youngster can't swim and he had to learn it at the end to get back at even the fricking weather is depressing. I don't even know why I'm telling you this. Maybe because nobody from my family wil listen to me and I just can't take it in any longer? Yes, that's propably it. Sorry, I warned you that I chatter a lot.
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