Reviews for Spidey's Life is a Game!
ANIME RON chapter 40 . 7/6
Bats and Spidey that's just not right
griezz chapter 40 . 6/22
Umbrardor chapter 21 . 5/31
gawd. this crack romance is almost as crack as canon marvel itself. i love it.
time for some action drama tragedy shit to happen :D
Umbrardor chapter 19 . 5/31
I am loving all of the little bits of comic info and facts. It's really helping to tone down the number of visits to the marvel wiki XD
Umbrardor chapter 17 . 5/31
Seeing how slow this part of the fanfiction community is, I'm glad to see you eventually completed it. Writing this crack must have been really fun.
Inquisitor Czevak chapter 2 . 4/26
This is so damn awesome! This is freaking amazing! Daebak!
roxasduelwielder chapter 49 . 3/27
Would like to see more of his relationship with his kids and woman
Mathylda0 chapter 11 . 1/27
When Anansi call Spidey "Halfling" (which I imagine is a typo) I suddenly has this pop in my head :
The Amazing Spider-Hobbit !
Then my brain short-circuit to protect my brain from the image
Blakemitch1696 chapter 1 . 1/24
Awesome so far
ANIME RON chapter 36 . 1/9
Not gonna lie all a got from that was that phantom-spider is the badass of the family. That son and daughter ratio is still hella unfair. I can just imagine it now a big argument comes up and the boys are out numbered.
ANIME RON chapter 35 . 1/9
Awesome chapter. Zoe is not as innocent as she seems. I can't believe that despicable excuse for a spider-man show is still going on.
ANIME RON chapter 34 . 1/9
I'm not the biggest deadpool fan but WWWHHHYYY! Also why is spidy's sons and daughters ratio so unbalanced?
ANIME RON chapter 30 . 1/4
I'm OK with any other Gwen Stacy EXCEPT 616's. sleeps with his archenemy HELL NO that's unforgivable.
ANIME RON chapter 27 . 1/4
Simply no words can describe this god like story, even when it got confusing as hell, even when some of the characters got out of character dark. would a spider-man fan put it? AMAZING! By the way what happened to hope I mean wasn't Spidey training her?
ANIME RON chapter 11 . 12/29/2015
You are so right there should be thousands with how much canon information
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