Reviews for The Guardian
AndurilofTolkien chapter 1 . 4/5/2017
aw :)
Tauriel chapter 1 . 2/3/2014
This is amazingly well written! I love it!
FireSenshi2 chapter 1 . 1/13/2013
Elrond is my absolute favourite! Thanks for sharing!
Greenleaf's Daughter chapter 1 . 12/11/2012
Just taking a break from work... I really like this story because of the setting (early days in Imladris) as well as the overall sentiment of Elrond finding his purpose in life post-fighting. It's great to see that he's already doing his best for the refugees in his care (all the more so since he's probably a refugee too) and being able to put a name to it after the encounter with Cuilnoth seems to be the one thing which makes it easier for him, all the more so since I think it describes his new role really well. Any more encounters between Elrond and Cuilnoth? :o)
Oleanne chapter 1 . 12/9/2012
Wow, another nice story. I like the way you flush out this piece and shine light on a time period that was just quickly outlined by Tolkien. Keep up the good work!
Crookneck chapter 1 . 12/9/2012
Aww, thanks! I woke up this morning and saw that there'd been a small blizzard overnight and I had an ‘oh, come ON’ moment (I love snow but not when there are things under it that I need to get to…), and then I remembered you’d probably published this story. Now I get to start the morning with a story rather than a shovel!

“It should not be this hard, Elrond berated himself, ordering his hand to move, to pick up the quill, whose tip was hardening with drying ink. If he did nothing soon, the quill would be next to useless, at least until he found the time to properly trim it. Elrond snorted at the thought. And since when have I had time to simply sit about and trim my quills?” That’s just so real. This is another thing I’ve given little thought to – of course they use quills. I don’t know anything about quills and it never occurred to me that one would have to trim them or worry about the drying ink. Great details!

I can SO understand how he feels here at the beginning! A predicament most are pretty familiar with, I’m sure. Paring things down to the smallest steps in an attempt to make the task palatable. “Ok, just pick up the pencil/calculator/etc. Just pick it up. Step one. You can do it, self.” (Self grumbles despairingly). More often than not I follow Elrond’s lead here and give up…

What a picture you paint of Imladris! How strange to think it unfinished and muddy. Love your comment about him ‘not being in the habit of detaining young children’ – just the kind of wry humor I’d expect from his thoughts. When she melted into his chest my heart melted a little too, that was super cute.

Such fantastic battle scenes! Things move at a breakneck (haha) speed. I always have a hard time writing fights. It’s so important to include only the perfect details and nothing else, if you want things to flow quickly and wildly as they would in a real fight scene. Choosing what to include is pretty critical.

AAAHHh, when they are forced back into the house to head for the back windows and they hear the breaking of glass and orc speech! The excitement! Oh man, and when he gets ambushed in the side-street and his blade is knocked away, another heart-stopping moment. Interesting element with his explosion of BA-ness there, cutting down all the orcs and not really remembering it. Reminds us that, yes, he’s an elf lord (not that I’d forgotten that), and despite his grumblings over paperwork and his elusive discomfort under the gratitude of the lady in the tent, he’s still capable of being… quite… terrifying.

The line “Although the people seemed to have claimed him as the lord of the settlement, he was still in her home” struck me when I read it and I had to pause to consider it before moving on. First, that’s a very considerate thing for him to think. Also, and here I go again with my broken record observations, this is yet another thing I’d never considered before; that at some point early in the founding of Imladris, of course he would have to grapple a little with how he was placed among the refugees. And then your last sentence in the story is made all the more poignant for having included this other bit earlier – the moment he realizes that they are his people and he is their guardian, and realizes the many forms a guardian of said people can and must take.

I so appreciate this! Ultimately a feel-good tale that still puts the heart through the wringer – the best kind of story. It’s dense, nonstop mystery, action, and intrigue, and not rambling at all – an exceptionally well-crafted short story! And done after midnights, to boot. You have my gratitude – you are so kind to have wanted to cheer me, and yes, my week was crap, and YES, this lifted my spirits! I think there’s little that is better for the spirit than a darn good story. You’re the bee’s knees! :P

LalaithElerrina chapter 1 . 12/9/2012
This was excellent! I like how you brought in little Cuilnoth both times, first in the present, and then in his memory, and how her presence helped him remember what was important. Poor little tyke to go through all that.