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theawesomeguest chapter 40 . 7/25/2014
An amazing conclusion to an amazing tale. I have noticed that in this fandom there are many of this kind of stories, actually there is many of this kind og stories in many franchises but in those stories i always felt that everything was rushed but you did this perfectly, i never felt it was rushed. Overall my friend you have made a piece of art that you should be proud of.
Bismarck Alexander chapter 40 . 7/21/2014
Yes! Keitaro scored with the blonde
And looks like everything turned out alright in the end
Kitsune is a good a mother
Too bad Su wasnt there
But Motoko and Yamato are a cute couple

I enjoyed your story
I hope theres a sequel
DaMastah101 chapter 40 . 7/20/2014
A satisfying end to a wonderful fanfic! Loved the Yuka end :D.

All the characters had nice resolutions in the epilogue as well. It's good to see Tora getting punished for the scumbag that he is XD. Hina's as stubborn as ever lol. Naru and Kitsune tandem along with the bundle of joy that is Takayuki made me smile. Yamato x Motoko is a really fun pair to read. Shinobu, Sarah and Kanako's fates were well written as well. Kaollu Su though...

Will continue to read your work in the future :)
TigressJade chapter 40 . 7/20/2014
Sweet! I was worried the votes would be in favor of Mizuho, so I voted Mutsumi in hopes of getting an alternative. That said, I adore the way you write, so I knew the ending would be likable regardless.

I did like the Yuka ending and that the two of them sorted things out. The endings for all of the other characters were enjoyable as well, including Kanako's bit with voice acting. Actually Kanako being a voice actor amused me greatly. Takayuki's nickname for her was adorable!

Naru and Kistune remaining friends, and in touch with, Keitaro is also a novel part of this fanfic. More often than not in fanfics where he doesn't wind up with Naru, she winds up getting a negative ending rather than realizing her own faults/moving on in life and staying friendly. I believe that an event like Kitsune getting pregnant would actually spur her into a new role and cause her to change her own perspective on those around her. Making up with her family being one of the most important things for her to have done. Including Mei, whom I also like ;)

I will admit that ever since I saw Tora in an anime clip for Maid-sama last year, I've hated his guts. I mean he IS a pretty stereotypical villain that gets his at the end anyway, but I enjoyed seeing his treatment of Kitsune end with his getting a state mandated punishment for it. Well Kitsune and every other women he's come across.

You did explain the reasoning behind the endings quite well, and even Suzuka's revelation in the last chapter and subsequent change of character up til now was very well done. It isn't often that Suzuka changes as well and stays friend with Yamato when they DON'T end up together. Mind you, this was something that annoyed me about Suzuka cannon, I don't feel that her and Yamato should have wound up together.

He and Motoko, a character from another anime/manga mind you, had way more chemistry than Yamato and Suzuka did. Although the idea of Motoko having intimate relations with someone and being able to mention it at all sort of wowed me. I mean, I knew she'd get to that point someday, where she felt comfortable doing certain things within a stable relationship, but it's nice to see such a thing pan out. Yamato and Motoko both had "interesting" experiences with those of the opposite gender and always seemed to be able to understand one another, however grudgingly, so it worked out much better than what any cannon storyline could have given them.

Thank you very much for writing this fic, it was a pleasant read during a rather stressful few months/year. I'm sorry I didn't review more, but will try to backpedal and review the other chapters I've read at some point. My mind's been more tired and lacking in inspiration to write a legible review than it normally is. Though, I felt the need to write this one, despite everything, because of how happy reading this story made me. You gave it a happy ending, and gave all the characters a purpose and showed them achieving, or on the cusp of achieving, their goals. So that was some great writing, it's nice to have a happy ending for everyone once in a while, excepting Hina, but I won't hold my breath for that one. She's rarely seen as anything but manipulative mastermind, though she is occasionally redeemed. Anyway, kudos to you and have an awesome, what's left of, the weekend. ;)
Samhan chapter 40 . 7/20/2014
It's good that Kitsune for not accepting the money from Tora, who know what will happen!
But what about Hina?
Heliosion chapter 40 . 7/20/2014
A brilliant well rounded conclusion to what was a immensely enjoyable read. I read this from the very start and I'm sad but at the same time happy to see it come to its natural conclusion. I say this each and every time but it would feel wrong not to but once again you show your the master of the five minute read! I'm highly anticipating your next project!
Ginkyofu13 chapter 40 . 7/20/2014
That turned out to be the best fanfiction ending ever! I think I actually find Yuka and Keitaro a good couple, but I am very graceful that everyone changed for the better. That's a good thing! I seemed to enjoy it a lot and I will continue to follow the work in the future because you deserve a Metal!
Kamen Rider Onyx chapter 39 . 7/16/2014
Welp Suzuka's a coward*TBF though Yamoto kinda is too*

and I vote Yuka.
RacerShadow chapter 39 . 7/14/2014
Oh btw Id rather see Mizuho and Keitaro 2gether because I havent seen any Love Hina Fanfics with Mizuho being the girl Keitaro ended up with and personally i hate Yuka.
DaMastah101 chapter 39 . 7/14/2014
'Twas a swell chapter :D I like that most of the hanging subplots are resolved. I vote Yuka BTW :)
Samhan chapter 39 . 7/13/2014
I vote for Mizuho
Bismarck Alexander chapter 39 . 7/13/2014
My god I was right
Tora got what was coming to him. Thats what happens when you treat women like that
Keitaro managed to work things out with Yuka, he should end up with her the blonde
and Yamato and Motoko are doing better than ever but they need more kissing or something
keep up the good work
A raging Ghost chapter 39 . 7/13/2014
First off let's start by saying, this seems to be a story put off for some time. It's an interesting mix of series, and the drama is actually drama. So good job, in a dead fandom like this it's hard to have anything worth reading anymore. But you and several other have managed to keep grasping my interest. So good job.

As for the pairing. At this point, I'd personally rather see what the story itself get's from it. Yuka seems like a sweet character, but I'm not entirely sure if she was willing to let Keitaro go just yet. With their recent tussle and break up, i feel like everything ended before anything even really began. They where still feeling each other out. Both knew of their issues before they started dating. Then they thought that they had gotten over it but when their past came back to haunt them, everything crumbled because one was so insecure and the other really didn't even know what she wanted yet. I still feel like she was good for him as she balanced him out and was one of the more real characters with her personal issues. She turned him back to trying to be himself not just someone else. So as a character, she's already done her job. Honestly whatever you chose to happen between the two I'll probably be fine with

Mizuho, isn't really someone I've really had much interest in at this point. For what she is, she is a good character, she gives plenty of options however she is definitely looking for any and all opportunities to snatch him away. Even if she's stated out loud she's just friends and didn't mean that kiss to happen. Still she's very real in that aspect and I do wonder what your plans are for the two. As for what she brings to Keitaro, that's left to be said. As I said you really haven't done anything to state where the relationship stands by actions. Actually all her actions so far have stated is she is willing to take advantage of Keitaro when he's down and out. And she told him this. yes she said she wouldn't do that anymore but she did it not once but twice. People don't just change their tune like that unless something major happens. That being said, what is really to stop her from doing that again when she feels threatened. So Depending on how you play this character it could be a real kicker. Actually now that I've said that, I just realized that she's basically a plot pusher. She doesn't really stand out much besides when she actually does something.

As for Mutsumi. Being how understanding Kei is and the fact that she's loved the big lug for a long time. I can't help but say she is now going to take the gloves off. Still, the two are rather similar so I can't really see them together. However, it really does depend on how you decide to roll it. And it's Mutsumi, there really isn't much to say on the topic.

well that's my view enjoy.
Weird Beard chapter 39 . 7/13/2014
Sad, but happy at thew same time to see this one ending. It's been a good story.

Yuka. No promises made when he was still wetting his bed; No promises tha*no one* took seriously; instead the girl he met on his own, and who helped encourage him to do what he wanted with his life.

Anyways, depending on her chosen genre, I think Keitaro should still negotiate to do the mangas of Motoko's stories. And Kanako should star in the film versions.
Heliosion chapter 39 . 7/13/2014
Well before I forget I would say Yuka for the epilogue purely because the poor lassie needs someone obtainable but on how well you were tying up old subplots I must say you dropped the ball a little on the Suzuka letter thing. Did you forget about it at first lol but other than that your shiny crown as king of the five minute reads is still yours. Looking forward to the epilogue!
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