Reviews for Animals Like Us Belong In the Black
SarahTaylorTam chapter 61 . 8/21
Another good chapter, the way you have played this it does look like it will be fun. Zoe only realising now was a bit of a surprise. Can't wait to see where you take this keep up the good work.
Wicked.Onna chapter 61 . 8/21
So I'm absolutely in love with a story and the chapters amazing on a side note I am now part of Tumblr and because of this I decided to share hopefully it gets you more reads
sxevlbtch chapter 60 . 8/13
I love love LOVE how you changed this episode. I agree whole heartedly that they wouldn't last, and Nandi would be a much better fit. Can't wait for the next update!
Wicked.Onna chapter 60 . 8/9
great chapter update I just don't know what I'll do once you finish this story I may not have the will to live JK but really I love this story and it's one of my true favoritesand and always will be
SarahTaylorTam chapter 60 . 8/9
Another great chapter and a good end to the episode especially the husking and the baby and its adopted family getting the money. Can't wait to see where you take this next keep up the good work.
keyairreem chapter 60 . 8/9
Woot! An update! I love this combination of Firefly/Riddick and am glad to see you adding to it. Thank you for the translations-I think that makes the swears even more potent and meaningful. Your OC's are very well done and everyone's interactions always feel real. Thank you for sharing.
sxevlbtch chapter 59 . 8/3
I approve so much of the changes! Really love the direction that this episode is taking, and I hope Nadi lives.
pkmnmstr9412 chapter 59 . 7/29
I like the changes, and you worked them in well. I'm also impressed with the way that you've set up the future episodes.
chanelblanc chapter 59 . 7/28
Gah! I LOVE this story! The way you write Riddick and River and their interactions... *sigh* I didn't know I needed this until I read your work. Now I just can't live without it. You write such vivid stories and your characters are just so freaking real. You've helped keep me sane, Lady. And that's no small feat. Thank you for taking the time to write, post and update your stories. And thank you for sharing them with the rest of us. I, for one, really appreciate it. *sends hugs*
Wicked.Onna chapter 59 . 7/28
god I love this story and I will love it for all time please never give up on this work of art it's a masterpiece and should I have to buy it I would a hundred times over. this chapter was so good and oh so perfect can't wait for your next update
AKO chapter 59 . 7/28
I love how you brought Boyd of 'Justified' into the story
SarahTaylorTam chapter 59 . 7/28
Another great chapter. I like the changes you have made and details you have added they just add more depth to a really good episode. Can't wait to see where you take this keep up the good work.
Wicked.Onna chapter 58 . 7/14
love the charter and how you did it, I truly love this story and think it is one of the best Rivrick stores out there. I'm looking forward to reading your next update
DocCBM chapter 27 . 7/14
Very good. Can't wait for mal to stop being self richious.
SarahTaylorTam chapter 58 . 7/14
Wow this was a quick update. Have been looking forward to this episode and the possible changes you would make to it. Like that you jump back and for through it and make us wonder what went wrong and how? Looking forward to to seeing where this episode goes. Bit strange not having shea around. Unfortunately there aren't many more episodes left and this has been a great story shame to see it end. Unless are you going to cover the film? Best of your great stories and best ridddick river cross over. Keep up the good work.
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