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Ottawa Pagan chapter 16 . 4/11
awesome story :)
The Dark One Rising chapter 16 . 3/13
Not to Harry: Never insult Lily where Snape can hear. Post Script: Mention good things about Lily, when the man is within hearing range.

Having friends is nice. I personally hope that Ron and Harry will at least become civil, if not friends, again. I might not like it, but I can understand where Ron is coming from. Harry may have also overreacted, a bit. I don't want them to be buddy-buddy. Neville makes for a better friend than Ron did. Still, it's not good for Ron, being a complete outcast. He shouldn't have said it, but it's not hard to see why he did.
The Dark One Rising chapter 15 . 3/13
Oh, yes. That was wonderful. Skeeter gas her uses. She is much better when she isn't being blackmailed. Willing cooperation makes for an even better article. Let's hope this holds through until after the fallout from the Tournament. Even if Cedric doesn't die, it would be nice to let the public know that Vildemort was back.
The Dark One Rising chapter 14 . 3/13
its always nice to see Harry using his head. He should unleash his Slytherin side more often. I look forward to those articles. May he and Skeeter form a good working relationship...Or, at least one that can be used to Harry's advantage.
The Dark One Rising chapter 13 . 3/13
Have to love it when Snape realizes that Harry isn't a carbon-copy of James. I also do love it when people compare Harry to his mother. It's nice to rememeber that he wasn't just cloned from James. While it might not be the most happy thing to always be compared to one's dead parents, it might also be nice to feel closer to them.
The Dark One Rising chapter 12 . 3/13
That went about as well as I had expected, for a bit. Then, it went even better. Before having him convince his housemates, I worried only a few of his friends were going to support him. At least the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff sides are with him. I think most of the Ravenclaw's will come around, too. After all, Hogwarts has a better chance of winning with two contestants entered instead of one. Slytherin will realize it, even if they can't openly support him.
The Dark One Rising chapter 11 . 3/13
We'll, maybe this will go better. Harry is better at making his case, this time. Cedric might also be willing to say he didn't enter. I'm hoping for only half of the school turned against Harry, not all of it.
The Dark One Rising chapter 10 . 3/12
She. Disregard my previous comment. You simply hadn't gotten around to talking about Fleur, yet. This isn't going to turn into a Harry-Fleur, is it? I don't mind the pairing, but I'm not really in the mood to read the paring, right now. Just finished a long-running fic about them.
The Dark One Rising chapter 9 . 3/12
Everyone was staring at Krum? Are you sure? Not a single person was drooling at the sight of Fleur? I honestly can't remember how infatuated the people were in canon. Still, a part-Veela should probably garner some attention.
The Dark One Rising chapter 8 . 3/11
I had almost forgotten that this was a fourth year fic. Eight chapters in, probably 20k words, and still no Tournament. I can't wait for the other schools to get to Hogwarts. I am also definitely noticing those changes, by now. I feel a bit bad for Ron. His reaction will be even worse this time. At least Harry will have Neville, who never even really betrayed him in canon.
The Dark One Rising chapter 7 . 3/11
I always wished that Harry had taken Ancient Runes. While it could just be a language class, there are still many aplications for that. After all, the language of Latin is magical enough to use it to cast spells. The same theory might apply to Ancient Runes. If nothing else, it seems more intersting and useful than Divination. Of course, I've seen fics where Trelawney is just inconstant and Divination is just stereotyped badly. Something like Dicination sounds like it could be useful, even if we never see it like that.
The Dark One Rising chapter 6 . 3/10
At least I think it's fake Moody. Harry's actions haven't been too different, and they certainly aren't enough to change Voldemort's plans, yet. Then again, you could be playing upon reader assumptions hat it is fake Moody. It should be but might not.
The Dark One Rising chapter 5 . 3/9
Some things followed fairly close to the books. I did notice that one of the changes involved Sirius. I do hope that means Harry will actually try to get better grades this year. It would do him a world of good. He might not have much of a chance, with he Triward Tournament, however.
The Dark One Rising chapter 4 . 3/8
I'm going to hope that at least Nville won't turn on Harry. I don't think he will. Ron still might. The Twins won't, wscpecially with this new information. Hermione, possibly.
The Dark One Rising chapter 3 . 3/8
I think Moody is still fake. Harry's actions so far couldn't have changed that much of he plot. I could be wrong, though. I also think he'll still be entered. The outcome might be a bit different, though. Will he still get captured? Probably. The graveyard is going to different. How different is he question. I do still think Voldemort will be revived, but I hope not.
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