Reviews for Fifty Shades of Infidelity
joan.goldman.9 chapter 34 . 1/29
So Jack REALLY is a good guy and now they both know that it's Elena behind everything in their life trying to break them up.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 33 . 1/29
So Jack is a good guy in this story and being conned by Elena? Was Elena taking to Leila?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 32 . 1/29
Oh that is not going to go over well! But she is trying to find out what's going on and she should tell at least Taylor and Luke? Because Christian is going to get the wrong idea now with her?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 31 . 1/29
Ana has to listen to Christian and everyone's explanation because I very curious as to what the explanation is?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 30 . 1/29
So Leila wasn't giving him a BJ? AND this is all a plot to get Ana and Christian apart?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 29 . 1/29
Good thing that Ana over heard that BUT was Christian really getting a BJ from Leila? AND why would he allow that?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 28 . 1/29
What the heck is Ana look at?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 27 . 1/29
I think that Gail, Taylor and Luke are helping her figure things out.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 26 . 1/29
I'm glad that Christian finally came back but they really need to talk about each other needs. I'm sure that when Ana called out Luke's name that had to hurt. Maybe Christian should teach Ana to get more involved with GEH so that she would understand more?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 25 . 1/28
So did Christian know that Ethan was into Mia?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 24 . 1/28
Good move Ana!
joan.goldman.9 chapter 23 . 1/28
That was romantic and Christian did get what he wanted. :)
joan.goldman.9 chapter 22 . 1/28
What is with Ana and her libido? Jose, Ethan, Christian and now Sawyer!
joan.goldman.9 chapter 21 . 1/28
That was carrying things a bit too far and Kate is really causing too much trouble.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 20 . 1/28
I love that she gave him a hickey back. Sawyer and Ana's playfulness was great.
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