Reviews for Ingenious Idiot
ReaderKit chapter 16 . 11/10
These are great. I love how Kirk is basically a less grumpy Batman. Thanks for the amusement!
Call Me Personality chapter 16 . 10/31
I just wanted to say that you are a lovely person and the fact that you write and maintain such an awesome story and keep up with school and whatever else you have going on is truly amazing. Like seriously awesome. This story really brightens my day. I get so excited when I see that you've posted another chapter. Keep up the good work, love!
Crystalzap chapter 2 . 10/24
lol nicely done!
Crystalzap chapter 1 . 10/24
lol well so he got hypoed anyway. GREAT! first chapter! I love this so far and while I usually don't stop to say it I just had to for this
IRejectYourRealityForMyOwn chapter 16 . 10/19
I know it been a year and school work should always come first, but if you continue this story that would be amazing. I am partial to prompt 3. Thanks for the amazing stories.
Chrisii chapter 16 . 10/18
Holy.. wow.
I've been reading this ever since I started, regardless of my studies and whatsoever.. And I just have a few words. This story is so unbelievably amazing. I was searching for just a one shot to pass the time, but I'm so glad I gave this a shot! Apart from the fantastic use of the English language and the great way in which you portrayed the characters, the chapters were highly entertaining to the point I was dreading the moment I had to go pee. The way this story pulls you in is truly phenomenal!
I know this story is more than a year old, but I just had to say these few things, because I, a person who doesn't review often, couldn't NOT review this truly fantastic story.

Great Job c !
lifelong.reader chapter 16 . 10/14
The crew can read Jim's mind!
BooksAreMedicine chapter 16 . 10/12
Did Spock put the Ensigns up to waiting for Jim during the Gamma shift? I like how Spock and Jim trust each other enough to respect the need for space and privacy.
Lovely job with the suspense build up about Spencer's plan. I love love love how Spock and Jim worked together, great teamwork and I always enjoy seeing how their skills work so well together.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 15 . 10/12
Interesting idea for a story but a great setup for more character growth. I loved how Spock has faith in Jim and Bones and Jim's ritual after an injury. Amazing depiction of all the emotions Jim would have to go through, very moving and detailed. Nice job giving Mr. Scotty the spotlight, he had a great way to handle it.
I thought it was good to see how Spock viewed Jim and all of the adjustments he made (though he does seem more human in your stories) with just accepting what Jim says and being flexible with sparring.
Wonderful idea to have the scene with the two Ensigns, nice to see how the whole ship views things
BooksAreMedicine chapter 14 . 10/12
Ooh, wonderful family dynamic with Jo...nice to see Chekov being a kid and Uhura being a sister and the soft side of McCoy. Hell hath no Fury like true! I liked how you gave Jo some of McCoy's personality but the female version, nicely done. And Sulu's comment about which warehouse was priceless. Great Pike-Jim moment too, like the pseudo father stuff, every consider a chapter where he interacts with some form of his father, be it ghost or dream or other? The moment between Bones and Jim was great, Bones finally got through to Jim about being family, glad it happened at last. And his nickname is perfect too.
I absolutely loved the scene where Jim feel asleep, talk about character growth there.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 13 . 10/10
Nice scene with Uhura, I loved hearing more about their relationship, siblings is perfect lol. He and Spock are already like brothers so her being like a sister fits very well. The language thing was pretty funny too with Elvish lol
BooksAreMedicine chapter 12 . 10/10
Awesome chapter! I loved how Spock stopped the bomb and how Sulu showed his skills too. It was great to have a teamwork chapter with everyone contributing, great character growth and relationship evolution.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 11 . 10/10
Yay for a Jim and Spock chapter, they both are so much alike hypocrites and all ;)
I am glad Jim got through to Spock about the space thing. So much suspense building with whomever is after him, nicely done.
The part about the reputations was great and the hide and go seek thing was brilliant
BooksAreMedicine chapter 10 . 10/9
Love love love the family support at the end! I also appreciate the character growth with Jim reaching out to Spock at the start. Nice job with the plan, knew something had to be up but it was way deeper than I thought with Jim knowing from the start.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 9 . 10/9
Intense chapter, that is some very creative torture descriptions. Jim played his part of "I'm only the captain, that's why I care so well, not like they're my friends"
I loved hearing what Chekov thought and what he wants to become, so adorable and admirable, I liked seeing his strength alongside Jim's and how he did what he could.
Great escape scene and awesome takedown by Kirk, whoa!
I loved how Chekov was key to their escape too. I wish Spock would play a larger role in another story
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