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Anon chapter 11 . 7/17/2017
It's too bad this fic is dead it was pretty good. It's 2017 and you last updated in 2014 so I doubt that you will update again though if you do that will have been a long hiatus. This has been pretty good though and I wondering how Jack Frost accidentally or perhaps he was indirectly involved in her son's death. I guess I will never know which is slightly disappointing but this was a pretty good fic with a good premise. I guess in an alternate universe if you wrote the fic more you would have explored Pitch's and the main character's grief a little bit more and then they could bond more and comfort each other. I suppose they've only known each other for a month. I like the two of them together and you made a great original character. Original characters are bit stigmatize in fan fic for some reason partly because I think misogyny makes people hate any original female characters inserted into fanfics like a bias against them. I liked her and most of the time I liked how you charactized Pitch and I am glad she didn't want her godson to go into a foster home though the fic didn't explore Danny's grief about losing his dad and the nightmares or the aftermath of the extremely horrible nightmare Pitch inflicted on him. I wonder why Danny isn't a bit twitchy and a little more afraid of Pitch even if his beloved Auntie says he was pretty great and seems to know that she can see spirits too but little Danny probably doesn't know her other powers. That poor kid needs a hug. I am surprised Pitch hasn't grown a little more cheerier in their acquaintance, he was a little when the main character trashed North's place and that she had the great idea to spread or make people believe in Pitch again and she made her godson believe in Pitch again and he didn't seem flattered of his partner's surprisingly good opinion of him being nice and in repayment she scares her godson hum. Is the main character a Christian?

Anyway thanks for writing the fic this was pretty good :)
Anon chapter 10 . 7/17/2017
Oh no I am sorry about your computer problems and the chapters of your stories you lost that must have been unpleasant.
Anon chapter 9 . 7/17/2017
The next chapter is going to be intense. Poor Danny his dad died even if he's an asshole, he has the worst nightmare ever because of his Auntie and Pitch, and then he had quite a fright with that horror movie and he might have more nightmares that night.
So wait the main character killed her son? Huh. Did she accidentally kill him? Some conflicting accounts coming from she and her murder victim of her best friend's exe. I wonder if your main character is bisexual? She is so violently protective of her best friend, I wonder if she's in love with her, slightly possessive too?

You've mostly been doing Pitch well though I am kind of surprised he hasn't used smooth manipulative tactics instead of just snapping and irritation to get her to tell him things. Jack Frost and her should have an interesting interaction hum. I wonder if she was distracted in a snow storm that Jack was creating to entertain her child and then she got in a car crash because Jack kept trying to entertain them both by her window or something so happy he was to be seen?
Anon chapter 8 . 7/17/2017
It's understandable she w as so angry and she has quite the imagination to make bugs come out of him and him to die horribly. Isn't Pitch giving him a nightmare to make him seem like a witness kind of altering his memory because he's going to think that happened or are the police just going to think the kid is psychic and be okay with that or something? I like your heroine's powers. I know she likes horror fiction and grief has made her a bit- Usually someone is a bit bothered when they kill someone and has some reservations, lots of soldiers come back home with people they had to kill haunting them and shouldn't she have had a been more hesititation asking Pitch to give her son Danny nightmares? I mean I know you said it hurt her heart but- I wasn't expecting her to kill him lol. I can understand why the guardian of souls was not amused. This has definitely gotten dark for a fan fiction of a kid's movie. I wasn't expecting this chapter of detour to kill the guy who got full custody of her best friend's kid out of spit which was definitely a dick move and I kind of like this dark side to her and there have been hints of her more malicious side. I like this I think. I do feel somewhat bad for the dick bag, he is a spiteful crappy ex husband but it's not like he's a tyrant or a serial killer. In the beginning of the chapter wasn't Danny silent in the corner? He was in another room right? I mentioned I wasn't expecting this detour from the plot but I didn't mind the chapter. I was thinking that Pitch should be a little more disturbed, I know he likes giving kids nightmares because he thinks fear keeps the kids cautious and that it's good for them, but I don't think he wants humans to die in real life because one less dreamer who dreams of or has nightmares about bugs the much less power he has.

This story has been pretty good so far, I like the premise of two lonely, resentful grieving souls finding solace in each other and her discovering her powers for good. I was kind of hoping that it would eventually end with their love redeeming each other and maybe while she is about to kill Jack she falters with some hesitation or something.

There is a scene in Avatar the Last Airbender where Zuko validates Katara's oh wait sorry this is a spoiler for Avatar the Last Airbender. Anyway he validates her need for closure and vengeance I guess and that she needs to go do something to her mother's killer and she eventually falters or something and the scene is kind of intense.

I was kind of hoping that Pitch and the main character would bring out some more tender sides to each other. Her best friend is definitely brining out some tender sides to her, and when she thinks of her son and her godson. Since she's so viciously protective of those she loves, it just seems like she should have some more hesitance with regards to encouraging Pitch to her her godson nightmares?

Oh this review got long ha, ha. Still your writing is pretty good and I like the story so far.

Hey hum why would Pitch think that the mentally disturbed do not make good allies? I imagine if victims of nonconsensual doing the deed activities or victims of war or war veterans might have nightmares at night of their tragedies that would fuel his powers, and people with anxiety disorders are slightly mentally disturbed and their kind of his allies or they fuel his power so shouldn't he have some respect for the mentally disturbed and isn't he supposed to be growing to sympathize and respect her if slightly disturbed by her actions? It's actually a stereotype that mentally ill people are more violent than non mentally ill people, when in reality non mentally ill people are actually more likely to harm mentally disabled people and mentally ill people have lower instances of violence not that they are completely incapable of it. Like if someone is intoxicated from alchohol there are some violent drunks especially like if the person is addicted and some people's dark sides come out with they are intoxicated. Decent chapter though it was pretty good.

I like your complicated, pained and dark main character and how she fiercely protective she is of her best friend, her godson and those she loves. She is a dark character that definitely needs a good- if she is okay with touch maybe she needs a good cuddle and shoulder cry on or something?

I wonder, now that Danny's dad is dead when he had full custody, there was no will, will this mean social services will come take Danny away and he will go from foster home to foster home? Will social services think her suicidal best friend is with broken limbs is incapable of taking care of her son? Oh I hope not. I wonder what will happen in the next chapter. This is some pretty interesting stuff. Slightly dark for an fanfic about a kid's movie but I like it.
Anon chapter 7 . 7/17/2017
I hope dreary is alright. The image of an eploding corpse rabbit was kind of creepy in my head. I like the snake she made though a few chapters back. I kind of like snakes.
Anon chapter 6 . 7/17/2017
Hey this is pretty good. I like how they are combining their powers. Poor North ha, ha the stench of lots of dead bodies and that globe breaking and it being cold in his workshop must have been awful. I haven't seen rise of the guardians in a while that cartoon movie. I liked all the heroes and Pitch. I am sorry that his love interest or Pitch's love interest is in pain and it's cool she's a cranky horror writer with reality warping powers I hope she doesn't succeed in killing Jack. I hope he only accidentally killed the kid or something. I think Jack is probably not her son because he probably died hundreds of years ago or something before he became a winter spirit. I am glad she doesn't want to kill the others. It's understandable that she felt some spite that part of her wanted no other children to suffer what her Johnny suffered. I like this so far, two lonely, pained souls seeking comfort in each other. And now maybe bonding over hot chocolate? He, he
Rusyne98 chapter 11 . 3/2/2016
Heeeeyyy. What happened? I find this awesome writer and a fantastic fic, only to find that said fic has been apparently dropped with no warning! I am inordinately sad. If there is any lingering love for this story on your part or any last dregs of inspiration, please don't let Within the Heart of Darkness fade away! Your writing is making me love Pitch! I never thought that could happen... All in all, I'm asking, no begging, please keep updating this!
JHTANGELS chapter 11 . 12/24/2015
It was a veeeery interesting chapter, indeed! Please, when you have dealed with your other stories, I beg you to give also a look at this one! It's definitely an amazing story and I am DYING to see what happens next!
JHTANGELS chapter 10 . 12/24/2015
Don't worry! I'm not going anywhere until I see the end of this amazing story!
JHTANGELS chapter 9 . 12/24/2015
Oh perfect! Just perfect!
JHTANGELS chapter 8 . 12/24/2015
Oh, another OC!? This is getting better at every chapter!
JHTANGELS chapter 7 . 12/24/2015
Oh-oh, I have a very bad feeling for this!
JHTANGELS chapter 6 . 12/24/2015
It's funny... The two things that made his day good is that the factory of North was in chaos... and that he had hot chocolate? Yeah, sure two things that don't match at all!
JHTANGELS chapter 5 . 12/24/2015
Yay! It's arranged!
JHTANGELS chapter 4 . 12/24/2015
Wow, I'm startstruck! I have already came to love this story very hard!
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