Reviews for Insontis II - A Child of Two Worlds
loverofalternaterealities chapter 26 . 9/28
Love that you picked the story back up recently, I hope we get more soon. This story and the first one, were my introduction to fanfiction and I absolutely love the story. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for this story.
Guest chapter 26 . 7/31
Now this is what I call delightful humor!
I want an Arcturian bat-kit, too.
I hope you are able to finish this while I'm still around to read it. The years aren't being too kind anymore - but you and other fanfic writers help me find sunshine and laughter.
Thanks so much for sharing.
Guest chapter 26 . 7/12
Followed this story since the beginning years ago. Still as amused by it as I was years ago. Are you ever going to finish?
Keyra93 chapter 26 . 6/23
HAH! I'm laughing out loud so much at snarky Spock, it is hilarious. I'm loving this, although I'm also getting more and more worried about poor Jim. Hope you'll be able to update soon, can't wait to read more!
Guest chapter 26 . 6/14
Guest chapter 4 . 6/13
Sooooo adorable! I loved every chapter of Kirk’s arc and I just know I’m gonna love every chapter of Spock’s! Any chance of a McCoy arc after this is complete?! Only that one would have to be different, since he seems to have had a pretty normal childhood. Ooh, ooh, maybe there’s some sort of malfunction or someone trying to copy the technology - so we get an adorabs mini-McCoy, but with his full adult personality and medical knowledge base! That would be so awesome! Back to your Spock arc though, ‘cause he’s just SO CUTE! These stories are sooooo good!
Guest chapter 26 . 6/11
More please! Don’t not leave us in suspense...!
Krisarna chapter 26 . 6/8
I love how Spock is such a sassy brat and is clearly trying to set up the Captain with T'Lar.
Guest chapter 26 . 6/5
Oh, thank you! for continuing this story! I love it so much. If I ever need a pick-me-up to put me in a good mood, I will reread both your "Insontis" stories. They are amazing and so much fun. Please continue this story. When I see an update to it, I get so excited to read it. You are the best!
Minecraft Guardiansaiyan chapter 26 . 6/5
Thank you for the update!

Hopefully Spock (when he gets older) can answer why he thought this was okay...
Silvre Musgrave chapter 26 . 6/5
LOL teenage Spock is a riot. Who knew he would be so snarky?
Lightscales15 chapter 26 . 6/5
OH GOSH SPOCK TOTALLY SHIPS THEM and he's a little sarcastic shit isn't he? I love him. Every time the carrots crunched I giggled so hard. the tension's there, they just need a little push and everything will blow up! I love this so much, it made my day!
Mellia Bee chapter 26 . 6/4
Haha! I had no idea how delightfully you would interpret teenager-Spock. This was brilliant. All sly, snarky logic. Loved this. And McCoy! I will never not adore the way you write him.

Basically I just love the way you write our favorite triumvirate. Thanks so much for this chapter!
Tamuril2 chapter 26 . 6/4
Oh-ho, the snark on Spock is a thing of beauty. So much teenagerness in sucha Vulcan body. Me like!

Poor Kirk. He really can't win, can he?
NaginiFay chapter 26 . 6/4
Thanks for the chapter!
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