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Zombieteen1996 chapter 1 . 7/28
Will moz' be brought back to life?
nightmaster000 chapter 120 . 7/12
Epic story simply epic. Found this story a few day's ago, and i'm finally all caught up. I think this may be the best Aladdin story I've had the pleasure to read.

I think the only thing I want to see more of is more character's getting their times to shine. Like all the character's that appeared in the Aladdin series.
Guest chapter 120 . 4/19
Please keep writing! This is amazing would love to see how it ends. I keep checking back regularly for new chapters. Can't wait!
CRUDESS chapter 106 . 4/4
So, I'm currently at chapter 106 and I finally would like to review. I started to read your story yesterday and it apparently was so good that i kept going for 12 hours straight. I endep up on chapter 98 and I am continuing today and I have to say that your story is so amazingly good, probably one if not the best Aladdin / Mozenrath fic I have ever read.
What really amazed me is that the story act is so well thought through. I mean, it was obvious that Aladdin and Mozenrath were brothers from the very start but you still managed to bring it out after like 90 chapters or so without getting the story boring. I truly enjoyed the angsty/sad parts revolving around Mozenrath. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and well written story with us.
Zombieteen1996 chapter 120 . 3/31
the story is so addictive and emotional...and glorious...why isn't this a movie?
Zombieteen1996 chapter 119 . 3/31
Emotional rollercoaster...i love it...will Farid come back?
Guest chapter 120 . 3/27
I really like this story how about you out it up at these Wikias. Follow these links to them but remove the spaces first:

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Kurocyq chapter 120 . 3/24
Poor Xerxes... I forgot to add this in the last review. The moment Farid died and Xerxes being all 'gotta get to Master', I was like you won't make it because of the author's hand in the plot. ["Master cannot leave Xerxes," the eel sadly avowed, as if the words would miraculously bring the wizard back to life.] Stab me in the heart with a knife why don't you! Sheesh, Jafar, ever heard about being considerate? You can't just drop the bomb and tell someone their family member is dead (well, technically he can, shut up me). I am a bit confused about Khartoum's words about High Mage and his grandson, either I've missed something or I've forgotten something which are both plausible. *silently chants 'Something wicked this way come'* Well, it's not wicked that's for sure. Am I correct in assuming that the witches of the sand are allies? I kinda like how Mirage being all cool and calm while everyone (except Sadira maybe) being all like what the heck is going on. Certainly intrigued and excited for the Sand witches' return (I almost typed sandwiches' return, go me). Peace out, and hope you get some rest. Fabulous writing and update soon whenever you are free.
Kurocyq chapter 119 . 3/23
Apologies for taking so long to review, I would complain about the reason why but no one wants to hear that, anyway on to reviewing. Farid... is gone... I knew it would happen but... *sigh* Dang it, I knew I was forgetting something. And here I thought with Desdane gone, it would be just one straight road to happy end but no. I've forgotten that the other villains are still here. Sure got me fool there (my brain works like a goldfish). Anyway, I love your writing and your story *threw out heart confetti* Keep up the awesome work.
Kakurosu chapter 120 . 3/20
but... but Mozenrath...
strayphoenix chapter 96 . 3/15
I just spent the last hour of my life screaming "how dare you" at a computer screen. That was really my only reaction for this chapter
Megan Lyle chapter 120 . 3/12
This is a fanastatic and shocking chapter! You should update it more often.
strayphoenix chapter 66 . 3/14
I really am trying to spread out my reviews in an effort to read faster, but holy shit, every single jab that Mozenrath threw Aladdin's way this chapter had me in stitches. Aladdin wasn't even IN this chapter which made all the side digs and sarcastic commentary to Jasmine and Sadira even more funny. If you were the one writing, I could read another entire 120 chapter story of just Mozenrath sitting by himself in a room making clever, witty cracks at Aladdin and be completely entertained. I mean, shit, it's not even "riff-raff, street rat" stuff he's throwing, it's "the fact your fiancé is having second thoughts about marrying you proves that she's the only one in your entire friend group with any common sense" like damn, Mozenrath, slow your roll, the guy I'm supposed to be rooting for in this story needs at least thirty seconds to recover from your last burn before you lay the next one on him, holy fuck.

That's all to say don't stop. Never stop.
PrincessMaylin chapter 120 . 3/14
This was sooooo amazing! Thanks so much for updating! Sorry it took me a few days tic read! Thank you again for not abandoning it:-).

GKJessenia chapter 120 . 3/13
I cracked up dementedly at the first two lines...stress must be getting to me.
Cassim...riding Carpet...error: does not compute...
Interesting weather patterns ya got here...
I'm getting flashbacks to T:TDW. "Loki, I know you're not really dead. Loki, your brother could really use a hand now (again...), Loki, don't be lazy, c'mon, you're not fooling anyone, seriously, aliens are attacking London (of course it would have to be London), Thor would really be happy to have your help..." Also, I totally called Sand Witches returning, though I'm still holding out on the Elemental...thing...can't remember what it's called now, to save Farid. And seriously, can Saleen get her comeuppance? I really, REALLY hate her.
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