Reviews for The Man in the Long Black Coat
sujari6 chapter 29 . 15h ago
Wonderful story. Great storyline and very well written.
suzy 2010 chapter 29 . 4/17
Looks as if Edward and Bella have a lot of work on their hands.
LunaDiSangue85 chapter 29 . 4/17
This story is awesome! Love your Edward and Bella...well... your characters in general! LOL I'm just really glad to see a Bella with a backbone whom doesn't take crap from Eddie boy when he starts getting all emo and stuff! LOL Can't wait for the next chapter!
Mistydeb chapter 29 . 4/17
I hope they kill this Brazilian MF, without any loss to any of them. Debbie
LesleyLunaCullen chapter 20 . 4/15
Wow, I was not expecting a massacre and Alice had grown on me, dang, not good but Edwards gotta man up now
LesleyLunaCullen chapter 15 . 4/15
If her choice is to stay in forks and get jumped, gang banged, or be labeled a black widow, I guess I would choose going with Edward too
LesleyLunaCullen chapter 14 . 4/15
Why would anyone know it was a vampire? He was knocked out, not drained.
LesleyLunaCullen chapter 13 . 4/15
Please explain how vampires are supposed to feed because I don't get why Edward would be in trouble for Newton, there's no body. Now Waylon, maybe, but he did hack him up. Why would the Volturi descend for normal vampire feedings, unless this is tied to Edwards background?
LesleyLunaCullen chapter 12 . 4/15
So, she says everything changed but the last conversation they had she begged him to kill her, or change her so I get her issues now but what's up with her suicidal tendencies?
LesleyLunaCullen chapter 11 . 4/15
Okay, Bellas entire character changed without explanation. She wants to die, now what? She had zero concerns for Newtons death, but now has a problem with Edwards diet? I am confused to say the least and if this is the Cullens MO, why is Rose involved at all? She is too selfish to dedicate her life to a cause.
LesleyLunaCullen chapter 10 . 4/15
I was totally down with this story until the Cullens entered the picture! I hope Edward beheads Alice and dances on her ashes. Why should Edward adapt to shit! I hate the self ritousnous of their cult, like they are some church for wayward vampires, give me a break. Run Edward, run!
FluffyLiz chapter 29 . 4/10
So now the world of the vampires has emerged from the shadows and become common knowledge, With the first law of the old Volturi rendered moot, what will be the raison d'etre of the new 'ruling' order, I wonder. Will it be a case of every vampire for himself, is the Brazilian working towards world domination? If so, what can our small band of heroes do to to stop him? Will they raise an army of their own, or try and make a covert attack on their own, relying on Bella's superior strength?

I do hope you are able to bring us more of this exciting and different story soon.
moosals chapter 29 . 4/10
Other than putting his arsenal together, where is Charlie? And Alice?

I hope Bella isn't regretting her change, just coming to terms with it and the battle ahead. She hasn't really known much happiness so it must be hard for her to imagine she'll ever have it - even with Edward.

Loving your humour - the acting chief being a former convenience store owner and Edward scanning the fan's mind to see "indeed her mind was as empty as he'd thought it would be." :D

Hmm, might the publicity draw some other vampires to their side?

Thanks, can't wait for more :)
moosals chapter 28 . 4/10
Wow, that was tense and exciting!
The Beast might be able to amass an army, but the chances of him many finding gifted vampires must be slim.

Our four make quite a team - Charlie can out strategise him (not to mention he has a secret weapons cache!) and who knows what more Bella can achieve with practice and a decent blood supply. I sure hope it's enough.

Love the cigarette and zippo finish ;)

I'm so pleased to be getting back into this story. I owed you this review from a while back, but it was so worth reading again to refresh my memory. Thanks as always :)
csp4 chapter 29 . 4/9
"Acting Chief Mike Powell, a former convenience store owner..." lol lol lol

Bella's got a fan club::))
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