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Guest chapter 1 . 3/13/2020
let's start! :)
Guest chapter 20 . 2/26/2020
Oh my Merlin, ;)
Thank yóú, thank yóú, thank yóú!
I loved it!
Puzzler54 chapter 20 . 2/20/2020
Brilliant amazing ending. I didn't suspect until quite late - I often find the writer makes it obvious to the reader early so I enjoyed sharing the surprise with Lily.
Puzzler54 chapter 19 . 2/20/2020
Aww this is so cute. Loved reading this story. And a brilliant ending. Eek terrifying height but showed her depth of care.
Thoroughly enjoyed the change of heart and chasing. Poor Daisy, it was hard not to laugh at Mary's sweet intention!
Brilliant story, thank you for sharing.
messenger of home-baked pie chapter 20 . 1/16/2020
I wrote this review last year as a guest (it's like 5 pages back) and while re-reading and falling in love with this story all over again now, I just wanted to repost it seeing as I actually have an account this time. Also just in case you would be keen to respond in a message, because that would be soo awesome.

"Ok, before I say anything else, this said you last updated Feb 15 2019... whaaaaaaat?! That's actually crazy, I started reading this story like last month and there were 19 chapters and it was clearly finished and so it wouldnt be updated and then you UPDATED IT! And only a few days before I reached the end, I actually feel like it's just for me ahahahaha. (I'm writing this on Feb 19 btw... absolutely crazy).

ANYWAY. So I'm always on the hunt for more James/Lily fics, and this story is on all the lists of good ones. I'm pretty sure I started reading it a couple of years ago actually, but I must have been looking for something more angsty and soap-opera like or some rubbish at the time, which is certainly common for James/Lily fics tbh, so I didn't get very far. I'm glad I didn't do it then, because otherwise I wouldn't have read your new finale (which I LOVE btw, but I'll get to that later).

Okay, so I've read a LOT of James/Lily fics (like a lot a lot) and this definitely ranks in my top 5 of all time (I want to stress that I have really read a LOT of them). First of all: your humor. I love humor in a story, but so rarely find it used properly and not be cringey. Your humor is sooo fantastic I actually feel like you're my best friend from another lifetime. The setting is during a war, and so the themes that come along with that usually make these fics quite depressing at times, so this was such a breath of fresh air. In parts satire, other parts just very funny, and yet other parts serious, and deep, and emotional, I love so much about this story. Also your writing style is very, very good. Even taking the humor out of the equation, it's still really good the way you'll twist some of these metaphors together to describe things, it actually blew me away at times.

Your characterization of Lily is definitely unconventional. Extremely quirky, unusual, and frankly mad, this is certainly a Lily I've never seen before. While I cant say it feels like the Lily described to us by the books, that in no way makes it bad. To be honest this is the most fun Lily I've read, and probably my favorite Lily. James was done perfectly. Post-Fifth year James is perfectly captured here, his energy and spirit and joy but also his depth and integrity, as well as how he is around Lily and the lasting impacts of her constant rejections and scathing remarks - they actually have consequence, which I really like. I also love how the James that Lily gets is different to the James that everyone else gets. You wrote the best Sirius I've ever read in fanfiction - this isn't necessarily because of anything specific that you had him do, but more so that you just did him RIGHT. I've seen people make him moody and angsty, be outright unpleasant, and of course there are the ones who would have Sirius have feelings for Lily, which makes me so unbelievably nauseous. I just got the feeling very strongly that this is a younger version of the Sirius Black we see in the books - this is what I always saw him being like. From helping James get Lily, making James go to Petunia's party but still having a laugh, and all around just portraying the character properly at long last. Remus was done well too, I've seen people make him hyper masculine or hyper feminine and never really understand that Remus is just a chill dude lol. Chill but wise, and you really nailed that. Peter is the dunce but still a valued friend, and you did that right too. So many things were done perfectly, which completely contrasts how unconventional the very nature of your Marauders-era story is, it's unfathomable! The same boring beats that are hit in the contemporaries for this era aren't messed with in your story, or if they are then they're done in a fresh manner. It's amazing how much your sense of humor revatilized the story of Lily and James for me.

There are just so many things you've done here better than the any other classic James/Lily fic - and note my calling this a classic. I wasn't lying earlier when I said this story is on every. last. list. And out of all those stories, this is the most unique, fun, and original. It's genuinely a staple of the James/Lily genre of HP fanfics.

There are hundreds and thousands of James/Lily fics out there, and you've created one of the staples. LET THAT SINK IN! I'm hammering in this point because I checked your page after the first couple of chapters and saw that this is your only story here. So I really want to stress that this story stands atop the peak with just a few others - you wrote one of the best, and I really need you to know that. I'm also SO glad you added that last chapter. Though without it, the ending was still perfect and if I had finished this story before you updated it I would have still been completely satisfied and just as in love with this story, James proposing to Lily a year later just adds something so magical and satisfying, I really loved it.

I've never reviewed on this website before. Is it possible for you to respond? Not that you have to obviously, just that I've been so enthralled by your writing style I'm actually eager for more of it. Have you written on other websites? Better yet, have you written a book? You could definitely be professional, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if you already are, and I'd be all too happy to read everything else you have. If not, just know that this is one of my all time favorite fanfics. I probably wouldn't have left a review if I had finished this before you updated it, but only because I would have been doubtful that you would ever even read this. Knowing that you're still around though, and knowing how compulsive it can be as a writer to check back to your story for any more reviews, I hold out strong hopes that you do read this. If you do, HI!

Again, I really, really love this story. You should be really proud of what you've produced here.

I feel like I should say thank you?


Really, I wasn't lying when I said I'd love to read your other works. On other websites? Or are you already a published author? Or is this really all there is to read from you? If it is, that just means I'll be re-reading this more and more, ahaha. Thanks once AGAIN for the fantastic fix!
bibxx chapter 2 . 1/3/2020
Ok, I’m loving this story! 2AM and I should be sleeping but now I don’t want to stop reading this haha
Nina chapter 20 . 12/14/2019
First of all - thank you! I had such a great time reading this fic! I always wanted to read something where tables are turned and Lily gets to pine and chase after James! I loved it, truly!
Second - I'm so happy this fics is complete! haha! I'm seeing so many abandoned fics that I'm developing a trauma lol
Last but not the least - I SO appreciate what you did with epilogue and what you said! Everyone either abandons their writing and accounts, get ashamed of them after moving on or straight up deleting their stuff, but you went back and read all the response and actually thought of giving a huge appreciation gift to the readers even years later? It's hard to describe just how awesome that is! You're a great person!
HPRocksMe chapter 20 . 11/1/2019
I loved this story ... Thanx for writing.
AHunterofArtemis1507 chapter 1 . 10/28/2019
You are a fantastic writer! I absolutely loved it! Keep it up
nakaa03 chapter 1 . 10/19/2019
Wow! Truly, this fic was so refreshing to read, it was the first one I read that had a whole new take on how they got together. And also loved that Petunia wasn‘t portrayed as simply mean, but that there was also an explanation as to why she did what she did. I devoured this in 2 days!
lantic chapter 20 . 10/11/2019
My heart! You've created quite the comedic, romantic, and brilliant little fic here. I'm so happy I finally stumbled upon a Jily fic that is not only completed, but 20 chapters! You tied it up very nicely. I'd definitely read other things of yours - heading to your bio right after I post this. :)
SJ123 chapter 20 . 9/3/2019
I loved this so much, it makes me wish they were still alive
dumbombre chapter 20 . 7/19/2019
This made me laugh, cry, and smile (sometimes it made me do all three at once). Thank you so so much for putting time and effort into this story and this special epilogue. You are truly an incredible writer.
Humble Reader chapter 16 . 7/11/2019
Humble Reader chapter 9 . 7/11/2019
The only thing I'm getting a little sad about is that Lily literally has no other focus excluding boy troubles. She's one of the most promising witches in her year! I wish we saw more of that drive and intelligence.
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