Reviews for SOE Alterverse Part I: Duality
Cypher DS chapter 14 . 9/3/2015
This was a very neat crossover. I like the world building you've set up with the wars in America and China but, now that you've successfully established Spider-Man elements in the Eva-verse, I hope future stories will take greater advantages of Marvel elements and offer greater threats to the pilots (who now possess both spider powers and Evas). Dare I hope for the likes of the Mandarin and Doctor Doom vying for power in China and Europe?
Having never heard of Domino, I initially thought Mari was a mash-up of Bullseye and the Scarlet Witch. Mari's super-vision ability sounded really intriguing. One dialect issue did stick out - a British officer would refer to female royalty or a superior officer as "Mum" or "Ma'am". Referring to her commander as 'mother' quickly got odd.
Introducing the symbiote to NGE worked surprisingly well thematically; the idea of synchronizing with venom made an interesting parallel to Rei and Asuka's Eva training. I liked your emphasis of Asuka's soldier mentality and the fact that the story never redeemed the second child in the end; after all she's done as Carnage I agree that this girl truly is lost.
The battle scenes were very detailed and frequently inventive (Mari detonating a car engine from long distance was a highlight); at the same time, they grew increasingly frequent and caused the story to drag in the later chapters. The symbiotes would fight to a standstill and retreat/hide, delaying the inevitable. I wonder if, after Asuka's 24 hour ultimatum to Rei, the story might have moved immediately to the final confrontation between the symbiotes?
Overall, I quite enjoyed "Duality" and will be sure to check out the next installment of your SOE Alterverse series.
OrionPax09 chapter 14 . 3/21/2013
And here we are, at the end of everything. I loved Shinji's Reason You Suck Speech to Asuka, how she was so intent on destroying everything he cared about despite claiming to love him. I don't think she really knows what it means to love or be loved. Which is actually rather sad, when I think about it.

I have to admit, I thought Venom was sunk when Mari hit Rei with that dart, but all's well that ends well. Rei and Venom survived, Venom's a better entity for everything, and Rei can have children now. I wonder if that would effectively make Misato a grandmother. That might make her happy.

I am a bit surprised that Asuka was allowed to live, given just how dangerous she still is. I'm not surprised that she would choose to remain bonded with her symbiote. She's addicted to the power it gives her, and I think that, given the choice, she would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.
OrionPax09 chapter 13 . 3/21/2013
Oh, wow. I love what you did with Mari here. And the idea of her glasses actually being used to limit her augmented senses is great. Since I'm doing some reworking on "SOE: American Dream" to smooth it out and take care of some plot holes, do you mind if I use that idea myself?

Asuka is falling apart with Shinji's arrival, and his anger over what she's allowed herself to become, and that descension could be just the thing to give Mari her chance to put an end to this madness. Here's hoping everything works out.
OrionPax09 chapter 12 . 3/21/2013
Shinji becoming Spider-Man. That certainly works, as he's the reluctant hero type with more than a bit of angst. Misato looks like she's getting closer to the breaking point, though. Losing both Rei and Asuka to the symbiotes has really hurt her badly, which isn't surprising, given her angst about having to send them to fight the battles she had always wanted to fight herself.

Asuka's obsession with killing Venom and placing that ahead of getting to Shinji really drives home just little she cares about him now. More and more, she's become an utter and complete monster. And she's loving every moment of it.

Looks like Rei and Venom have had it with running. Things are coming to a head, and it's gonna be ugly...
OrionPax09 chapter 11 . 3/21/2013
And here we see beyond a shadow of a doubt that Asuka doesn't love Shinji. She may have loved him at one point, but that's been completely corrupted by what she's become. She only sees him as someone who can give her what she wants. The fact that she didn't bother to try and save him says everything. And the confrontation between Asuka/Carnage and Rei/Venom in which Carnage went on about her mad plans for the future, that's further proof of her growing madness. By the way, that line, "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey", I remember that from "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions".

Misato's falling apart more and more with each disaster, and Shinji's crumbling as a result of his suffering. I hope the new pilots can help out in this darkest of hours.

The scene with Maya talking to Shinji and going on about how hard life had been to her because of her sexual orientation was a very nice touch. She's always been the gentlest of the cast, and that scene was very telling.

I liked the part where Venom is encouraging Rei not to give up. It helps drive home how much human kindness and compassion has influenced it. A far cry from what Asuka's madness and Carnage's hunger and cruelty have become.
OrionPax09 chapter 10 . 3/13/2013
Misato's really falling apart here. I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but the pressure is mounting with no end in sight for her. I'm glad to see Ritsuko providing some support, and Maya giving Ritsuko some support as well.

More and more, it looks like Venom's becoming more human, rather than the simple killing machine it once was. I guess Rei was right when she said that the merging ran both ways. And Shinji's showing a great deal of courage in seeking Rei out.

Asuka's own selfishness is showing here, with her anger and frustration and clear impatience at not getting what she wants, with her basically trying to force herself on Shinji And her being healed by the symbiote had come back to haunt her. Good timing by Venom, and it was good to see Rei/Venom apologizing for not warning Shinji about what Asuka had become.

The fight scene was well done, with Rei/Venom and Asuka/Carnage exchanging blows both physical and verbal. And the pain Shinji felt as a result of what's happening is very much in character for him. And, of course, he learns the hard way that getting caught in the crossfire between two superpowered beings really isn't very healthy. How he gets out of this, I don't know.
OrionPax09 chapter 9 . 3/13/2013
As much as I hate to admit it, Venom had a valid point in regards to Rei's inability to get past her past. Though it was good that she was able to get Venom to focus its hunger on criminals, at least to some extent.

I'm not surprised that Shinji decided to got out on that date with Asuka. He's hurting, he's a wreck, and he's still messed up from everything that happened during and after the Angel War, and that will likely always be with him. So I can't blame him for needing a bit of comfort. Too bad he didn't see the evil smile Asuka got at one point; it would have tipped him off that all of Asuka's sweet words were just a a bunch of lies for his benefit.

Asuka really doesn't get it, does she? She wants to be loved, but she's either unwilling or unable to love in return. The only thing that matters to her here is getting what she wants, no matter how much she hurts others in order to get it. And oh, what fireworks there will be when Shinji learns that she's Carnage and killing for the joy of killing!

Poor Misato. She's getting to be more and more of a wreck the longer this goes on. I'm really worrying about her.
OrionPax09 chapter 8 . 3/12/2013
A very nice little fight scene. And while it's pretty clear that Asuka's willingness to work with and her effortlessly synchronization with the Carnage symbiote gives her the advantage, as always, her arrogance is ultimately her undoing. As evidenced when Venom used that over to blast her with fire.

I liked that Misato is not sitting back and watching from a distance, and is instead trying to help Rei. After all the time she's had to spend watching the children fight the Angels, unable to do anything to help, it seems very fitting.

Rei's efforts to work with the Venom symbiote make sense, but I get the feeling that Venom won't be as willing to bend as she would like. But then, given the fact that their survival is dependent on their ability to work together, that might spur it to make a few compromises here and there. And Rei deciding to target criminals makes sense, or is as close to a workable compromise as she can get to under the circumstances.
OrionPax09 chapter 7 . 3/7/2013
Shinji's reaction to the discovery that Rei is Venom seemed to be quite in character for him, as did Misato and how she regretted having to do what she did.

The confrontation between Shinji and Rei/Venom was very nicely executed. At this point, I can't imagine Shinji really being afraid of much everything, simply because of how damaged he is. And the resulting arguments between Rei and the symbiote worked very nicely. We've seen how possessive symbiotes can be in the past, and this incarnation of the Venom symbiote is certainly no exception.

And Asuka as fitting was this? In NGE canon, she made it perfectly clear that she only reason she piloted was for herself, to boost her own sense of self-worth, for her own ego. And now she's become hooked on the feelings of power she gets from killing. Maybe it's my own deep disdain for the Red-Haired Terror getting the best of me, but again, how fitting.
OrionPax09 chapter 6 . 3/5/2013
An interesting chapter. I felt kind of bad as to how Misato was so quick to write Rei off, but at the same time, I understand her position, as well as how much she's hurting, being in this position.

I'm really hating the Venom symbiote faster each time I'm exposed to its noxious personality. Raping Rei, treating her so, but then, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I am glad that Rei was able to figure out her own mind was starting to influence her unwanted guest.

Asuka as Carnage. I know we discussed this before, but it's hard to imagine a more perfect role for the Red Devil. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.
OrionPax09 chapter 5 . 2/25/2013
The situation between Rei and Asuka was very well done in my mind. The two of them are polar opposites, and both have had to deal with a lot. Asuka's cutting herself in order to feel more alive does seem to be in character, as well as the strain Rei's going through in dealing with her nightmares.

The fight scenes were done very nicely, and I really feel sorry for Rei having to go through what she did. Her attempts to purge the symbiote worked very nicely, as did Ritsuko's reaction to finding out what had happened.

The only thing that kind of bugged me here was the personality of the symbiote. It kind of reminded me of a snarky punk with a bad attitude from high school, not a creature from outer space. (Granted, I have no idea what a creature from outer space would sound like, but still...) The only thing I can think of is that it developed that method of speech from reading Rei's memories in regards to the children from school, in order to come up with a method of speech that annoys her as much as possible.
OrionPax09 chapter 4 . 2/20/2013
I really liked the scene between Shinji and Maya. It really helps drive home just how much Shinji has been through, how much he's grown up, and ultimately, just how damaged he is.

The bit with Asuka waking up and trying to get back in the saddle went...well, pretty much how I would expect for her. As always, her first and foremost focus is upon herself, but with her pride as damaged as the rest of her, she's basically hollowed out.

Rei taking the steps she's taken to find out what's happening and learn just what's happened to her is very much in keeping with her character. I'm also glad to see Misato so quick to make the deductions she's made, as well as Ritsuko's clear regret for her role in the current situation.

Not much else to say right now, except that I'll be reviewing the next chapter in the near future.
OrionPax09 chapter 3 . 2/17/2013
You did a good job, showing both the strain everybody is under from the war and the murders going on in Tokyo-3, as well as Rei's increasing terror at both her nightmares and the fact that they may well be real.

Misato feels like she's slowly being crushed by the pressure of her new duties, and she's hating every moment of it. Shinji feeling down by what's happening fits, and it was cute to see a moment of caring between them.

Not much else to say right now, except that I'll read and review the next chapter when I have a chance.
OrionPax09 chapter 2 . 2/14/2013
Pretty good, all things considered. I did like the scenes with Shinji being reunited with Misato and Rei, though I would have liked to have seen a little more tension in the part where Misato tells Shinji that she needs him back to pilot, and this time to fight and kill humans. The scene where Misato reveals that she still has Shinji's old cello was rather cute though, as was the WAFF between Shinji and Rei.

The bit with Shinji visiting Asuka came off well, as did his expression of how difficult it was for him to try and figure out what exactly she had wanted from him. I honestly don't see how anything could have ever worked between them, and his expressing that he doesn't love her in that way works nicely, as does the signs she shows that she will soon wake up.

The nightmarish scenes of murder that Rei experienced were very nicely done, and very troubling for her. Excellent foreshadowing for what's to come.
Belthasar chapter 14 . 2/12/2013
Great job on this story. I'm interested in any sequels you may write someday. I wonder how people will react when they realize that Venom is not quite dead...
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