Reviews for Another Dream
Guest chapter 40 . 4/6
Such a beautiful heartfelt story I tearing up at the way Severus so happy with Hermione's all know that he deserves it.
Dicome chapter 35 . 4/1
I love your story
Dicome chapter 31 . 3/31
I love the end of this chapter
Latarra chapter 40 . 3/31
Beautiful, beautiful story. So romantic and hot.
Dicome chapter 16 . 3/31
'and forgiving more so than his mother" is so beautiful in so many levels, he is no james or lily son, he is harry, only harry and finally severus see it a harry no the hurt of the past
Dicome chapter 5 . 3/28
I feel the pain in my body of what shit harry reply to hermione jesucrist harry you need help
Arella1 chapter 40 . 2/29
That was so lovely! Thank you for your work and sharing it with us.
chinalatina28 chapter 17 . 2/15
Happy Valentine's day!
Kat chapter 30 . 2/15
Where is Teddy in the ceremony? I mean, ok it’s about Snape and Hermione, but to just cut out Teddy like that, being the only somewhat „ official“ family Harry actually has seems super weird.
Other than that, it’s quite moving.
Dolphinfin710 chapter 40 . 2/8
Loved the story! Truly beautiful!
MissyJanne chapter 40 . 1/13
I absolutely loved this story! Phenomenal job!
Scoti chapter 11 . 12/16/2019
Loved Hermione’s dad, such a funny little bit to add in. This is such a sweet story.
TrixyHobbitzes chapter 36 . 11/30/2019
Great story. Severus is usually a dungeon sex god in these fics so this was a nice change of pace. Thought you did a commendable job with their characterizations. Slow burn. Fun read. Thank you
ncis slythindor chapter 40 . 11/24/2019
I absolutely LOVE this story. This is probably my favorite Severus to date and honestly I couldnt put it down. I truly hated to see it come to end because of how much I loved this whole fic. You did an outstanding job on it and I know I'll be reading it for ages to come!
Noppoh chapter 40 . 10/20/2019
Wholesome, just wholesome. I am so in love with this fic. It's truly a beautiful story of finding each other and accepting one another. Love Narcissa in this too. And Hermione's parents. Severus feeling like he finally has a family is so touching. Ugh, I love it all! Thanks for writing and sharing!
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